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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 02:29

1.  6' 8"  210  1983  Stanford                   
Josh Childress--- Olympiacos-- Greece--  Nets NBA
Had a very fine career at Stanford and was selected with the 6th pick of the 2004 NBA draft by the Atlanta Hawks. Joined a very young and athletic Hawks team and had a fine 4 year run playing big minutes and doing alittle bit of everything on the court. In terms of becoming an NBA All-Star, Josh was on the brink of breaking through with his all-around skills. In 2008 Josh might have become a groundbreaker by signing a huge deal of 3 year 20 million net income contract with Greek power Olympiacos.    CLICK READ MORE TO SEE MORE PLAYERS

This could be the start of many mid-level NBA players jumping over to Europe, getting big money NBA teams are not ready to pay to many players in such a tough ecomomic period. Olympiacos kept the trend going in the summer of 2009, signing Linas Kleiza to a 2 year 12 million dollar net income contract and also signed Von Wafer to a 2 year 5 million dollar net income deal. NBA teams who are struggling with the salary cap ,can not handle such free spending. Childress's first year in the Euroleague was a learning experience, scoring 8.8 points a game and 4.6 rebounds per game. His dramatic drives to the hoop, and amazing dunks over defenders that had become a common site in the NBA, were taken away by defenses backing off, hoping to not get beat off the dribble and was the strategy even more so in Europe because of different zone defenses. Josh lost in the Euroleague Final-Four to Panathinaikos and also lost Greek league championship to Panithinaikos. Josh said he is going back to Europe because he has unfinished buisness. The passion of both teams fans, is nothing he has ever heard in any stadium before. Panathinaikos and Olympiacos is like the Yankees and the Red Sox of Baseball back in the States, the fans in Greece make a football crowd on the East Coast seem more like a tennis crowd, it will be an exciting series when they meet in the spring. Olympiacos went to the Euroleague title game but lost to FC Barcelona who was deeper from the 3 point stripe and then lost to Panathinaikos in the Greek championship for thr same reason. Childress took a big offer from the Suns and will return to the NBA, but got a great world experience in his time with Olympiacos. Minutes were limited in his 1st year back in the NBA with the Suns, could be better if he moved to another NBA club to give energy.

Game 1 Gr. Playoff-17(PT)6-11(FG)1-4(3PT)4-6(FT)11(R)27(M)
Game 2 G. Playoffs-22(PT)9-13(FG)1-3(3PT)3-4(FT)9(R)36(M)
Final 4- semi- 17(PT)5-14(FG)0-5(3PT)7-8(FT)5(R)37(M)
Final 4- Final- 15(PT)5-12(FG)3-5(3PT)2-3(FT)6(R)33(M)
Game 3 G. Playoff- 14(PT)6-9(FG)1-3(3PT)1-2(FT)7(R)27(M)
Game 4 G. Playoff-7(PT)3-9(FG)0-4(3PT)1-4(FT)6(R)31(M)
Game 5 G. Playoff-14(PT)7-17(FG)0-5(3PT)0-3(FT)7(R)38(M)
Game 6 G. Playoff-15(PT)5-12(FG)4-8(3PT)1-2(FT)5(R)36(M)
Game 7 G. Playoff-10(PT)4-8(FG)0-1(3PT)2-2(FT)6(R)28(M)
                               2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 20(GM)15.2(PT)52.3(FG)32.8(3PT)64.7(FT)4.8(REB)31.8(M)
Greek A1 Avg.-- 31(GM)15.8(PT)58.6(FG)32.5(3PT)69.7(FT)5.4(REB)27.8(M)
                              2010-2011 SEASON
NBA- SUNS- 54(G)5.0(PT)16.6(M)56.5(FG)0.63(3PT)49.2(FT)2.9(RB)0.4(BK)

          BATISTE VIDEO                     CLICK BATISTE VIDEO
2.  6' 8"  250  1977  Arizona State   
Mike Batiste--- Fenerbahce -- Turkey
Mike had a fine Pac-Ten career and joined the Memphis Grizzlies for the 2003 season averaging 6.4 points and 3.4 rebounds a game in 16 minutes per game. Mike was not totally ready for NBA ball in his early pro career, thus he played in the Belgian and Italian leagues before signing with Panathinaikos in July 2003 and has been a force in the paint ever since. He has won 2 Euroleague titles and 6 Greek League championships. Mike is a banger who does all the dirty work who has explosive and powerful dunking ability and can also hit the face-up jumpshot. NBA teams should have taken a long second look at Mike particuarly when he was in his prime, in his later 20's. There are many power forwards and centers in the NBA making double and even triple what Batiste makes, and  do not have the toughness or explosiveness that Mike has shown the last couple of years. Won another Euroleague and Greek title in 2010-11 with Panathinaikos.
                                 2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.-11(GM)23.5(MN)16.3(PTS)61.2(FG)73.5(FT)5.7(RB)0.6(BLK)
Greek A1 Avg.-30(GM)18.3(MN)11.1(PTS)61.4(FG)74.3(FT)5.1(RB)0.3(BLK)
                                  2010-2011 SEASON
Euoleague Av.- 20(G)26.0(M)13.2(PT)58.4(FG)0-3(3PT)72.7(FT)5.5(R)0.9(BK)
Greek Av.- 32(

             McINTYRE VIDEO                             McINTYRE VIDEO

3.  5' 9"  185  1977  Clemson   Terrell McIntyre-- Bologna-- Italy -- Retired
Was a big-time scorer at Clemson but because of his size, he went undrated in the 1999 NBA draft. Played in the German league and the A2 Italian league, where he worked on his game enough to be signed by Montepaschi Siena of the A1 league in Italy. Terrell became a star, winning  Italian titles in 2008 and 2009 ,where he was  named Finals MVP in both championship years. He has also been named a All Euro-League first team guard in 2008 and 2009. Terrell has progressed in his early 30's to the point where I would compare him to an older version of Aaron Brooks in Houston. McIntyre had an amazing playoff series against eventual champion Panathinaikos, going for 24, 27, and 35 points against a more dominant and deeper team. At this stage of his career he is better than alot of NBA point guards , but at the age of 32 he is looked at as too old. Terrell said he would like to give NBA a shot, and 2 teams inparticular would be good fits, New York and Philadelphia. Could be a combination of Aaron Brooks and Earl Boykins, and 2 million is all it could take. Won another Italian title in 2009-2010 season with Montepaschi and signed a free-agent offer with ACB team Unicaja of Spain for the 2010-2011 season. Signed with Bolgna of the Italian league for the 2011-12 season.
                                    2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.-16(GM)26.7(MN)12.5(PTS)43.8(FG)41.2(3PT)86.5(FT)5.2(AS)2.0(ST)
Italy LEGA Avg.-37(GM)23.4(MN)12.4(PTS)48.6(FG)45.5(3PT)90.7(FT)3.8(AS)1.6(ST)
                                     2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 29(G)19.4(M)6.9(PT)37.5(FG)37.3(3PT)88.2(FT)3.4(A)0.7(S)
Eurol. Av.- 10(G)21.2(M)5.7(PT)24.6(FG)23.4(3PT)92.3(FT)2.8(A)0.6(S)
           NICHOLAS VIDEO                        NICHOLAS VIDEO
4.  6' 4"  190   1981  Maryland   Drew Nicholas-- CSKA Moscow -- Russia
Played in the deep ACC conference in college , and had a very good 4 year career, gainging All ACC 2nd team honors his senior season. Drew went undrafted in the 2003 NBA draft, so he started his pro career in Italy, scoring big numbers his 1st 2 seasons with Fabriano (27 PG), and with Livorno at (22 PG), he ended the 2004 season playing in the ACB, with TAU and managed 7 points per game. The next season he returned to Italy to play for Benetton in the Euroleague, and put up big scoring numbers at 19 points per game. He then moved on to Turkey to play with Euroleague team, Efes Pilsen and averaged 14 per game. His next stop was Greece with Panathinaikos, where he won a Euroleague crown, averaging 8 per game splitting time with a deep roster. At 28 years of age, Drew could still help many NBA teams, with his fine outside stroke, and probably should have gotten a good look after the year at Benetton. Helped Panathinaikos to another Greek title in 2009-2010. Won another Euroleague and Greek title in 2010-11 with Panathinaikos, but left for A.J Milano in 2011-12, where he will team with Panathinaikos teammate Antonis Fotsis.
                                    2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.-16(G)27.0(M)10.9(PT)45.0(FG)42.1(3PT)66.7(FT)2.1(AS)
Greek A1 Avg.- 33(G)20.3(M) 10.0(PT) 48.5(FG) 50.6(3PT) 65.5(FT) 2.1(AS)
                                    2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 20(G)22.4(M)9.8(PT)42.6(FG)41.5(3PT)60.0(FT)1.7(A)0.4(S)
Greek Avg.- 27(G)19.8(M)9.7(PT)45.8(FG)44.4(3PT)64.3(FT)2.3(A)0.6(S)

          LANGDON #21 CSKA VIDEO                LANGDON VIDEO 

5.  6' 4"  200  1976  Duke  Trajan Langdon--- CSKA Moscow--Russia  RETIRED 2011
Played at Duke on a deep college team. Selected with the 11th pick of the 1999 NBA draft by the Cavs. Injuries slowed Trajan's 3 year NBA career. Trasferred to Europe and has played for 4 major teams, in 2003 for Benetton Treviso in Italy, in 2004 for Turkish power Efes Pilsen, then in 2005 with the Russian league and Dynamo Moscow. The following year of 2006 he moved on to his team ever since CSKA Moscow. Won 2 Euroleague titles with teammate Theo Papaloukas in 2006 and 2008, winning Final Four MVP in 2008. Trajan can still help a playoff caliber NBA team as a key 3 point shooter off the bench but the money he makes for CSKA will not be matched by an NBA team at this stage of his career. Helped CSKA to another Russian title in 2009-2010 and the Euroleague Final Four. Scored 14 points in a preseason game win over the Cleveland Cavs in 2010-2011 season.
Decided to retire after he helped CSKA Moscow win the 2010-11 Russian PBL league title.
                                     2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Avg.-21(GM)31.9(MN)15.0(PTS)50.5(FG)47.1(3PT)91.2(FT)2.9(RB)1.2(AS)
Russia Avg.-25(GM)28.8(MN)11.4(PTS)43.3(FG)39.8(3PT)89.2(FT)2.7(RB)1.4(AS)
                                     2010-2011 SEASON
Russia Av.- 34(G)20.8(M)7.9(PT)45.5(FG)44.7(3PT)89.8(FT)0.8(A)0.8(S)
Eurol. Av.- 10(G)27.0(M)8.3(PT)39.7(FG)22.9(3PT)70.8(FT)0.5(A)0.2(S)

           HOLDEN VIDEO                      HOLDEN VIDEO
6.  6' 1"  180  1976  Bucknell  J R. Holden---CSKA Moscow-- Russia RETIRED 2011
Started his pro career in Latvia in 1998, then transferred to the Belgian league from 1999 to 2001. Progressed to the Greek league and played for AEK in 2002 and after a fine season with AEK he signed with Russian power CSKA where he has been ever since.
Was a key player on the 2 Euroleague championship teams in 2006 and 2008. Played for the Russian national team at Eurobasket 2007 in Spain and hit the game-winning shot with 2 seconds left to spoil the party for the NBA stars on the home Spaniard squad. Has definate NBA ability, possessing amazing quickness and if he is hitting his perimeter shot , he is a match-up problem. The money he makes at his age, it would not be a good move for him to leave his hero status in Russia. Signed a 2 year extension in the summer of 2009. Helped CSKA Moscow win the 2010-11 Russian PBL league title, as he saved his best for last on the season, going for 25 points in the final win and said he would be retiring.
                                  2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.-21(GM)30.7(MN)10.3(PTS)35.2(FG)34.2(3PT)90.5(FT)1.7(AS)1.2(ST)
Russia Avg.-- 27(GM)32.9(MN)10.8(PTS)38.6(FG)35.7(3PT)72.0(FT)2.4(AS)1.1(ST)
                                   2010-2011 SEASON
Russia Av.- 33(G)32.0(M)10.0(PT)35.1(FG)31.2(3PT)66.7(FT)3.2(A)1.3(S)
Eurol. Av.- 10(G)29.2(M)6.4(PT)26.4(FG)29.5(3PT)50.0(FT)3.4(A)0.5(S)

          OLESON VIDEO                                OLESON DUNK

7.  6' 3"  200  1983  Alaska Fairbanks  Brad Oleson---Caja Laboral---Spain 
Was a Division 2 All-American at Alaska Fairbanks. Signed with LEB team Rosalia of Spain in 2005 and won the LEB championship in 2007. Signed with ACB league and Fuenlabrada where he shocked all the so called scouts around the world by not only playing his 1st year of ACB ball, but dominating certain games against veteran Spanish players, becoming the leagues 2nd leading scorer at 18 points a game. He is a  Mini-Ginobolli with the ability to dunk on 7 footers and also hit a high percentage on the deep 3 point shot. Had Fuenlabrada hanging around a playoff spot all year long on a team picked much further down the standings. Had big games against ACB powers TAU and FC Barcelona. Spanish power Real Madrid signed Oleson to a big deal for 2010 season. After a coaching change,Messina wanted Pablo Prigioni to run Real Madrid at the point so Oleson was traded to Caja Laboral for the 2010 season. I think Oleson will get increased minutes at Laboral and with Euroleague exposure this Mini-Ginobolli will soon have NBA teams looking for his services. This is an incredible story on how hard work can get you big money from a small Alaskan high school. Helped Caja Laboral upset FC Barcelona in the ACB Finals as he hit big shots against Real Madrid in the semi-final series and did a good defensive job on Juan Carlos Navarro in the championship round. Played in Euroleague games last season on a deep roster.
                                     2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--11(GM)14.5(MN)5.5(PTS)40.8(FG)40.0(3PT)85.7(FT)0.5(A)0.3(S)
Spain ACB Avg.- 31(GM)18.5(MN)5.5(PTS)44.0(FG)36.4(3PT)77.5(FT)0.5(ST)0.9(AS)
                                      2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 39(G)20.9(M)8.4(PT)51.1(FG)43.5(3PT)73.7(FT)1.1(A)0.5(S)
Eurol. Av.- 20(G)20.6(M)6.3(PT)40.7(FG)32.7(3PT)80.0(FT)1.1(A)0.6(S)

             SALYERS VIDEO                   SALYERS VIDEO
8.  6' 8"  225  1979   Samford      Mark Salyers-- Moutahed--  Lebanon
Played his college ball at Samford University, from 1997 to 2001. He went undrafted in the NBA draft, and started his pro career in Italy, with Cimberlo from 2001 to 2003. He split the 2003-2004 season with Turkish squad, Oyak, and with French power Pau Orthez. Mark moved back to Turkey the next season, to play with Fenerbache. The 2005-2006 season, he bounced back to France and Italy, until he found Chorale Roanne as his home from 2006 to 2008. He became the go to guy at Roanne, and led the Euroleague in scoring in 2008, scoring 21.8 points per game, with 6.6 rebounds, shooting 54% from the field and 34% from 3 point range. He had a big game, that year, going for 40 points against his former team, Fenerbache. He has since moved on to the Ukrainian league and the French league with Lemans, where he plays now and is scoring 14 a game. Mark, could have been in the NBA, during that 3 year stretch, and helped many teams. Signed with Angelica Biella of the Italian league for the 2010-2011 season. Decided to sign in Lebanon for the 2011-12 season. Moved to the Turkish league with Trabzonspor in November 2011.
                                      2009-2010 SEASON
Eur. Cup- 12(G)28.8(M)12.7(PT) 41.9(FG)36.5(3PT)73.7(FT)4.5(R)2.5(A)
France A- 36(G)28.0(M)11.7(PT)38.9(FG)27.7(3PT)65.3(FT)4.5(R)2.9(A)
                                       2010-2011 SEASON
Italy Av.- 29(G)30.7(M)11.1(PT)44.2(FG)31.7(3PT)63.1(FT)4.6(R)1.3(S)

                 MASON VIDEO                   MASON VIDEO
9.  6' 4"  185  1981  Miami(OH)  Chet Mason- Croatia--Adriatic--KK Zadar -- Retired
Chet is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and he played his college ball at Miami of Ohio, where he played big minutes all 4 years, loading up the stat sheet in steals, assists, points and with an amazing amount of rebounds, from a 6' 4" guy, who played the point guard position.He averaged 7.9 and 7.6 rebounds per game in his final 2 years in college. After college he moved on to the D-League, to play with the LA D-Fenders and scored 7.6 points per game in 20 minutes a game, with his rebounding totals still solid. Chet has moved on to the Adriatic league for the 2009-10 season, and is playing well, loading the box score in many stats, his athleticism and amazing rebounding ability, should have let him get a good look by NBA people, but his 3 point shooting percentage has NBA guys holding off, but a guy I like in Carlos Arroyo, does not shoot the NBA 3 with regurlarity, but gets guys involved with assists, and that is why Chet could have a good impact on a defensive minded NBA team, just like Rajon Rhondo does in Boston. I would like to see him in ACB play next year if NBA guys do not come calling. Moved to Latvia and the Baltic league for the 2010-2011 season. Left for Zadar in the Adriatic league in mid-season 2011.
                                      2009-2010 SEASON
Adriatic Lea.-25(G)31.7(M)13.5(PT)47.7(FG)21.7(3PT)71.6(FT)8.1(R)4.6(A)
                                      2010-2011 SEASON
Baltic Lea. Av.- 11(G)20.3(M)7.1(PT)52.3(FG)25.0(3PT)64.3(FT)4.3(R)2.4(A)
Latvia Av.- 5(G)28.8(M)12.8(PT)62.5(FG)0-2(3PT)64.3(FT)5.8(R)4.0(A)
Eurochal. Av.- 4(G)14.0(M)2.3(PT)50.0(FG)0-1(3PT)33.3(FT)3.3(R)1.3(A)
Adriatic Av.- 7(G)22.7(M)8.9(PT)45.1(FG)0-6(3PT)64.0(FT)6.4(R)1.4(A)
Eurochal. Zadar- 4(G)22.3(M)9.8(PT)51.7(FG)0-1(3PT)69.2(FT)4.0(R)1.3(A)

                 BEVERLEY VIDEO              BEVERLY VIDEO
10.  6' 1"  180   1988   Arkansas     Patrick Beverley--Spartak-- Russia
Started his pro career in the Ukraine with Dnipro Dnepropetrovsk, where he averaged 16.7 pts. per game, shooting 48% and 38% from 3 pt. range, with 2.2 steals per game. Was selected in the 2nd round of the 2008 NBA draft by the Miami Heat, but chose to play in the Ukraine last season, to get his game together, before trying his hand at the NBA. Upgraded his European pro club, by signing with Greek power Olympiacos, for the 2010 season. Patrick will take some of the minutes, left behind by Lynn Greer transferring to Turkey. Patrick is very quick, and turns the corner to get to the hoop very well. Has a great defensive presence on the ball, hounding opposing point guards. Playing with Theo Papaloukas, he needs to work on his perimeter 3, to stay on the court. With a year or 2 with Olympiacos, I can see him joining the Heat, and pushing Chris Quinn and Carlos Arroyo for minutes, especially with his defensive mindset. Moved to the NBA for the 2010-2011 season with the Heat but was let go in preseason and signed with Spartak of the PBL Russian league in Jan. Still playing with Spartak in Russia for the 2011-12 season.
                                    2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 19(GM)8.8(MN)2.7(PTS)51.4(FG)18.2(3PT)82.4(FT)0.6(A)0.6(S)
Greek A1 Avg.-- 22(GM)15.4(MN)4.9(PTS)58.1(FG)35.0(3PT)67.5(FT)0.9(S)1.6(AS)
                                   2010-2011 SEASON
Eurochal. Av.- 8(G)31.5(M)15.6(PT)44.3(FG)33.3(3PT)70.2(FT)5.1(R)3.3(A)
Russia Av.- 24(G)28.2(M)14.1(PT)47.3(FG)33.9(3PT)66.9(FT)6.2(R)3.8(A)

              BULLOCK VIDEO                                 BULLOCK VIDEO
11.  6' 1"  180  1976  Michigan 
Louis Bullock---Cajasol--Spain - Available
Selected in the second round of the NBA draft in 1999. Started his European pro career in Italy and played from 1999 to 2002. He then transferred to the ACB league in Spain and played for Unicaja Malaga for 2 seasons. After 2 years with Malaga, Bullock transferred to Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid where he has been ever since. Won the ACB title with Real Madrid in 2005 and 2007. Interms of NBA potential, his small 6'  1'" height is not a good fit at the shooting guard position. He can play some lead guard as well but with his primary slot being the 2 guard ,the  European leagues was always a better choice for Louis. Has carved out an impressive European career considering his small frame. Moved to Cajasol for the 2010-2011 season of the ACB.
                                       2009-2010 SEASON
Eurole. Av.-18(G)14.5(M)6.9(PT)43.2(FG)38.6(3PT)92.5(FT)0.6(A)0.2(ST)
Spain ACB-38(G)19.3(M)9.9(PT)44.4(FG)46.6(3PT)85.4(FT)1.5(A)0.7(S)
                                       2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 31(G)25.5(M)12.5(PT)41.4(FG)33.3(3PT)90.0(FT)2.3(A)1.1(S)
Eurocup Av.- 16(G)25.0M)11.8(PT)35.1(FG)27.2(3PT)90.8(FT)1.8(A)1.3(S)
           McDONALD VIDEO                      McDONALD VIDEO
12.  6' 11"  265  1979  USC    Will McDonald-- Fujian-- China
Started his pro career in the French league in 2003. Moved on to 2 different mid-level ACB teams ,where he scored the ball well, using his big wide-body to his advantage in the low-post. Signed with Spanish powerhouse TAU in 2007 where he has teamed in the paint with Tiago Splitter to form a tall tandem at the center position. Had the body and the overall mobility to play in NBA, especially in his days of playing in the ACB, but at this stage of his career the ACB is a good league where he is well established. Could go back to a mid-level team to get more extended playing time and more touches in the post, if he wishes but a high-level team such as TAU always gives him a chance at a Spanish title. Signed with Gran Canaria in the ACB for the 2009-2010 season.
 Moved to DKV Joventut for the 2010-2011 ACB season.
                                    2009-2010 SEASON

EuroCup Av.-14(G)20.0(M)11.1(PT)54.4(FG)58.8(FT)4.7(RB)0.6(BK)
Spain ACB--36(G)17.7(M)8.6(PT)46.2(FG)74.5(FT)4.1(RB)0.1(BK)
                                    2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 33(G)29.6(M)15.2(PT)5(FG)18.5(3PT)75.0(FT)4.8(R)
                   LANGFORD VIDEO           LANGFORD VIDEO
13.  6' 4"   215   1983   Kansas -- Keith Langford-- EA7 Milano -- Italy
After a fine career at Kansas University, where he averaged 15.5 points in his junior year and 14.4 points as a senior, Keith moved on to the NBA D-League and played in 2 games with the Spurs in the NBA. After the NBA D-League and time with the Spurs he moved on to play in the Italian league with Angeliico Biella in 2007-08 and with Virtus Bologna in 2008-09. Won the EuroChallenge MVP award in 2009. Keith has since moved on to Euroleague team and Russian power Khimki Moscow, where he has become a go to guy who can hit the jumper, but is best when going to the hole. Has a solid build and good leaping ability and can finish when he creates contact. After injuries with Khimki, he signed a one year deal with Maccabi Tel Aviv for 2011-12.
                                    2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 16(G)30.0(M)15.5(PT)51.3(FG)35.1(3PT)75.7(FT)3.0(A)1.1(S)
                                    2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.-  16(G)29.3(M)17.8(PT)52.2(FG)37.8(3PT)72.3(FT)2.6(A)1.1(S)
Russia Av.- 15(G)28.5(M)18.2(PT)48.9(FG)39.1(3PT)75.5(FT)2.4(A)0.9(S)

                  RANDLE VIDEO        
14.  5' 10"  175  1987   California- Jerome Randle- Foshan -- China
Played at Cal-Berkeley after playing his high school ball in Chicago. Was a 3 year starter at Cal and was the PAC-10 plyer of the year in his senior season and left as the leading scorer in school history with 1,835 points. Was not selected in the 2010 NBA draft due to many teams not liking his small size and signed in Turkey with Aliaga, where he is still breaking many ankles with his great handle. Played with the Magic and Wizards in their 2010 summer league games and could catch on to an NBA team in acouple years or will make a great living in Europe, as power's will see his talent and give him a big payday after a good Turkish season. Moved on to Turk Telekom in mid January. Signed with Netanya of the Israeli league for the 2011-12 season.

Turkish Av. Aliaga- 15(G)32.7(M)17.5(PT)48.5(FG)34.1(3PT)91.3(FT)3.9(A)1.1(S)

Turk Telekom Av.- 14(G)26.3(M)13.5(PT)42.1(FG)37.9(3PT)87.5(FT)3.8(A)                             

                      PARGO VIDEO                  PARGO VIDEO
 15.  6' 2"   215   1988   Gonzaga-- Jeremy Pargo-- Maccabi T-A-- Israel - Cavs NBA
Was not taken in the 2009 NBA draft after a good career at Gonzaga University. He plays the point guard spot but is not the best 3 point shooter, but with work it should improve.  Has tremendous leaping ability and can dunk on bigger players with ease. Played with Hapoel Gilboa Galil in 2009-2010 in the Israeli league and helped them upset power Maccabi Tel Aviv for the Israeli title. After a good year with Gilboa in 2009-2010 where he averaged 14 points and 4.5 assists, he signed this season with Euroleague club and Israeli power Maccabi Tel Aviv and should get good minutes in the best league in Europe, the Euroleague. Helped lead Macabbi Tel Aviv to the Euroleague Final Four in 2010-11, but chose not to stay with them for 2011-12, as he has many NBA teams looking for his services if their is an NBA season. If the lockout lasts, he could sign with another Euro club. 
                                    2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 22(G)29.4(M)13.0(PT)46.3(FG)36.3(3PT)67.6(FT)4.3(A)1.0(S)
Israeli Av.- 32(G)27.1(M)10.0(PT)43.3(FG)36.0(3PT)74.6(FT)6.3(A)1.3(S)


           GORDON VIDEO           GORDON VIDEO                                         
16.  6' 4"  225  1987  Mississippi State  Jamont Gordon-- Galatasaray-- Turkey
Started his high-school career at Glencliff Complex then play at high profile Oak Hill Academy where he was a high-school All-American. Was a 15 point per game player in college and played a type of point-forward slot, where he played well at times using his strong body and great leaping ability to have thoughts of the NBA early. He declared after his junior year and many thought he needed 1 more college year to make the NBA. He went undrafted in the 2008 NBA draft mostly due to a suspect 3 point shot, but has played well in Europe and improved his outside game. Was a free-agent last year and could have helped some NBA teams but decided to leave Cibona and sign with CSKA Moscow.
                                         2009-2010 SEASON
Cibona- Eurol.- 15(G)13.9(PT)43.1(FG)31.4(3PT)73.1(FT)4.9(RB)3.8(AS)
                                        2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 10(G)26.4(M)13.1(PT)48.0(FG)21.2(3PT)68.3(FT)4.8(R)3.7(AS)
Russian Av.- 34(G)22.0(M)10.0(PT)43.4(FG)31.8(3PT)78.5(FT)4.2(R)2.4(A)


            KARL VIDEO                        KARL VIDEO
17.  6' 5"  215  1983  Boise State 
Coby Karl--Montegranaro -- Italy -- Idaho NBA DLeague
Was not selected in the 2007 NBA draft ,but wound up making the Lakers 15 man roster and saw limited playing time other than practice time. Was released by the Lakers in 2008. Moved on to Europe and played with Ricky Rubio on Joventut Badalona of the ACB league.Coby keeps trying to latch-on to an NBA roster by participating in NBA summer leagues but he should take on the Brad Oleson way of thinking, and join a mid-level ACB team to work on his game in a very impressive Spanish league and maybe with good numbers on a mid-level team, a Spanish powerhouse might give him a large payday. The NBA, other than the end of the bench is out of reach given his skill level. Signed with Granada in the ACB league of Spain and finally will get minutes to show what he can do. Moved to A.J Milano in Italy for 8 games late in the 2010-11 season. Signed with Montegranaro in Italy for the 2011-12 season

                             2009-2010 SEASON
09-10-Stats- Cavs- 7(G)16.1(M)4.0(PT)34.4(FG)66.7(FT)1.5(A)
                               2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 33(G)29.0(M)11.2(PT)37.7(FG)36.7(3PT)72.9(FT)1.9(A)
Italian L. Av.-  8(G)21.4(M)4.3(PT)40.0(FG)43.8(3PT)50.0(FT)3.1(R)

             COOK #00 UNICAJA VIDEO                       COOK VIDEO
18.  6' 1"  190  1982  St. John  
Omar Cook--A.J Milano--Italy
Selected in the second round of the 2001 NBA draft. Omar is more of a combo guard ,who at 6' 1" has defensive problems on an NBA roster. His European career started in Belgium and has progressed to the French and Russian leagues. Recently signed a 2 year deal with Unicaja of the ACB Spanish league. The  ACB is a positive step in Omar's career and the NBA should be an after thought in his mind. Unicaja has a tough 3 guard rotation of Cook, Pooh Jeter and Taquan Dean that will cause match-up problems for opponents in the ACB league and the Euroleague. Signed with Valencia in Spain for the 2010-2011 season. Helped Valencia get to the Euroleague playoffs, but decided to sign with A.J Milano in 2011-12.
                                     2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 16(GM)27.6(MN)9.7(PTS)40.8(FG)38.5(3PT)79.4(FT)5.9(AS)1.2(ST)
Spain ACB Avg.- 39(GM)24.8(MN)8.6(PTS)38.3(FG)36.6(3PT)85.0(FT)5.7(AS)1.4(ST)
                                      2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 36(G)28.1(M)6.4(PT)31.9(FG)27.4(3PT)81.0(FT)5.4(A)2.2(S)

Eurol. Av.- 21(G)29.3(M)8.0(PT)38.0(FG)35.1(3PT)79.1(FT)5.6(A)1.8(S) 

             MASSEY VIDEO                          MASSEY VIDEO
19.  6' 7"  235  1982  Kansas State  
Jerimiah Massey-- Kr. Krylia --Russia
Was a second-team All Big-12 selection in 2005 at K State. Went undrafted by NBA mostly due to his 6' 7" size at the power forward position being undersized in scouts minds. Started his pro career in Greece with Larissas where he led the league in rebounding as a rookie. Moved on to Aris in Greece where he was voted the most spectacular player of the Euroleague in 2007' where he ran the wings a had dramatic dunks on fast-break plays. Also has one of the best spin- moves in the low post in all of basketball. Jerimiah is a high flyer who could make many NBA rosters and be a nice reserve on playoff caliber teams. Signed by Real Madrid to a big deal after a great Greek league season. Real  Madrid is stacked and deep at many positions, Massey needs touches to show his greatness and a mid-level ACB team might be a better fit for his spectacular play. Moved to Xacobeo in March 2010. Signed in the Russian league with Lokomotiv for the 2010-2011 season.

                                      2009-2010 SEASON
Spain ACB- 6(G)29.7(M)14.0(PT)50.0(FG)22.2(3PT)53.6(FT)5.7(R)0.8(B)
                                       2010-2011 SEASON
Russia Av.- 35(G)27.1(M)13.1(PT)49.0(FG)36.4(3PT)69.6(FT)6.1(R)0.4(B)
Eurochal. Av.- 16(G)32.9(M)16.1(PT)54.8(FG)38.1(3PT)70.0(FT)8.1(R)0.3(B)

20.  6' 2"   185   1986  Rhode Island--Jimmy Baron-- Lokomotiv -- Russia
 Graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2008, where he was a dominant long-range 3 point shooter in Atlantic 10 play, hitting chots 5 to 8 feet past the 3 point line. Was not looked at by NBA teams due to his size and played his 1st year in Turkey with Mersin. Was picked up this season by ACB team Lagun ARO and has put up good numbers. After a good year in Spain, he could be looked at by NBA teams, as a 3 point specialist. Would be a great spot up shooter for Miami, but his lack of size will probably keep him in Europe with major clubs taking a good look at him next season.

Spain ACB Av.- 34(G)28.8(M)15.0(PT)45.8(FG)45.5(3PT)98.6(FT)1.1(A)0.4(S)

21.  6' 1"  175  1982  Notre Dame  
Chris Thomas--Galil Gilboa---Israel -- Retired
He became the only player in Notre Dame history to score 1700 points and have 600 assists in the same season. A knee injury disrupted his senior season. Has the ability to be a backup point guard in the NBA ,particuarly on the offensive end, but defensively his slight build might become a problem. Played in the ACB league in 2009 on a mid-level team. The ACB and it's up and down pace is a good fit for his style of play. Playing with Fuenlabrada in the ACB league, for the 2009-2010 season, forming a quick guard tandem with Gerald Fitch.
He and Gerald Fitch were let loose from Fuenlabrada in October of 2010 and Chris signed with ANWIL of the Polish league for the 2010-2011 season. Signed in Israel for the 2011-12 season with Galil Gilboa.
                                  2009-2010 SEASON
Spain ACB-- 34(GM)26.3(MN)9.8(PTS)42.0(FG)35.2(3PT)92.6(FT)3.0(AS)1.1(ST)
                                  2010-2011 SEASON
Poland Av.- 24(G)19.2(M)7.3(PT)38.4(FG)25.0(3PT)84.0(FT)2.8(A)1.5(S)
Eurocup Av.- 6(G)27.0(M)12.0(PT)46.0(FG)50.0(3PT)77.0(FT)5.3(A)1.8(S)

                MCCALEBB VIDEO                  MCCALEBB VIDEO
22.  6
' 0"  180  1985  New Orleans- Bo McCalebb- Fenerbahce -- Turkey

Starred at the University of New Orleans where he went undrafted in the 2008 NBA draft and started his pro Career with Mersin in Turkey, where he led the TBL in steals at 2.7 and averaged 17.4 points per game. Moved on to Partizan last season where he teamed with Aleks Maric to lead them to the Euroleague Final 4 and was named to the All-Euroleague 2nd team. He has a solid body and is great at getting to the bucket with an ability to rise up and dunk over larger players. The great year with Partizan got him a big 3 year deal with Italian champions Montepaschi, where he takes over for Terrell McIntyre.

                       2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 22(G)13.4(PT)45.9(FG)23.2(3PT)75.9(FT)3.4(A)2.0(S)
Serbian L.-17(G)14.3(PT)57.4(FG)21.9(3PT)85.3(FT)3.4(A)2.1(S)
                       2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 15(G)20.4(M)11.5(PT)55.0(FG)43.8(3PT)88.0(FT)2.1(A)1.8(S)
Italian L.- 32(G)23.3(M)13.2(PT)61.2(FG)39.1(3PT)81.6(FT)2.8(A)2.4(S)

                     DEAN VIDEO                            DEAN VIDEO
23.  6' 3"  185  1983  Louisville  
Taquan Dean--- Aliaga -- Turkey
Was a star through his junior year at Louisville and was considered a lock to go in the 1st round in the 2005 NBA draft. Decided to go back to school for his senior year and fought through an ankle injury the whole year. As a result of the injury Taquan went undrafted in the 2006 NBA draft. Started his pro career in the Italian league, then transferred to the Russian league with Dynamo Moscow. Taquan can get to the hoop off the dribble but needs to work on his outside stroke. Has about a 1 or 2 year window of getting a good look from NBA teams, recently signed by Unicaja Malaga of the ACB league ,and the Euroleague exposure will be good for his chances of finding an NBA roster. The only problem with Unicaja is, minutes could be slit between Omar Cook and Pooh Jeter, for Taquan.Transferred to Caja Laboral in January of 2010, to help their guard play. Moved on to Greece after Caja Laboral during the 2010 season to play with Kavala. Signed with Air Avellino of the Italian A league for the 2010-2011 season.
                                   2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol Av. Unica- 9(GM)23.0(MN)11.6(PTS)37.8(FG)32.6(3PT)94.7(FT)1.0(AS)1.0(ST)
Spain ACB Avg.- 15(GM)17.6(MN)9.3(PTS)39.2(FG)38.5(3PT)78.6(FT)0.3(AS)1.0(ST)
Euro. Av. Caj,-3(G)8.0(M)0.7(PT)0-1(FG)0-4(3PT)2-2(FT)0.3(A)0.7(S)
Greece Kavala- 4(G)28.0(M)10.8(PT)35.9(FG)37.9(3PT)80.0(FT)1.8(A)0,8(S)
                                   2010-2011 SEASON
Italy AVG.- 24(G)29.5(M)14.4(PT)41.9(FG)36.6(3PT)75.4(FT)1.2(A)1.9(S)

       STRAWBERRY VIDEO                           STRAWBERRY VIDEO
24.  6' 5"  220  1985  Maryland   D.J Strawberry-- Cibana -- Croatia
Played at Maryland and was voted to the second team All-ACC in his senior year. Lost some of his jumping ability when he tore his ACL early in his college career. Selected by Phoenix in the second round of the 2007 NBA draft. Traded to Houston then was released. Joined the Italian league with Fortitudo Bologna in 2008, joining Greek low-post center Lazaros Papadopoulos. Darryl has very good defensive capabilities and if he concentrates on that part of the game, his points will come off steals and fast-break situations. If he works on his outside shooting Darryl can find his way into the NBA much like Diawarra of the Miami Heat, I think Darryl has more NBA ability than Diawarra has shown. Joined Reno of the D-League for the 09-10 season. Signed with Lietuvos Rytas in mid January 2011. Signed with Hapoel Jerusalem in Israel for 2011-12 season.

                             2009-2010 SEASON
D-Leag.- 26(G)27.8(M)13.2(PT)45.6(FG)35.3(3PT)67.0(FT)5.6(A)
                             2010-2011 SEASON
Reno- 20(G)29.4(M)13.9(PT)42.8(FG)35.2(3PT)73.9(FT)2.6(AS)
Lithuania Av.- 19(G)16.9(M)5.5(PT)42.9(FG)28.0(3PT)60.0(FT)1.9(R)2.2(A)
Eurol. Av.- 5(G)16.8(M)6.6(PT)40.0(FG)41.7(3PT)66.7(FT)1.2(R)2.8(A)

                NORRIS VIDEO                           NORRIS VIDEO
25.  6' 1"  185  1974   Auburn  
Marcus Moochie Norris-- Benifaca -- Portugal
Had a decent NBA career with Houston as an energy backup point guard, changed the tempo to a faster pace. Also played for the Hornets but was waived later into his NBA career. Joined Bologna of the Italian league in 2007. Recently upgraded his European status by signing with Gran Canaria of the deep ACB league in Spain. It is ashame he joined the ACB league at such an older age because I could see him having a Terrell McIntyre type of game at a younger stage of his life. Signed with Erdemir in Turkey for the 2010-11 season. Signed with Lleida in Spain for 2011-12.
                                    2009-2010 SEASON                                
EuroCup Avg.- 14(GM)21.0(MN)7.4(PTS)38.7(FG)36.0(3PT)81.3(FT)3.4(AS)1.7(ST)
Spain ACB Avg.- 36(GM)21.5(MN)7.9(PTS)41.4(FG)34.1(3PT)73.8(FT)3.8(AS)1.1(ST)
                                    2010-2011 SEASON
Turkish L. Av.- 7(G)15.5(M)4.1(PT)21.2(FG)21.4(3PT)85.7(FT)2.1(A)1.3(S)


                  HANSEN VIDEO                       HANSEN VIDEO
26.  6' 6"  215  1978  BYU   
Travis Hansen--Khimki Moscow- Russia -- Retired
Was selected in the second round of the 2003 NBA draft by the Atlanta Hawks. Hansen has real NBA ability, the Hawks were just a bad fit at that stage of his early pro career. Played for Spanish power TAU from 2004 to 2006. Transferred to Dynamo Moscow of the Russian league where he joined Antonis Fotsis and Lazaros Papadopoulos to make up an explosive scoring trio. Hansen has the ability to hit the 3 pointer and also has good leaping ability who can dunk on big-men. Hansen is also an above average defender. A playoff caliber team should have taken a hard look at Travis in years past, he could have been a key reserve to a playoff push. I look at Sasha Vujacic on the Lakers who plays no defense and is a streaky shooter, Travis deserves NBA minutes over Sasha. Recently signed with ACB power Real Madrid for the 2010 season. Signed with Khimki in Russia for the 2010-11 season.
                                    2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.-17(GM)16.7(MN)4.8(PTS)37.3(FG)40.5(3PT)87.5(FT)0.6(AS)0.7(ST)
Spain ACB Avg.- 21(GM)20.0(MN)7.1(PTS)41.5(FG)38.7(3PT)92.7(FT)1.8(AS)0.8(ST)
                                   2010-2011 SEASON
Russian L. Av.- 29(G)18.6(M)5.4(PT)34.0(FG)30.7(3PT)79.4(FT)1.3(A)0.6(S)

                  MICKEAL VIDEO                       MICKEAL VIDEO
27.  6' 7"  225  1978  Cincinnati  
Pete Mickeal---FC Barcelona---Spain 
Went undrafted in the 2000 NBA draft. Started his pro career by signing with a lower-level Greek team Peristeri. Moved to the Russian league with Dynamo Moscow and after good numbers in a tough Russian league, Pete moved to the ACB with Breogan Lugo. Transferred to Spanish power TAU from 2007 to 2009. A very heady player with his defensive capabilities ,could have played on a NBA roster because of the hard work he put in to his game. Recently signed with FC Barcelona for the 2010 season to be a glue type of guy. Helped FC Barcelona win 2010 Euroleague title, but was hurt most of the 2010-11 season.
                                    2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 20(GM)26.5(MN)12.1(PTS)54.9(FG)37.5(3PT)90.1(FT)5.2(RB)1.0(ST)
Spain ACB Avg.- 41(GM)24.3(MN)10.7(PTS)49.0(FG)41.1(3PT)86.8(FT)4.0(RB)1.1(ST)
                                    2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 8(G)27.4(M)15.4(PT)57.0(FG)52.9(3PT)88.9(FT)3.0(R)2.0(A)
Eurol. Av.- 4(G)32.0(M)14.0(PT)43.2(FG)30.0(3PT)83.3(FT)4.5(R)


28.  6' 4"  200  1980  Eastern Illinois  
Henry Domercant-- Galatasaray -- Turkey
Started pro career with a lower-level team in Turkey, then moved to Turkish power Efes Pilsen. Played for Olympiacos, Dynamo Moscow, and Italian champion Siena ,playing in the back-court with Terrell McIntyre. Henry has a solid body who could stick on an NBA roster as a scorer but not getting touches off the bench would not appeal to a guy who has worked to become a fine scorer in high caliber leagues. Moved to Russia to play with Spartak for the 2010-2011 season, where his minutes should go back up. Played well at Spartak in 2010-11 and signed with UNICS Kazan for 2011-12 season.
                                       2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 16(GM)16.8(MN)10.5(PTS)47.8(FG)51.0(3PT)93.6(FT)1.6(RB)0.5(ST)
Italy LEGA Avg.- 39(GM)16.6(MN)8.1(PTS)56.5(FG)45.0(3PT)87.5(FT)1.5(RB)1.2(ST)
                                       2010-2011 SEASON
Russia Av.- 33(G)27.8(M)15.7(PT)45.6(FG)38.8(3PT)76.7(FT)2.9(R)1.2(A)

Eurocup Av.- 2(G)29.5(M)10.0(PT)29.2(FG)14.3(3PT)71.4(FT)1.5(R)1.0(A)
Eurochal. Av.- 15(G)31.2(M)16.9(PT)45.3(FG)31.0(3PT)83.8(FT)3.0(R)1.9(S)
                NEAL VIDEO                                NEAL VIDEO
29.  6' 4"  210  1984  Towson State  
Gary Neal---San Antonio Spurs
Finished college career at Towson State after transferring from Lasalle University in Philadelphia. Became one of only three college players to ever score 1000 points at 2 different Universities. Averaged 25 points a game his senior season. Has played professionally in the Turkish league where he averaged 27 points a game. After a great scoring year in Turkey, Gary joined Spanish power FC Barcelona but their structured system and overall depth was a bad fit for Gary's offensive minded game. Gary is now the starting 2 guard in Italy on Benetton's squad. Has definate NBA scoring ability, especially on a free- flowing type of offense such as Phoenix or Golden State. Probably will not get a look at this stage of his career, so an ACB big pay day should be his target. Moved to Spain with Unicaja in April. Signed by the Spurs in the NBA for the 2010-11 season.

                                    2009-2010 SEASON
EuroCup Av.- 11G)32.1(M)19.3(PT)41.5(FG)34.3(3PT)81.4(FT)2.4(A)2.0(S)
Italy LEGA Av.-22(G)33.0(M)19.4(PT)51.6(FG)37.0(3PT)80.0(FT)2.7(A)2.0(S)
ACB Spain-10(G)20.0(M)12.6(PT)49.0(FG)40.6(3PT)58.9(FT)0.5(S)0.6(A)
Spurs- 10-11- Stats- 80(G)21.1(M)9.8(PT)45.1(FG)41.9(3PT)80.8(FT)2.5(R)
              FORTE VIDEO                          FORTE VIDEO
30.  6' 3"  195  North Carolina   Joseph Forte-- Petrochimi -- Iran
After 2 years of college ball at North Carolina, Joe entered the 2001 NBA draft and was selected by the Celtics with the 21st pick. Joe also played for the Sonics in the NBA. Joe was more of a combo guard in college and his overall skills could not translate to the point guard position, thus he was waived. Joined a lower-level team in the Greek league in 2005. After a good season in Greece Joe joined Italian champion Siena in 2007, but his starting guard position was taken away by Terrell McIntyre. Played for Snaidero, of the Italian league in 2009. Joe's NBA dream is now gone and European mid-level teams are his reality. Signed with Edimes Pavia of the L2 Italian league for the 09-10 season. Signed with Carmatic Pistola in the Italian Lega Due for the 2010-2011 season.

                                      2009-2010 SEASON
Italy Avg.- 16(G)35.5(M)20.8(PT)41.0(FG)39.1(3PT)81.4(FT)4.3(A)3.8(S) 
                                      2010-2011 SEASON
Italy 2 Av.- 31(G)34.0(M)17.9(PT)44.0(FG)41.2(3PT)79.5(FT)3.6(A)2.0(S)


31.  6' 7"  245  1977  Ohio   Shaun Stonerook---Montepaschi Siena---Italy 
Played college ball at Ohio State, then transferred to Ohio University. Started pro career in 2000 in Belgium. Moved on to Cantu of the Italian league and after a good season with them Shaun eventually moved on to the team he plays for now, Italian champion Siena. Shaun has made the most of his ability, who is a true team player on Siena who can hit the European 3 and also is a glue guy, much like a Varejao or a George Lynch. There are many players with much more talent ,but Shaun is a coaches dream getting it done with all out hustle and hard work. 
                                    2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 16(GM)23.9(MN)5.0(PTS)44.6(FG)36.8(3PT)64.0(FT)4.5(RB)1.1(ST)
Italy LEGA Av.- 39(GM)23.6(MN)6.3(PT)44.6(FG)35.8(3PT)74.6(FT)5.4(RB)2.0(ST)
                                    2010-2011 SEASON
Italy Avg.- 36(G)24.2(M)4.9(PT)41.9(FG)34.6(3PT)80.0(FT)4.6(R)0.3(B)
Eurol. Av.- 20(G)23.4(M)4.2(PT)39.7(FG)36.8(3PT)68.2(FT)4.4(R)0.1(B)


             CALATHES VIDEO                          CALATHES VIDEO
32.  6' 6"  195  1989  Florida    
Calathes-- Lokomotiv -- Russia
Joined Florida University
after there national champion season. Had 2 quality seasons in the SEC and opted to go pro at a young 20 yr. old age. Was drafted in the second round of the NBA draft in 2009 by Minnesota and his rights were traded to Dallas. Nick might have been a 1st round pick ,but since he opted to sign with Greek power Panatinaikos for 3 years, teams just wanted his rights. The money he signed  with in Greece ,was equal to an early lottery pick in the NBA draft. Minutes could be tough, especially in his 1st year on this deep and savy squad. Playing for 3 years in the Euroleague and the Greek league should have Nick more than ready to enter the NBA at the age of 23 playing infront of the loudest crowd in the world. Playing for the senior Greek national team in the 2009 eurobasket tournament in Poland, along with Kosta Koufos,as the veteran Greek squad attempts to go to more of a youth movement. Helped Panathinaikos win the Euroleague title in 2010-11 season and played well as the lead point-guard for the Greek national team at Eurobasket 2011.
                               2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 12(GM)15.3(MN)4.1(PTS)38.6(FG)22.7(3PT)45.5(FT)2.0(AS)0.7(ST)
Greek A1 Avg.- 31(GM)15.3(MN)5.4(PT)51.6(FG)36.7(3PT)62.4(FT)2.0(AS)0.9(ST)
                               2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 21(G)15.7(M)5.0(PT)56.2(FG)35.3(3PT)69.2(FT)1.6(A)0.7(S)
Greek Av.- 34(G)19.9(M)7.8(PT)52.5(FG)27.9(3PT)66.7(FT)3.2(A)1.0(S)


                                 LYDAY VIDEO
33.  6' 3"  195  1978  BYU   Terrell Lyday
-- UNICS Kazan-- Russia
Went to college at BYU and has been playing pro ball in Europe since 2000, starting with Unia Tarnow and then to Turkey with Galatasaray. Also played for Cholet in France, Villeurbanne, Ural Great and Triuph in Russia, Benetton in Italy and back to Russia with UNICS Kazan in 2008, where he has play ever since. A quick guard who can take guys off the dribble and also hit the jumper. Is playing well for UNICS Kazan this year, where he has help from Polish big-man Maciej Lampe.
                                       2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 2(G)17.5(M)4.5(PT)3-11(FG)0-6(3PT)3-4(FT)1.5(A)2.5(S)
Russian Av.- 36(G)22.1(M)13.5(PT)48.2(FG)41.9(3PT)81.2(FT)1.8(A)1.7(S)
Eurocup Av.- 15(G)25.8(M)15.7(PT)49.4(FG)46.3(3PT)81.3(FT)3.2(A)1.5(S)


                    ANDERSON VIDEO                                              
34.  6' 6"  220  1982  Michigan State   Alan Anderson
- China - NBA Toronto
Selected by the Bobcats of the NBA as a free-agent in 2005, where he played until 2007 after a good career with Michigan State in college. Has gotten better on 3 point shooting and has always been an explosive guy who can take his man off the dribble for thunderous dunks. Moved to Italy with Bologna, then Triumph in Russia and Cibona in Croatia, before he spent time with Maccabi Tel Aviv. Recently signed with ACB power FC barcelona to help out with the loss of Pete Mickeal in January 2011. Has fit in well with Navarro and the rest of the deep roster and could be key in their ACB playoffs ans round of 16 in Euroleague play. Signed in China for the 2011-12 season.
                                     2010-2011 SEASON
D-League Av.- 10(G)37.0(M)21.1(PT)53.1(FG)38.0(3PT)81.8(FT)5.8(R)5.0(A)
Spain ACB Av- 30(G)22.9(M)10.6(PT)41.8(FG)28.0(3PT)80.3(FT)2.9(R)1.0(A)
Euroleague Av.- 10(G)26.7(M)11.4(PT)44.8(FG)45.5(3PT)84.0(FT)3.1(R)1.5(A)


           RICE VIDEO                         RICE VIDEO
35.  6' 0"  185  1987  Boston College  
Tyrese Rice-- Bayern Muenchen -- Germany
Playing for Boston College he averaged 21 points a game in his junior season, capping the season off by scoring 46 points against North Carolina, being guarded by 1st round pick Ty Lawson. Averaged 17 points a game his senior season but went undrafted in the NBA draft in 2009. Signed a pro contract in the Greek league with Panionios for the 2010 season. Has definate NBA scoring ability as shown against Ty Lawson ,and the mid-level Greek team he signed with should get him many touches to do his thing on offense, thus being given a big deal by a European power, much like Ibby Jaaber did 2 years ago in the Greek league, choosing the right team for your strength's is key to a long European career. Moved to the Artland Dragons of the German A league for the 2010-2011 season. Signed with Lietuvos Rytas for the 2011-12 season, where he will team with lottery pick center Jonas Valanciunas.
                                     2009-2010 SEASON
Greek A1 Avg.- 27 (GM)28.3(MN)11.7(PTS)41.5(FG)29.8(3PT)81.2(FT)2.3(AS)1.3(ST)
                                     2010-2011 SEASON
Germany Av.- 43(G)31.1(M)17.2(PT)46.6(FG)36.4(3PT)81.0(FT)5.1(A)0.9(S)
Eurochallenge- 2(G)21.0(M)5.0(PT)1-13 (FG)1-7(3PT)58.3(FT)3.0(A)0.5(S)

                   EL-AMIN VIDEO                             EL-AMIN VIDEO
36.  5' 10"  200  1979  Connecticut  Khalid El-Amin ---  Le Mans -- France
Scored the final 4 pts. in U-Conn's championship game victory over Duke in 1999. Was selected with the 34th pick of the 2000 NBA draft by the Chicago Bulls. Khalid moved to the French league and then on to the Ukrainian league where he won league MVP in 2006 and a league championship. Signed with Turk Telecom of the Turkish league in 2007. Defense is a problem for Khalid as he let a 17 yr. old Ricky Rubio score a career high 29 pts. against him, in a fast-break track meet. Khalid arrived in the NBA, 10 yrs. too early, and could be a Jameer Nelson type of player, but in that era of the NBA was hurt by his lack of size and inconsistent jump shot. Signed with Ukrainian team  Budivelnyk Kyiv for the 2009-2010 season. Signed with Lietuvos Rytas of the Euroleague and Lithuania for the 2010-2011 season. Was having a great year with Lietuvos Rytas in 2010-11, but a bad knee injury stopped his season.
                                       2009-2010 SEASON
Ukraine Avg.- 35(GM)31.4(MN)20.5(PT)51.3(FG)40.0(3PT)88.7(FT) 5.1(AS)2.4(ST)
                                       2010-2011 SEASON
Lithuania Av.- 11(G)23.0(M)10.0(PT)44.7(FG)40.5(3PT)100(FT)4.4(A)1.4(S)
Eurol. Av.- 15(G)25.8(M)12.1(PT)47.8(FG)34.4(3PT)93.9(FT)3.3(A)1.5(S)

           SOLOMON VIDEO                     SOLOMON VIDEO
37.  6' 1"  180  1978  Clemson   Will Solomon--- Mersin - Turkey
Was selected with the 33rd pick of the 2001 NBA draft by Vancouver. Played 1 season with the Grizzlies, and then moved on to Aris of the Greek league in 2003, in the 2003-2004 season he moved on to Hapoel of the Israeli league, where he won the ULEB cup. Played with Efes Pilsen the next year in the Euroleague, for the 2005-2006 season he played for Maccabi and lost in the Euroleague final to CSKA Moscow. In 2006-2007 he played with Fenerbahce in Turkey, for the 2008 season Solomon returned to the NBA, to play with Toronto and was traded to the Kings, where he averaged 5 pts. for the season. Did not get big minutes in his NBA return, so he resigned with Fenerbache for the 2009-2010 season to team in the backcourt with Lynn Greer. Signed with Hapoel J of the Israeli league for the 2010-2011 season.
                                   2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 2(GM)26.0(MN)9.0(PT)33.3(FG)25.0(3PT)80.0(FT)1.5(AS)0.5(ST)
Turkey Avg.- 2(GM)28.0(MN)6.0(PT)33.3(FG)12.5(3PT)100(FT)2.5(AS)2.0(ST)
                                   2010-2011 SEASON
Eurocup Av.- 8(G)32.7(M)18.0(PT)50.5(FG)45.8(3PT)75.7(FT)1.5(A)1.8(S)
Israel Av.- 29(G)25.8(M)14.3(PT)44.0(FG)44.2(3PT)84.8(FT)2.7(A)1.6(S)

38.  6' 3"  180   1983   Utah State  Jaycee Carroll- Real Madrid- Spain 
Played at Utah State University where he was a big-time scorer becoming the schools All-time leader in points and 3 point makes. He went undrafted in the 2008 NBA draft, due mostly to his size as a combo type of guard. Played in NBA summer leagues in 2008 and then played in Italy with Teramo Basket before finding his niche with Gran Canaria of the ACB Spanish league where he has become a go to scorer. Played with Boston in their 2010 summer league but returned to Gran Canaria where he has kept his big scoring numbers and great outside stroke going in the 2010-2011 season. At 27 years of age, Jaycee might have one more shot at an NBA job, but being a limited minute guy instead of being the man with the ball might not be the way he should go and instead look to a big European deal in Spain, Greece or Italy. Had anther big scoring year with Gran Canaria in 2010-11, leading the deep ACB league in scoring and landing a big name club in Real Madrid for the 2011-12 season. Thirty point games will not show up as often, but a chance at an ACB and Euroleague crown is worth less shots.
                                       2010-2011 SEASON
ACB Spain Av.- 36(G)28.5(M)19.3(PT)47.2(FG)44.4(3PT)90.8(FT)1.3(A)
Eurocup Av.- 14(G)24.7(M)18.8(PT)47.3(FG)39.2(3PT)88.4(FT)1.6(A)

               GRUNDY VIDEO                        GRUNDY VIDEO
39.  6' 3"  185   NC State  1979   Anthony Grundy-- Kavala -- Greece
Went undrafted in the 2002 NBA draft, out of N.C State University. Started his pro career in Germany, playing with EWE Baskets Oldenburg for the 2002-2003 season, moved on to Cyprus and then Israel to play with Bnei Hasharon for the 2004-2005 season. Played in the NBA D-League, with the Roanoke Dazzle in 2005-2006, and had a 12 game stint with the Atlanta Hawks in 2006, putting up decent numbers in 9.0 minutes per game, he shot 50% and scored 4.3 pts. per game. Moved to the Italian league, where he averaged 18.3 pts. per game in 2006-2007, then on to the Greek league with Panellinios BC, where he became the Greek league scoring leader at 21.5 pts. a game in 2007-2008. He struggled last year with Panellinios in Eurocup play, as his scoring dipped to 9 pts. in 11 contests. Athletic and quick, but a consistent 3 pt. shot held his NBA career down, probably slowing down at 30 yrs. old. Signed in Italy, with Ferrara for the 2010 season. Signed with AEK of the Greek A1 league for the 2010-2011 season. Left for Mersin and Turkey in Mid January 2011.
                                           2009-2010 SEASON
Italy Lega 1 Avg.- 23(GM)32.1(MN)17.9(PT)46.5(FG)35.0(3PT)73.6(FT)2.1(AS)2.3(ST)
                                           2010-2011 SEASON
Greek Av.- 10(G)30.5(M)14.5(PT)42.3(FG)26.2(3PT)66.7(FT)3.1(A)1.9(S)
Turkish Av.- 14(G)31.0(M)15.8(PT)43.9(FG)39.2(3PT)83.3(FT)3.6(A)1.7(S)
               LOFTON VIDEO                            LOFTON VIDEO
40.  6' 2"  200   1986   Tennessee   Chris Lofton- Lagun ARO -- Spain

Was a big time scorer at Tennessee University, who led the SEC in scoring, his junior season at 20.8 pts. per game, and was named SEC player of the year. Returned for his senior season and was named to the 3rd team All-American team. Went undrafted in the 2008 NBA draft, thus signed his 1st pro deal in Turkey, with Mersin BB and became a big-time shooter on this mid-level Turkish team. Scored 47 pts. against Turkish power Fenerbache, shooting 13-20 on his 3 pt. shots, also scored 61 pts. shooting 17-22 on his 3's against CASA TED Kolejilier. This guy is made for the European game, the way he can stick his 3's, has the same problem Lynn Greer had when he came out of Temple, they both are shooters, and have point-guard size in the NBA. Upgraded his league level for 2010 season, by signing with Caja Laboral, in the ACB league. Chris and Brad Oleson should put alot of pressure on opposing guards, and with acouple of good years in Spain, he could have NBA teams taking a good 2nd look at this 3 pt. sniper. Moved to Estudiantes of the ACB. Playing with Iowa in the NBA D league for 2010-2011 year. Joined Lokomotiv in 2011. Was going to play with Estudiantes for the 2011-12 season, but the deal fell through.
                         2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleag.- 1(G)8.0(M)6.0(PT)40.0(FG)2-4(3PT)0.0(FT)0(A)
Spain-Caja L-2(G)10.0(M)5.0(PT)66.7(FG)2-3(3PT)0.0(FT)0.5(A)
Spain ACB Estud.-22(G)24.6(M)12.5(PT)44.4(FG)35.5(3PT)77.5(FT)1.1(A)1.2(S)
                        2010-2011 SEASON
NBA D-Lea.- 34(G)34.1(M)15.6(PT)47.9(FG)42.5(3PT)83.3(FT)2.3(A)2.1(S)
Russia Av.-  6(G)7.5(M)3.3(PT)38.5(FG)44.4(3PT)85.7(FT)0.3(A)0.5(S)
Eurochal. Av.- 1(G)8.0(M)2.0(PT)1-2(FG)0-1(3PT)0-0(FT)0.0(A)0.0(S)


            MORRIS VIDEO                         MORRIS VIDEO
41.  6' 9"  225   1979   Maryland    T
errance Morris---FC Barcelona--Spain
Was a legitimate top 5 pick after his sophmore season at Maryland, but after a so-so junior and senior season, he fell to the 33rd pick in the 2001 NBA draft, selected by the Hawks, his rights were traded to Houston, where he played 2 seasons, averaging 3.7 pts. per game in bench minutes. Played for Patras of the Greek league, before returning to the NBA, with the Magic in 2005-2006. Returned to Europe, with Hapoel in Israel in 2006-2007 and moved on to Israeli power Maccabi Tel-Aviv, where he had a breakout season earning 1st team All-Euroleague honors in 2007-2008. After the only good year he has had since his sophmore year in college, Morris chose to sign with a deep CSKA team and his minutes were cut from his good Maccabi year minutes. Signed with an even deeper front-line in the ACB league for the 2010 season, with FC Barcelona, could have a good year playing with a point guard like Rubio, who likes finding the open big man. FC Barcelona did not resign Morris for the 2011-12 season.
                                        2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 20(GM)20.0(MN)7.5(PTS)59.1(FG)41.5(3PT)81.0(FT)4.0(RB)1.0(BK)
Spain ACB Avg.- 40(GM)19.8(MN)6.8(PTS)52.0(FG)35.4(3PT)60.7(FT)4.8(RB)0.7(BK)
                                        2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 41(G)17.1(M)5.9(PT)45.8(FG)32.4(3PT)75.0(FT)3.3(R)0.5(B)
Eurol. Avg.- 20(G)19.1(M)6.6(PT)44.3(FG)34.4(3PT)69.2(FT)4.0(R)0.6(BK)
                 JONES VIDEO                           JONES VIDEO
42.  6' 8"   230  1979   Georgia    Jumaine Jones-- Bnei Hasharon -- Israel
Was selected with the 27th pick of the NBA draft, by Atlanta and his rights were traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, where he played 2 seasons, and was a contributer off the bench in their NBA Finals run. He fell out of favor with coach Larry Brown and was dealt to Cleveland, where he also played 2 seasons. He has also played with Boston, Charlotte, LA Lakers and Phoenix of the NBA. Became too much of a spotup 3 pt. specialist in the NBA, for all the athletic ability he had. Moved on to the Italian league, with Napoli, for the 2007-2008 season, and averaged 17.9 pts. per game in the LEGA league. Moved to Russia for the 2008-2009 season, with Ural Great, but only averaged 6.4 pts. a game in 21 min. a night. Signed back in the Italian league with Pepsi Caserta for the 2009-2010 season, where he will get more consistent minutes, on this mid-level team. Played well with Pepsi Caserta for 2 seasons and signed with Scavolini of th Italian league for 2011-12.
                                        2009-2010 SEASON
Italy Lega 1 Avg.- 38(GM)33.4(MN)13.4(PTS)44.8(FG)41.7(3PT)73.9(FT)8,4(RB)1.2(AS)
                                        2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 2(G)16.5(M)11.0(PT)39.1(FG)20.0(3PT)2-2(FT)8.5(R)1.0(B)
Italy Avg.- 30(G)34.4(M)13.6(PT)44.3(FG)31.2(3PT)79.6(FT)8.6(R)0.7(B)
Eurocup Av.- 13(G)28.4(M)11.6(PT)40.7(FG)30.7(3PT)63.6(FT)7.7(R)0.6(B)

                FITCH VIDEO                            FITCH VIDEO
43.  6' 3"  185  1982  Kentucky   Gerald Fitch-- Stasbourg -- France
Played his college ball at Kentucky, where he was an ALL-SEC freshman selection, and had a fine career, at the big-time school. Gerald went undrafted in the 2004 NBA draft and played in the Ukrainian league, he then got a shot at the NBA, as the 3rd string point-guard of the Heat, but could never get his rythm, in up and down minutes.He tried to make the Wizards and the Pistons, but wound up with NGC Cantu of the Italian league. He joined Fuenlabrada of the ACB league in Spain,for the 2009-10 season, and has picked up, right where Brad Oleson left off with Fuenlabrada, last season. He is attacking the paint, and using his bigman Estiban Batista, to work off nicely. Has had a 41 point and a 33 point game thus far, and should be a hot name next season, by big name clubs in Europe, but he should make sure his minutes are definite, something Brad Oleson, might be rethinking on a deep Caja Laboral team. Signed with Aliaga in December to play in the Turkish league in 2010. After afew games in Turkey, Fitch signed with Unicaja in January for the rest of the 2010-11 yr.
                                    2009-2010 SEASON
Spain ACB Avg.-27(GM)27.1(M)17.9(PT)45.3(FG)35.3(3PT)75.3(FT)2.7(AS)1.1(ST)
                                    2010-2011 SEASON
Turkish L. Av.- 6(G)35.0(M)18.8(PT)38.7(FG)33.4(3PT)73.9(FT)8.5(R)3.8(A)1.7(S)
Spain Av.- 18(G)25.2(M)15.0(PT)42.6(FG)33.8(3PT)79.1(FT)4.4(R)2.1(A)
Euroleague Av.- 3(G)24.3(M)8.7(PT)35.7(FG)14.3(3PT)80.0(FT)4.0(R)1.3(A)

               GIST VIDEO
44.  6' 9"  230  1986  Maryland   James Gist-- Unicaja -- Spain
Played his college ball at the University of Maryland and was taken in the 2nd round of the NBA draft by the San Antonio Spurs in 2008. Played with angelico Biella in the Italian league his 1st pro season and moved to Russia with Lokomotiv last year. Signed with Adriatic power and Euroleague team Partizan for the 2010-2011 season and has become their go to guy, as he can hit the 3 pointer and has great leaping ability with dunks over other players. Thought to be signed with Fenerbahce in Turkey for 2011-12, but the deal fell through.
                                   2010-2011 SEASON
Adriatic Av.- 23(GM)26.5(MN)12.1(PT)46.9(FG)25.3(3PT)68.7(FT)6.1(RB)0.7(BK)
Euroleague Av.- 14(G)29.3(M)11.4(PT)38.4(FG)46.7(3PT)68.1(FT)6.9(R)1.0(B)
Serbian Av.- 19(G)26.4(M)11.3(PT)49.7(FG)42.4(3PT)60.4(FT)6.0(R)0.5(B)
         WAFER VIDEO
45.  6' 5"  210  1985  Florida State   Von Wafer---Vanoli- Italy - NBA Boston- China
Von was the 39th pick in the 2005 NBA, by the Lakers, he has also played with the Clippers, Nuggets, Blazers and Rockets, in the NBA, where he had a break-out year in Houston, as he scored 9.7 points in 20 minutes of play, shooting 45% from 3 point range. He was a free-agent last summer and went the Josh Childress route, by signing a 2 year, 10 million dollar deal with Greek power, Olympiacos. The deep roster, was not a good fit for Von, as he was waived in December 2009. Von can help many NBA teams, but his style of play did not fit the Olympiacos, inside-outside play. He is very good in an open court game. Signed by the Boston Celtics in the NBA for the 2010-11 season. Signed with Vanoli for the 2011-12 season, where he can be a go to guy.
                                   2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 3(GM)16.0(MN)7.7(PT)50.0(FG)33.3(3PT)85.7(FT)1.0(AS)0.3(ST)
Greek A1 Avg.- 3(GM)9.0(MN)3.0(PTS)33.3(FG)33.3(3PT)0.0(FT)0.0(AS)0.0(ST)
Celtics- 10-11- Stats- 58(G)9.5(M)3.2(PT)42.1(FG)26.9(3PT)84.2(FT)0.6(A)0.3(S)
                             WHITE VIDEO
46.  6' 7"  200  1982  Cincinnati   James White- Scavolini- Italy -- NBA Knicks
Started his college career at Florida University, but moved on to Cincinnati and averaged 16 points and 5 rebounds in his senior year. Was selected by the Blazers in the 2006 NBA draft with the 31st pick. Played with the Surs in 2006-07 and with the Rockets in 2009. Also played with Fenerbahce in Turkey and Spartak in Russia before joining Sassari in the Italian league in 2010-11. Has become a big scorer with Sassari and could get a look from a Euroleague squad next year. Has tremendous leaping ability and can dunk on anyone including NBA players. Signed with Scavolini for the 2011-12 season after leading the Italian league in scoring with Sassari in 2010-11.
                                2010-2011 SEASON
Italian Av.- 34(G)35.8(M)20.2(PT)53.3(FG)29.9(3PT)78.9(FT)4.9(R)0.5(B)

                    WILLIAMS VIDEO
47.  6' 3"  200  1985  UCONN   Marcus Williams- Unicaja -- Spain
Started his college career at UCONN and was named most improved player in his sophmore year putting up 9.6 PT and 7.8 AS. Had a 26 point game in a sweet 16 win for UCONN and also had a 18 PT, 13 AS, 10 RB game versus Notre Dame in his college time. Was selected with the 22nd pick in the 1st round of the 2006 NBA Draft by the New Jersey Nets. Played for the Nets, Grizzlies and the Warriors as a backup point-guard before moving to Russia with Enisey for the 2010-11 season. Has put up good scoring numbers early with Enisey and could get a look from a Euroleague power next season. Had a good year with Enisey in 2010-11, but decided to go with UNICS Kazan for the 2011-12 season.

                                2010-2011 SEASON
Russian Av.- 28(G)31.8(M)15.3(PT)38.7(FG)37.3(3PT)70.2(FT)6.8(A)0.9(S)
Eurochal. Av.- 2(G)31.0(M)12.0(PT)26.9(FG)11.1(3PT)90.0(FT)6.5(A)1.0(S)

                          SOSA VIDEO
48.  6' 1"   175   1988    Louisville- Edgar Sosa- Montenegranaro- Italy - Reales Dom. Rep
Edgar Sosa was a high-school All-American player out of Rice high-school in New York City and went to play at Louisville University, where he was a good scorer and had a 31 point game in the NCAA tournament against Texas A&M. He went undrafted by NBA teams mostly due to his size and played for the Pistons at the 2010 summer league. Signed a deal to play in the Italian league with Angelico Biella and might get a look from NBA teams if he keeps his good play going, or might get a bigger deal from a Euroleague squad. Has a good ability to take it to the basket and draw fouls and can hit the 3 pointer. Agreed to play with Montenegranaro for 2011-12 in Italy, but broke his leg playing with the Dominican national team at FIBA Americas 2011 in Argentina and should be out at least 6 months.

                              2010-2011 SEASON
Italian Av.- 30(G)30.2(M)14.1(PT)44.8(FG)37.9(3PT)66.7(FT)4.5(A)2.3(S)
49.  6' 5"   185    1983    Pepperdine- Alex Acker- A. Prokom -- Poland
Started his pro career with the Detroit Pistons in 2005-06 after playing college ball at Pepperdine University and being selected with the 60th pick in the 2nd round of the 2005 NBA draft by Detroit. Played for Greek power Olympiacos in 2006-07 and then moved on to Spain with ACB power FC Barcelona in 2007-08. Came back to the NBA with Detroit and then a brief stint with the Clippers. Moved to Italy last year with Olimpia Milano and now is in the French league this season with Le Mans, where he is putting up good scoring numbers again in Europe. A guy who could have stuck in the NBA in the right situation, but is now playing good minutes back in Europe, where he should have a good long career with his ability to score the ball. Resigned with Le Mans for 2011-12, after a good year with them in 2010-11.

                                2010-2011 SEAON
French Av.- 31(G)30.4(M)14.0(PT)45.1(FG)43.4(3PT)81.7(FT)3.6(R)3.2(A)
Euroleague Av.- 6(G)17.0(M)5.5(PT)25.0(FG)25,0(3PT)86.7(FT)2.0(R)1.5(A)
Eurocup Av.- 11(G)26.3(M)13.6(PT)51.9(FG)43.3(3PT)78.4(FT)3.1(R)3.2(A)

50.  6' 0"  185    1985   North Dakota State- Ben Woodside- TED Kolejliler -- Turkey
Played his college ball at North Dakota State and had a big 37 point scoring game in the NCAA tournament against Kansas. Was the go to guy in college and played in the 2009-10 French All-Star game for Gravelines averaging 14.8 PT and 4.9 assists per game. He has played in the NBA summer league and could stick on the right roster, but France, Italy, Spain or Greece would be his best bet of getting good minutes and good money for 10 years. Had good scoring numbers in France and signed with Union Olimpija of Slovenia for 2011-12.

                            2010-2011 SEASON
France Av.- 35(G)32.4(M)13.7(PT)37.4(FG)31.4(3PT)80.7(FT)5.7(A)1.5(S)
Eurochal. Av.- 13(G)33.5(M)18.5(PT)42.4(FG)35.3(3PT)83.0(FG)5.5(A)1.4(S)

51.  6' 8"  230  1983   Maryland- Nik Caner-Medley- Maccabi Tel Aviv -- Israel
Played his college ball at the University of Maryland, where he led them in scoring his junior and senior seasons, with 15.3 and 16 points per game. Went undrafted in the 2006 NBA draft and played with the Pistons summer league squad until a stress fracture had him out for 5 months. Signed with Arland Dragons in Germany in 2007, then moved on to Spain with Gran Canaria and Cajasol after time in the NBDL, where he scored 22 points per game. Signed with Estudiantes this season in Spain and is putting up good numbers in points and rebounds that could get him a look from NBA teams in the summer. Signed with Valencia in Spain for 2011-12, after a good year with Estudiantes.

                           2010-2011 SEASON
Eurocup Av.- 14(G)26.5(M)12.4(PT)46.2(FG)30.3(3PT)87.8(FT)7.0(R)1.4(A)
Spain Av.-  31(G)29.3(M)14.4(PT)49.1(FG)33.6(3PT)80.6(FT)7.6(R)0.9(A)

52.  6' 9"   265  1984  North Carolina- Sean May- Paris Lev. -- France
Played college ball at North Carolina where he won a national title, scoring 26 points in the title game, on 10-11 FG and was the 13th pick in the 2005 NBA draft by the Bobcats. His NBA career was slowed by a knee injury, but played with the Bobcats from 2005-09 and with the Kings in 2009-10. After years of being on the disabled list and trying to get back into the right condition, May signed with Turkish power Fenerbahce in December 2010, where he will give them minutes in the paint. The fewer games will be better on his knee and with the right workout program, could get back to his college type of play because he is still young enough to show his total game. Did not get great minutes with the deep Fenerbahce squad, but signed with Zagreb in Croatia for 2011-12 and should get more playing time.

                          2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 8(G)11.6(M)4.3(PT)40.6(PT)0-3(3PT)72.7(FT)2.8(R)0.5(A)
Turkish Av.-    23(G)12.1(M)6.1(PT)52.3(FG)1-1(3PT)59.2(FT)3.7(R)0.8(A)

53.  6' 8"  200  1984  HIGH SCHOOL- Gerald Green- Kr. Krilya- Russia -- NBA Nets - Pacers
Started his pro career right out of high school in 2005 with Boston as he was taken with the 18th pick of the 1st round after becoming an All-American player and winning the high school slam dunk contest. He also won the 2007 NBA slam dunk contest and had tremendous athlectic ability, but never really figured out the shooting guard spot in the NBA. After time with Boston, Minnesota, Houston and Dallas, he moved to the Russian league where he has become a big scorer and made him a more complete player because of the zone defenses he has to play against. If he gets another shot at the NBA, the time in Europe with Lokomotiv and Kr. Krilya served him well, with his improved jumpshot.

                            2010-2011 SEASON
Russian Av.- 31(G)22.2(M)11.4(PT)42.6(FG)37.5(3PT)85.2(FT)3.2(R)0.8(S)
Eurocup Av.- 5(G)29.2(M)15.6(PT)44.1(FG)41.9(3PT)62.5(FT)4.8(R)2.0(S)

54.  6' 1"   185  1987   Baylor- Curtis Jerrells- Besiktas-- Turkey
Played his college ball at Baylor University, where he averaged 13.5, 15.0, 15.3 and 16.3 points in his senior year to go along with 4.9 assists per game. Signed with the Spurs in 2009 and played for their NBDL team the Toros and scored 20.9 points per game. Jerrells was traded to the Hornets in 2010, but was released so he signed in Europe with Adriatic league power Partizan and is still young enough to  find his way back into an NBA lineup. If the NBA is not in the cards, he has the skill to make a long career in Europe in the mold of a Terrell McIntyre. Had a great breakout year with Partizan in 2010-11, helping them to the Adriatic and Serbian titles and signed with Fenerbahce for the 2011-12 season.

                           2010-2011 SEASON
Adriatic Av.- 19(G)24.4(M)12.4(PT)46.6(FG)35.7(3PT)82.1(FT)3.3(R)2.2(A)
Euroleague Av.- 10(G)25.6(M)9.7(PT)32.0(FG)13.2(3PT)83.3(FT)3.2(R)3.8(A)
Serbian Av.- 19(G)26.5(M)12.1(PT)46.4(FG)38.2(3PT)74.4(FT)4.1(A)1.9(S)

55.  6' 2"   180   1983   Florida- Anthony Roberson- Enel Brindisi- Italy -- China
Played his college ball at Florida University and left after his junior year to enter the NBA draft, he did not get drafted but signed with the Grizzlies in 2005-06 and also played with the Warriors, Knicks and Bulls in the NBA. Played with Hapoel Jer. and Beykoz in Turkey in between his NBA jobs and last year was in France with Strasbourg. This year he has a job in the Italian league and is playing well for Enel Brindisi, he could also find his way in the deep ACB Spanish league next year with good numbers in Italy or a higher level Italian team might take a look.

                          2010-2011 SEASON
Italian Av.- 26(G)27.9(M)14.6(PT)41.8(FG)35.4(3PT)83.1(FT)2.9(R)0.8(A)

56.  6' 2"  200  1985   Memphis- Darius Washington- Turk Telekom- Turkey -- Puerto Rico
Played at the University of Memphis and led them to an elite 8 appearance in his sophmore year and later declared for the NBA draft but was not delected beause teams thought he was more of a combo-guard and could not play point. Went to Greece to play with PAOK and later that same year went to Nymburk and won a Czech title. In 2007 played with the Austin Toros and the Spurs of the NBA but did not get consistent minutes. Signed with Aris of Greece and later Ural Great Perm in Russia, then with Galatasaray in Turkey. Now is with Lottomatica in Italy and has become a go to guy for them in certain games. Has a solid body and has good driving ability, but the 3 point range is what has held him out of the NBA. Had good numbers in Italy and signed with Turk Telekom for the 2011-12 season.

                        2010-2011 SEASON
Italian Av.- 30(G)26.8(M)10.1(PT)43.1(FG)25.4(3PT)81.0(FT)2.9(A)2.1(S)
Euroleague Av.- 16(G)26.1(M)13.0(PT)50.7(FG)30.0(3PT)84.9(FT)1.9(A)1.1(S)

57.  6' 4"  185  1985    Duquesne-  Aaron Jackson-- CSKA Moscow -- Russia
Started his pro career in Turkey with Antalya scoring 15.7 points per game in 2008-09 and then moved to the Italian League with Bologna where he scored 14.4 points per game. Had good assist totals in Turkey and Italy to go along with his high energy scoring game of driving the ball to the hoop and can also hit the jumper. Moved to Bizkaia Bilbao in 2010 and has played well in the ACB league leading them in scoring in a win over FC Barcelona in April. Still young enough to be looked at by NBA teams and could help some teams if they look his way.

                      2010-2011 SEASON
Spain Av.- 43(G)26.0(M)11.0(PT)45.5(FG)41.0(3PT)84.8(FT)3.4(R)2.8(A)

58.  6' 5"  195  1986    Lithuanian     Duke-  Martynas Pocius-   Real Madrid- Spain
Played college ball at Duke University and started his pro career back in Lithuania with Zalgiris, where he averaged 8.1 points per game in his 1st season and did better in his 2nd year of Euroleague play, scoring 10.9 points per game and playing well for the Lithuanian national team at the 2010 World championships. Has gotten better with his 3 point stroke in recent years and always had great jumping ability, being able to dunk over larger players. Played with Lithuania at Eurobasket 2011 and signed with ACB power Real Madrid for the 2011-12 season, where he will have a chance to win a Euroleague title and ACB crown. 
                                2009-10 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 16(G)8.1(PT)44.0(FG)38.3(3PT)72.7(FT)1.9(R)1.4(A)
Lithuania Av.-    33(G)10.9(PT)48.0(FG)32.7(3PT)80.3(FT)2.8(R)1.9(A)
                                 2010-11 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 16(G)10.9(PT)39.0(FG)30.0(3PT)70.8(FT)2.4(R)2.3(A)



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