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Sunday, 02 August 2009 16:18


1.  6' 7"   225  1977   Greek  Theo Papaloukas--Maccabi Tel Aviv--Israel - Available

Theo started his pro career in 1995 in the Greek A2 league. In 1998 he won the A2 championship with Dafni and also won the A2 league MVP. Theo's first year in the Greek A1 league was 1999 with Panionios. He moved to Olympiacos in 2001. After a not so good year in 2001 with Olympiacos he transferred to CSKA Moscow in 2002. Theo was named MVP of the 2006 Final Four with CSKA winning the euro-League championship. In 2007 Theo was named the MVP of the Euro-League regular season, but CSKA lost in the final game to Panathinaikos 93-91 in his home  city Athens. Papaloukas and CSKA redeemed their championship in 2008, winning the Euro-League title again. In 2009 Theo transferred back to Olympiacos but lost 84-82 in the Final Four semi-finals to Panathinaikos in Berlin, with teammates Josh Childress and Lynn Greer. In a 2007 game against the L.A Clippers, Theo controlled the game for CSKA  in a 92-73  win over the NBA team in a preseason game. Theo also quarterbacked the Greek national team to a win in the semi-finals of the 2006 world championships, in Japan over team U.S.A with Lebron James and Dwight Howard. Theo had the ability to be a starting point guard in the NBA, when he was dominating Europe in his later twenties. His true greatness came out late in his career and with the right NBA team which emphasized his strengths he could have been a great team player. Theo was the Jason Kidd of Europe, with the ability to hit big shots like John Stockton in late game situations. A very clutch player who loves pressure games, Dallas with Dirk Nowitzki would have been a good fit for Theo, the year after Dallas lost in the NBA finals. Lost in the championship game to FC Barcelona in the Euroleague 2010 title game as Olympiacos did not have the depth from the 3 point line that FC Barcelona had. Played in Greece with Olympiacos in 2010-11, but lost in Euroleague playoffs to Montepaschi and the Greek title went to Panathinaikos. Signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv in the summer of 2011, as he said he wanted another shot at a Euroleague crown.

2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--19(GM)7.4(PTS)52.9(FG)35.1(3PT)64.3(FT)5.1(AS)1.3(ST)23.9(MN)
Greek A1 Avg.--29(GM) 6.1(PTS) 66.7(FG) 43.5(3PT) 64.0(FT) 4.0(AS)1.1(ST)21.0(MN)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Avg.- 18(G)20.9(M)5.4(PT)47.0(FG)21.4(3PT)60.9(FT)3.8(A)1.6(S)
Greek A1 Av.- 29(G)18.7(M)6.4(PT)44.0(FG)20.8(3PT)71.0(FT)3.8(A)1.5(S)

2.  7' 0"   270  1983  Greek   Ioannis Bourousis--A.J Milano--Italy
Began his athletic career as a swimmer but switched over to basketball at the age of 18 when he signed with AEK of the Greek A1 league from 2001 until 2006. Played half a season in the ACB league with F.C Barcelona, then joined Olympiacos and has been with the Greek power ever since. Worked hard to eventually become First Team All-Euroleague center in 2009. The NBA has totally missed out on this big guy. The NBA needs to look at the rapid progress  Bourousis has made the last couple of years. He has the size of  Zydrunas Ilgauskas, but moves around the court like a Varejao or Dalembert type big man. Was a free-agent in the summer of 2009 and was looked at by the Spurs and Cavs, but decided to sign a 3 year deal back with Olympiacos for 5.1 million Euros net income. In an era when there are few quality centers in the NBA, and guys like Nenad Kristic are starting it is unbelievable to me that some NBA team would not offer Bourousis a big payday to be their starting center at the age of 26. The NBA will have to wait until he is 29 to bring him to the league. Played well in the Euroleague 2010 title game and the Greek championship versus Panathinaikos, but the lack of 3 point shooters hurt Olympiacos in 2009-2010 season. Played in Greece in 2010-11, but the depth of Panathinaikos again beat Olympiacos in the Greek title. Moved to A.J Milano in the summer of 2011, where he will team with Greek national team player Antonis Fotsis. Bourousis showed himself well at Eurobasket 2011, where he outplayed Joakim Noah of the Bulls and had a 27 point game in 27 minutes versus Serbia.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--17(GM)15.9(MN)8.8(PTS)53.1(FG)47.0(3PT)76.6(FT)4.7(RB)0.5(BK)
Greek A1 Avg.--26(GM) 17.4(MN) 9.7(PT) 49.7(FG) 20.0(3PT) 74.4(FT) 5.3(RB) 0.7(BK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Avg.- 18(G)16.9(M)10.7(PT)53.0(FG)36.7(3PT)67.8(FT)6.6(R)1.3(BK)
Greek A1 Av.- 30(G)20.0(M)11.7(PT)58.0(FG)33.3(3PT)81.7(FT)6.6(R)1.1(BK)


3.  6' 4'   205  1982  Greek  Vassilis Spanoulis-- Olympiacos--Greece
Started his pro career in 1998 at the age of 16 in the A2 Greek league with Larissas. In 2001 he signed with A1 Greek team Maroussi and was named rookie of the year. In 2005 he led Maroussi to 2nd place in the Greek league for the undermaned team. He signed a contract with Panathinaikos  and had an amazing first year season in the Euro-League. Was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2004 NBA draft and his rights were traded to Houston. Joined Houston for the 2006 season and it seemed like a good fit but Jeff Van Gundy had Spanoulis standing in the corner like a Kyle Korver type of player. His patented cross-over move was going to waste being used as a spot up 3 point shooter. Things got heated in the press and Van Gundy actually had Luther Head and John Lucas playing ahead of this European star. He returned to Europe to win the 2009 Euro-League title and was named Final Four MVP. Spanoulis will be a free-agent in the summer of 2010 and 2 NBA teams would fit his play, the 76ers and the Knicks. Spanoulis is definitely a starting point guard in the NBA who can help numerous teams in the league as long as Van Gundy is not coaching them. Helped Panathinaikos to the 2010 Greek title and with alot of NBA free-agent money around in the summer of 2010, NBA teams need to remember him. Signed a big 3 year deal in the summer of 2010 with rival Olympiacos for 2.4 million Euros a yr. Lost to Panathinaikos in the Greek finals in 201-11 and did not compete at Eurobasket 2011 for Greece due to injury.

2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--13(GM)25.2(MN)10.5(PTS)40.8(FG)26.7(3PT)83.3(FT)3.8(AS)1.2(ST)
Greek A1 Avg.--31(GM) 20.6(MN)10.1(PTS) 55.7(FG) 43.3(3PT) 79.6(FT)3.3(AS)0.9(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Avg.- 20(G)29.1(M)14.2(PT)44.4(FG)34.7(3PT)85.2(FT)4.3(A)1.2(S)
Greek A1 Av.- 30(G)23.4(M)10.6(PT)40.0(FG)28.8(3PT)78.4(FT)5.2(A)0.7(S)

4.  6'  10"  245  1981  Greek    Antonis Fotsis--A.J Milano--Italy

Started pro career with  Illisiakos in 1996. In 1997 to 2001 was bought up by Greek power Panathinaikos. Won  the Euro-League title in 2000. From 2003 to 2005  signed with Real Madrid of the ACB league in Spain. From 2005 to 2008 signed with Dynamo Moscow in Russian league and teamed with Lazaros Papadopoulos. Recently signed a big deal with Panathinaikos until 2011. Won the Euro-League title with Vasillis Spanoulis in 2009. Drafted in the second round of the 2001 NBA draft by Memphis and had several decent games, but the bottom line is Fotsis came to the NBA too young at 20 years old. After the 2004 Olympics, where Fotsis scored 22 points against Tim Duncan and the U.S, NBA teams should have been all over this all around talented player. Fotsis is a lights out 3 point shooter in the mold of a Jason Kappono but he is also a guy who plays tough defense who blocks many shots and can also put it on the floor and dunk in guys faces. Fotsis will be 30 yrs. old when his contract expires and NBA playoff teams should take a good hard look at a guy who could fill in at 2 positions to help a team to a deep playoff run. Helped Panathinaikos win the Greek title in 2010. Helped Panathinaikos win the Euroleague title in 2011 and the Greek A1 league title, but signed a big 2 year deal to play in Italy with A.J Milano in July, where he will team with Ioannis Bourousis and Danilo Gallinari during NBA lockout.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--15(GM)23.0(MN)6.2(PTS)50.8(FG)30.0(3PT)81.9(FT)5.5(RB)0.7(BLK)
Greek A1 Avg.--35(GM) 19.8(MN) 6.9(PT)48.5(FG) 35.5(3PT) 75.8(FT) 4.6(RB) 0.8(BK)

2010--2011 SEASON
Eurol. Avg.- 22(G)23.7(M)8.4(PT)53.0(FG)38.0(3PT)64.7(FT)5.1(R)0.7(BK)
Greek A1 Av.- 35(G)19.3(M)8.6(PT)63.0(FG)41.7(3PT)86.5(FT)4.4(R)0.5(BK)

5.  6'  6"  215  1980  Greek     Dimitrios Diamantidis--Panathinaikos--Greece

Started pro career with Iraklis in 1999 at age 19. In 2004 he won the Greek league MVP. After his MVP year in 2004 he was signed by Panathinaikos. Has won 5 Greek titles with Panathinaikos, 2 Euro-League titles and has been voted defensive player of the Euro-League 5 straight years. The bottom line on Diamantidis in terms of NBA capabilities is he is more than ready defensively. During the 2008 Olympics against so-called NBA player Sun Yue, he made the Lakers draft pick look like a J.V player playing against an experienced star as he struggled bringing the ball over half court with the pressure the Diamond man was putting on him. Offensively in the NBA he could be a starting point guard , but only as a set up guy who hits the open 3 pointer, not a guy who can shake you off the dribble like Spanoulis can. Steve Blake with a more intense defensive presence is a nice comparison. Helped Panathinaikos defeat Olympiacos in the Greek championship in 2010 and resigned with Panathinaikos until the 2013 season. Did not play with Greek national team at Eurobasket 2011, but talk of him returning has been brought up.

2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--11(GM)25.5(MN)9.1(PTS)60.9(FG)53.8(3PT)75.0(FT)3.2(AS)1.5(ST)
Greek A1 Avg.--30(GM) 23.5(MN)9.0(PTS) 54.3(FG) 45.7(3PT) 80.3(FT) 4.9(AS)1.6(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Avg.- 22(G)30.1(M)12.6(PT)43.4(FG)37.0(3PT)87.2(FT)6.0(A)1.6(S)
Greek A1 Av.- 35(G)19.8(M)8.7(PT)46.0(FG)41.0(3PT)87.2(FT)4.4(A)1.2(S)

6.  6' 11"  270  1984  Serbian  Aleksander Maric-- Lokomotiv- Russia-
Went to college in the United States, and played for Nebraska, where he put up good numbers, 18 points per game and aveaged 10 rebounds per game his senior season. He lit up  acouple of Big 12 teams, going for 41 points in one game, and 36 in another. Went undrafted in the NBA, as the same old stuff was said of his game. He was too slow for the fast-paced NBA game, and defensively, he does not block shots. Maric started his pro career in Spain as a backup to Curtis Borchart, only scoring 5 point per game due to playing time. He moved on to Partizan this year ,where he has become a handful in the paint. I am not saying this guy has a Lazaros Papadopoulos post-game, but from what I have seen against veteran Euroleague centers this year, he demands a double team in the paint, and he holds his position well, as guys try to fight him off the block. He is averaging 17 PPG and 9 rebounds for Partizan, as he went off for 34 in a game, while shooting 72% for the season in FG. He played 2 pre-season games against NBA competition this year, going for 14 PTS. and 6rebounds against the Suns, and 16 PTS and 21 rebounds against Denver. He would be a perfect fit in Denver to help Nene in the post, while also giving good 3 point shooters a better look at the basket. Helped lead Partizan to the Euroleague Final Four in 2010 and won the Adriatic and Serbian titles. Signed with Greek power Panathinaikos for a 3 year deal to take over for the loss of Big Sofo. Played with Australia at the 2010 World Championship. Injuries hurt his minutes in his 1st year with Panathinaikos and hopes to play more in 2011-12.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 18(G)24.9(M)14.6(PT)60.7(FG)64.8(FT)8.4(RB)0.6(B)
Adriatic League- 22(G)23.4(M)11.5(PT)71.9(FG)58.0(FT)7.5(R)0.6(BK)
Serbian League- 17(G)21.8(M)12.1(PT)68.4(FG)59.2(FT)6.0(R)0.9(B)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Avg.- 8(G)7.0(M)3.5(PT)55.6(FG)0-0(3PT)66.7(FT)3.5(R)0.4(BK)
Greek A1 Av.- 18(G)11.3(M)6.7(PT)70.5(FG)0-0(3PT)73.9(FT)3.0(R)0.3(BK)

7.  6'  2"  190  1987  Spanish   Sergio Llull--Real Madrid--Spain
Started playing pro ball with Real Madrid, since he was 18 yrs. old, and recently completed his 3rd season with the club. Was selected with the 34th pick of the 2009 NBA draft by the Nuggets, but his rights were traded to Houston. Sergio has definite NBA ability right now, who can hit the 3 , and take his man off the dribble with nice hesitation ball handling skills. He is an explosive athlete who can dunk over guys on the break. In a preseason game against the Toroto Raptors, at the age of 19, Llull took over the 4th quarter against T.J Ford and Jose Calderon as he was the best guard on the floor, making big play after big play in the 4th quarter of a 103-102 Real Madrid win. Played Ricky Rubio to a standstill in the ACB playoffs. Recently signed a 2 yr. extension with Real Madrid. Played for Spain at Eurobasket 2009 winning a gold medal. Sergio and Real Madrid lost to Caja Laboral in the ACB semi-finals 3-2 in the 2009-2010 season. Had a fine 2010-11 Euroleague season, being named to an ALL-Euroleague team, but lost in the Euroleague and ACB playoffs. Won a Gold medal with Spain at Eurobasket 2011.

2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--18(GM)20.7(MN)9.5(PTS)52.1(FG)41.8(3PT)72.4(FT)2.0(AS)1.0(ST)
Spain ACB Avg.--35(GM)23.0(MN)11.2(PTS)49.1(FG) 41.9(3PT)82.1(FT)2.1(AS) 0.9(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 38(G)26.8(M)12.3(PT)42.7(FG)40.3(3PT)80.9(FT)2.8(A)1.1(S)
Eurol. Avg.- 23(G)27.6(M)11.9(PT)40.6(FG)34.3(3PT)84.1(FT)3.0(A)0.8(S)

8.  6'  8"  225  1984  Greek   Panagiotis Vasilopoulos--Olympiacos--Greece

Started his pro career with PAOK of the A1 league from 2001 to 2005. A 5 time Greek all-star. Transferred to Olympiacos  in 2005 and is one of the more versatile defenders in the Euro-League. Vasilopoulos is a guy who can definitely play in the NBA, has the ability to put it on the floor and dunk on defenders, shoot the 3 pointer  consistently and also has the ability to defend 4 positions  with his length and athleticism. Signed a big deal with Olympiacos until 2012. The signing of Leinas Kleiza and Von Wafer should cut his minutes alittle for the upcoming 2010 season but should be in the game for defense in the end. 2013 would be the first chance the NBA could see this all-around player, he will be 29 at the time. Vasilopoulos did not get big minutes in the 2009-2010 season, but with the departure of Josh Childress back to the NBA, he could be back in the Olympiacos rotation getting good playing time. Injuries hurt his 2010-11 season and hopes to come back strong in 2011-12.

2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--16(GM)15.8(MN)3.1(PTS)47.4(FG)34.9(3PT)75.0(FT)0.4(BLK)0.4(ST)
Greek A1 Avg.--27(GM)14.8(MN) 4.8(PTS)43.9(FG) 38.0(3PT) 73.9(FT)2.6(RB)0.6(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Greek A1 Av.- 11(G)9.5(M)4.4(PT)48.5(FG)52.9(3PT)63.6(FT)1.8(R)0.4(S)
EuroleagueAv.- 2(G)3.5(M)0.0(PT)0-1(FG)0-0(3PT)0-2(FT)0.5(R)0.5(B)

9.  6'  10'  375  1985  Greek   Sofoklis Schortsanitis- Panathinaikos-- Greece

Sofo started his pro career in Greece at the age of 15 with Iraklis in the years 2000 to 2003. He then transferred to the Italian league and played for Pallacenestro Cantu. For the 2004 season he returned to play for Aris in Greece. In 2005 after a good year with Aris, Big Sofo signed with Olympiacos to a long-term contract to be there center of the future. He was drafted in the second round of the 2003 NBA draft by the L.A Clippers. During the 2006 World Championships in Japan, Big Sofo helped Greece defeat the U.S as he manhandled the small frontline Coach Mike Krzyzsewki  put up against such a huge man. Coach K cut Dwight Howard's minutes down and had the thin body of Chris Bosh playing center and other points in the game he actually had Lebron James trying to handle Sofos huge and limber body in the post. Big Sofo had a large impact in that win over the U.S mostly because he was in decent shape for the tournament, but over the past few years his weight has fluctuated mostly in a negative direction thus his playing time with Olympiacos and with the Greek national team has been very limited. If Big Sofo gets his weight together he can be a force for the Clippers when he finally comes over to the NBA. He is looking nice and trim during the summer of 2009 preliminary games before Eurobasket 2009 for the Greek national team. If he keeps the discipline up Big Sofo should have a quality season for Greek power Olympiacos which could translate towards a big payday with an NBA team. Played with the Clippers summer league team in Las Vegas, but they did not feed the post and he decided to sign with Israeli power Maccabi T-A instead. Helped Maccabi get to the Euroleague title game and was named to the All-Euroleague 1st team for center. Helped Maccabi T-A win the 2011 Israeli title.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--19(GM)12.1(MN)7.2(PTS)61.7(FG)0-0(3PT)48.8(FT)2.5(RB)0.2(BLK)
Greek A1 Avg.--31(GM) 13.3(MN) 9.0(PT) 68.6(FG) 0-0(3PT) 52.3(FT) 3.4(RB) 0.5(BK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Israeli Avg.- 30(G)17.8(M)11.8(PT)70.3(FG)0-1(3PT)55.9(FT)4.9(R)0.7(BK)
Eurol. Av.- 22(G)18.6(M)12.0(PT)58.1(FG)0-0(3PT)62.5(FT)4.2(R)0.6(BK)

10.  6'  4"  190  1990  Spanish  Ricky Rubio--FC Barcelona--Spain- Minnesota T-Wolves
The media attention and hype for Ricky Rubio started at the U-16 European champioships, where Ricky scored 51 pts., had 24 rebounds, 12 assists, and 7 steals in a 110-106 overtime victory over Russia. Started his pro career at the age of 15 playing in the ACB of Spain, for DKV Joventut. Led the ACB in steals, in 2007 and in 2009. Was selected with the 5th pick of the of the 2009 NBA draft by the T-Wolves. Rubio's father said that Ricky needed 1 more good year in Spain before he would come over to the NBA. Ricky also had a 6.6 million dollar buyout, in his deal with DKV Joventut. FC Barcelona jumped in, and paid the highest buy-out in European history, to gain Rubio's services for the upcoming 2010 season. The bottom-line on Rubio is, he can run an NBA team, as long as he has shooters around him. He is a definite NBA highlight reel, when in fast-break mode, but when the game slows down, Rubio has showed an inconsistent jump shot. He is only 18, so that part of his game could get better, his play at Eurobasket 2009, disappointed me a bit after such a good 2008 Olympics showing, and after a rocky start to the 2009 Euroleague and ACB season, he has recently PICKED UP THE PACE, hitting the open 3 with more regularity during the 2009-10 season and shows me signs of being ready for NBA play, faster than I thought months ago. I might have rushed to slam the young guy, and I will admit when I was wrong. After a good 2nd half of the year last season, his outside shot has slumped again. The Dallas Mavs owner said he would have interest in picking up Rubio from the Twolves, but an Eastern city is where he would like to be. With Carmelo and Stoudemire in New York, Rubio would not have to show that outside shot that much and might be the best NBA fit for him. Decided to come to the NBA for the 2011-12 season to plat with the Minnesota T-Wolves, after his progress was slowed playing with FC Barcelona, as they decided to go with Victor Sada in the starting lineup for the 2011 ACB playoffs. FC Barcelona ans Rubio won the 2011 ACB league title, but the fastbreak game of the NBA could bring out his true talent with the Twolves. Played with Spain and won a Gold medal at Eurobasket 2011, but only scored 1.5 points per game, as he seems to defer to the big names on the Spanish squad.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--21(GM)20.9(MN)7.0(PTS)37.4(FG)36.5(3PT)90.0(FT)4.2(AS)1.5(ST)
Spain ACB Avg.--42(GM)19.9(MN)6.5(PT)40.7(FG)36.6(3PT)76.8(FT)4.2(AS)1.9(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 42(G)21.3(M)4.8(PT)32.0(FG)(FG)25.9(3PT)77.1(FT)4.1(A)1.6(S)
Eurol. Avg.- 20(G)22.4(M)6.5(PT)31.0(FG)22.4(3PT)83.6(FT)3.6(A)1.7(S)

11.  7' 0"   220   1990  Lithuanian  Donatas Motiejuenas--A. Prokom- Poland- H. Rockets
Donatas started his pro career with Zalgiris juniors for the 2005-2006 season and moved on to the Zalgiris senior team, where he played 3 games in the Euroleague as a 17 year old. Moved on to Aisciai for the 2008-2009 season, where he became a Lithuanian All-Star scoring 20 points per game and 7.5 rebounds. Donatas played in the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland, where he went up against, John Wall, Xavier Henry and Avery Bradley, he scored 21 points in 29 minutes, as the International team upset the U.S All-Stars 97 to 89. Donatas signed with Benetton of the Italian league for the 2010 season, and he has people talking top 5 pick of the 2010 NBA Draft, after his Nike performance. He shows alot of Nowitzki or Bargnani in his game,with his outside shot for a big man and also has nice post-moves for such a young age. I would like to see a year of play in the ACB of Spain, before he makes the move to the NBA. Had a good 2010-11 Italian season, as he helped Benetton defeat Air Avellino in the Italian playoffs, as Donatas had a 20 point and a 28 point game in the series and also had a 31 point game and 14 rebound game versus Vanoli in the regular season. Had the most Dirk Nowitzki takeover ability of the European players in the 2011 NBA draft, but fell to the 20th pick, as some teams wondered if he would stay in Europe another season. The Rockets are a nice fit for Motiejunas. He is under contract with Benetton until the end of 2012-13 and was loaned to Euroleague squad Asseco Prokom for the 2011-12 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurocup Avg.-12(G)19.3(M)7.6(PT)54.7(FG)71.4(3PT)44.4(FT)3.3(R)
Italy Lega Av.-33(G)20.7(M)9.8(PT)53.7(FG)35.3(3PT)72.5(FT) 5.2(R)
2010-2011 SEASON
Italy Av.- 37(G)25.6(M)12.8(PT)52.5(FG)42.9(3PT)71.5(FT)4.4(R)0.9(A)
Eurocup Av.- 18(G)25.8(M)10.2(PT)42.4(FG)14.3(3PT)63.0(FT)5.3(R)0.7(A)

12.  6' 10"  225  1985  Israeli   Lior Eliyahu--Maccabi TA--Israel 
Lior signed a 5 year deal to go back to Israel and play with his previous team Maccabi Tel Aviv. Lior was selected with the 44th pick of the 2006 NBA draft by the Orlando Magic, his rights were traded and now owned by the Houston Rockets. Lior averaged 10.9 points per game for Maccabi in Euroleague play for the 2006-2007 season and increased his average to 14 points per game in the 2008-2009 season. Lior is a very athletic forward and although he does not shoot the 3 pointer, he has great ability to get out on the wings on the fast-break and dunk the ball over defenders. He also has the ability to get to the basket from many different angles on the offensive end and make tough flip shots. Lior signed a 4 year deal with Caja Laboral last year, but just like Brad Oleson found out during the regular season, minutes on this deep ACB team were tough to come by. Oleson and Lior pivked up their play in the playoffs ans were both big parts of the 3 game sweep of Caja Laboral in the ACB finals. The 4 year 6 million Euro contract was too much for Caja Laboral to pay for the limited minutes he played in the regular season, so the 2 parted ways in the summer of 2010. Lior averaged 8.4 points per game in Euroleague play for Caja Laboral, but back with Maccabi his minutes and touches should increase to give Maccabi fans the graceful dunks he showed with them in the past. Signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv for 2011-12 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--15(GM)18.1(MN)8.4(PTS)63.2(FG)0-0(3PT)40.0(FT)3.4(RB)0.3(BLK)
Spain ACB Avg.--28(GM) 13.5(MN) 5.3(PT) 50.5(FG) 0-1(3PT) 71.5(FT) 1.7(RB) 0.4(BK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Israeli Av.- 30(G)22.3(M)13.5(PT)62.4(FG)30.0(3PT)69.8(FT)4.7(R)0.7(BK)
Eurol. Av.- 21(G)20.1(M)10.9(PT)59.0(FG)20.0(3PT)73.9(FT)3.8(R)0.5(BK)

13.  6'  7"  225  1982  French   Yakhouba Diawara
- Umana Venezia--Italy
Played college ball at Pepperpine University. He started his pro career in France with Dijon and moved on to play in the backcourt with Marco Belinelli at Climamio Bologna. Because of his good size he was signed by Denver in the NBA, but he tried to become a 3 point shooter instead of playing tough defense and doing the dirty work. Miami also liked his size and signed him to a deal, but his lack of shooting touch did not get him any minutes. He has decided to return to Italy with Enel Brindisi in 2010-11 and scored 13.6 points per game. Signed with Pallacentrestro Varese in Italy for the 2011-12 season.

09-10-Stats-Heat- 5(G)7.8(M)0.4(PT)12.5(FG)0.0(3PT)0.0(FT)0.6(AS)
2010-2011 SEASON
Italy Av.- 30(G)34.8(M)13.6(PT)42.4(FG)30.0(3PT)69.9(FT)4.5(RB)

14.  6'  4"  205  1976  Lithuanian Sarunas Jasikevicius- FC Barcelona- Spain
Played college ball at University of Maryland. Started his pro career with Lietuvos Rytas and Olimpija Ljublijana. Played his next 3 years with ACB power FC Barcelona. He won 2 ACB titles and 1 Euro-League title with Barcelona in 2003 joining forces with all-time great teammate Dejan Bodiroga. Transferred to Maccabi the next year winning 2 more Euro-League titles. Sarunas had a great game in the 2004 Olympics when he lit up the U.S team on pick and roll when Tim Duncan did not close out on his 3 point shots. As a result of that game and the success he had at Maccabi he signed a 3 year deal with the Pacers in the NBA. The problem was he chose the wrong team to go to, with his brand of play. Utah was after him before they drafted Deron Williams,and with Okur and Boozer playing pick and pop basketball, Sarunas would still be in the NBA playing to his strenghs as he does for Panathinaikos. Sarunas said he wanted to win a championship and thought the Pacers at the time were closer ,but he should have looked at the 2 teams personel. Signed with Panathinaikos in 2007 for 7 million Euros net income over 2 years and won his 4th Euro-League title with 3 different teams in 2009. Recently signed with Panathinaikos for the 2010 season. Signed with Lietuvos Rytas in Nov. for 2010-11 yr. Moved on to Fenerbahce of the TBL in January 2011. Resigned with Euroleague champ Panathinaikos for the 2011-12 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 6(GM)16.2(MN)5.2(PTS)41.4(FG)0-8(3PT)70.0(FT)2.5(AS)0.2(ST)
Greek A1 Avg.- 24(GM)16.0(MN)8.0(PTS)60.2(FG)52.7(3PT) 75.9(FT)2.5(AS)0.4(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 6(G)19.0(M)7.3(PT)43.8(FG)37.5(3PT)90.9(FT)4.3(A)0.2(S)
Lithuanian L. Av.- 4(G)19.5(M)10.3(PT)46.0(FG)28.6(3PT)100(FT)3.8(A)1.0(S)
Turkish L. Av.- 26(G)17.0(M)8.3(PT)49.0(FG)49.0(3PT)90.2(FT)2.6(A)0.3(S)
Fener. Eurol.- 6(G)15.0(M)4.8(PT)40.7(FG)37.5(3PT)80.0(FT)1.5(A)0.2(S)

15.  6'  5"  195  1987  Serbian
Milos Teodosic- CSKA Moscow--Russia
Started pro career in Serbia in 2004. Was offered a large contract by Greek power Olympiacos in 2008. Milos definately has NBA ability, he can hit the open 3 point shot, he can also play pick and roll offense and set teammates up for open looks. Has good size at 6' 5" to play point guard in the NBA. Playing for a power like Olympiacos helps his game, in terms of tough match-ups in practice, but in-terms of playing time he might be better off playing with a mid-level Greek team to show NBA teams his true ability in extended minutes. In my opinion Milos is a younger version of Marko Jaric, but Milos is a better open  shooter. Still young enough to get interest from NBA teams. Had a break-out Eurobasket 2009, with an amazing 32 pt. clutch performance against Slovenia in the semi-finals. I thought he outplayed Ricky Rubio at the event. Hit a huge 3 pointer over Jorge Garbajosa at the 2010 World championships in Turkey to lead Serbia over Spain in elimination game. His last year with Olympiacos ended with a playoff loss to Montepaschi in Euroleague play and a loss to Panathinaikos in Greek finals, a the top of the key was too clogged with him, Spanoulis and Papaloukas all needing the ball. Moved to CSKA Moscow for 2011-12 and should be good for his career to be more of the main ball handler.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--22(GM)27.8(MN)9.7(PTS)48.9(FG)42.6(3PT)89.2(FT)4.9(AS)1.8(ST)
Greek A1 Avg.--34(GM)27.9(MN)13.4(PTS)39.9(FG)33.4(3PT)79.0(FT)4.1(AS)0.9(ST) 
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 18(G)25.1(M)10.9(PT)32.7(FG)29.0(3PT)89.8(FT)3.6(A)0.7(S)
Greek Av.- 29(G)21.2(M)9.6(PT)45.9(FG)37.0(3PT)86.0(FT)4.7(A)1.0(S)

16.  6'  10"  240  1983  Spanish   Fran Vazquez-- Unicaja --Spain 
Started his pro career in 2001 with ACB team Unicaja, also has played on loan, with Bilbao and Gran Canaria. Moved on to Akasvaya Girona for the 2005-2006 season and then eventually on to Spanish power FC Barcelona, where he has been ever since. Won the ACB title in 2009 with Barcelona. Was selected with the 11th pick of the 2005 NBA draft by the Orlando Magic, Fran declined the NBA ,feeling he was not physically ready at the time. Vazquez is signed with Barcelona until 2011, so the earliest NBA fans could see him is at the age of 28. Fran can dunk on anyone in the world, from different angles in the paint, due to his incredible jumping ability and long wingspan. Fran could be the missing piece on the Magic's roster, as a great weak-side shot blocker, who could use his length to matchup against Pau Gasol of the Lakers. Fran will love playing with Ricky Rubio in 2010, as Rubio who loves to throw lob passes, will have the ultimate highlight-reel finisher in Vazquez. Helped FC Barcelona win the ACB league title in 2011.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--21(GM)17.1(MN)7.5(PTS)67.7(FG)63.4(FT)3.5(RB)1.1(BLK)
Spain ACB Avg.--42(GM)17.6(MN)6.9(PTS)63.3(FG)67.9(FT)4.2(RB)1.3(BLK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 41(G)16.4(M)5.9(PT)54.0(FG)0-1(3PT)72.0(FT)4.6(R)1.3(BK)
Eurol. Av.- 20(G)16.7(M)8.1(PT)65.3(FG)0-0(3PT)75.0(FT)4.4(R)1.0(BK)

17.  6'  11"  260  1978  Croatian  Nicola Vujcic-- KK Split-- Croatia
Started pro career with KK Split in 1997. In 2002 Nicola signed with Israeli power Maccabi, winning 2 Euro-League titles and was named All Euro-League center 3 straight years. Signed an annual fee of 2.2 million Euros net income in 2008 with Greek powerhouse Olympiacos. In terms of NBA ability Vujcic has good passing ability, similar to a Vlade Divac or Arvydas Sabonis and he has good post-moves to go along with a nice 18 foot face- up jump shot but athletically he is not a shot-blocking center. Another guy who developed his game later in his career and should have been looked at by playoff caliber teams in NBA to help them in the post. At 32 it is alittle too late to see his true solid play in NBA. Signed with Efes Pilsen in Turkey for the 2010-2011 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--22(GM)14.0(MN)7.4(PTS)58.4FG)57.7(FT)2.7(RB)1.7(AS)
Greek A1 Avg.--32(GM)11.6(MN)6.4(PTS)60.4(FG)67.3(FT)2.3(RB)1.4(AS)

2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 15(G)17.5(M)6.5(PT)41.1(FG)0-1(3PT)69.7(FT)3.1(R)2.0(A)
Turkish Av.- 31(G)16.4(M)7.8(PT)58.7(FG)16.7(3PT)58.8(FT)3.4(R)2.0(A)
Croatian Av.- 3(G)32.7(M)16.3(PT)55.3(FG)0-1(3PT)58.3(FT)6.3(R)1.3(B)

18.  6'  4"  185  1980  Spanish  Juan Carlos Navarro--FC Barcelona--Spain

Started his pro career with FC Barcelona, as a 17 yr. old teenager. Navarro has won 4 ACB titles and 1 Euroleague crown playing with FC Barcelona. Was selected with the 40th pick of the 2002 NBA draft by the Wizards. In 2007 his rights were traded to Memphis, where he teamed with fellow Spaniard, Pau Gasol. Navarro had a decent year in the NBA, scoring 11 pts. per game and making All-Rookie 2nd team. The Memphis enviorment of losing was not something Navarro was used to, so in 2008 he returned to FC Barcelona signing a 5 yr. 14 million net euros contract. He had a great 2009, as he won the ACB title, was named Euroleague regular season MVP, and won his 1st Eurobasket gold with Spain in Poland. When Juan is in rhythm from the outside he is a tough cover , due to his great tear-drop floater he possesses. Had a great 34 pt. game in a 108-104 preseason game loss to the Lakers playing with FC Barcelona in 2009. Helped FC Barcelona win the Euroleague title in 2010 and won a Gold medal at Eurobasket 2011 and was named MVP of the event, that had many NBA players.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 20(GM)25.2(MN)14.1(PTS)42.8(FG)35.1(3PT)84.1(FT)3.3(AS)0.9(ST)
Spain ACB Avg.--41(GM)26.0(MN)14.9(PTS)45.2(FG)38.9(3PT)84.0(FT)3.1(AS)0.9(ST)

2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 34(G)25.3(M)15.7(PT)44.0(FG)39.3(3PT)89.9(FT)2.8(A)0.7(S)
Eurol. Av.- 15(G)26.0(M)14.1(PT)47.8(FG)39.8(3PT)86.8(FT)2.8(A)0.3(S)

19.  7'  0"   235   1985  Ukrainian   Oleksiy Pecherov--Azovmash--Ukraine
Started his pro career in the Ukrainian league and also played in France with Paris Basket Racing. Was selected with the 18th pick of the 2006 NBA draft by the Wizards. Had a good summer league for the Wizards in 2007, but minutes on that outside shooting team were not good for him in his first 2 seasons. His jump from the Ukrainian and French league, directly to the NBA hurt his progress, where a good 2 years in Spain, Italy or Greece would have been a better path for his pro career.Was traded to the T-Wolves in the summer of 2009 and the 10 minutes he got playing for a bad T-Wolves team did not help his game. Decided to return to Europe and play in Italy with AJ Milano, a path that is wise for him. Played for the Ukrainian national team at Eurobasket 2011 and signed with Azovmash in the Ukraine for the 2011-12 season.

09-10-Stats-TWolves- 44(G)10.2(M)4.5(PT)41.0(FG)26.9(3PT)90.6(FT)2.8(R)0.3(BK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Italy Av.- 28(G)15.9(M)7.8(PT)41.4(FG)27.6(3PT)84.6(FT)4.4(R)0.4(B)
Eurol. Av.- 3(G)19.3(M)11.7(PT)46.2(FG)35.3(3PT)100(FT)3.3(R)1.0(B)

20.  6'  1"  175  1980  Spanish  Raul Lopez--Bizkaia Bilbao- Spain
Started pro career with DKV Joventut of Spain in 1998. Transferred to Real Madrid in 2000 to 2002. Was selected with the 24th pick of the 2001 NBA draft by the Utah Jazz. Raul tore his anterior cruciate ligament in his knee, and missed the entire 2002-2003 season. Played the 2003-2004 seson as a backup, for the Jazz, and averaged 7 pts. per game and 3.7 assists in 20minutes of play. Returned back to Europe to play for Girona and Real Madrid. Signed with Khimki of the Russian league for the 2009-2010 season. One wrong decision can change the fortunes of an NBA franchise, that is what happened to the Jazz, when they chose Raul over Tony Parker, thinking he was a better fit in Utah's system to replace legend John Stockton. Lopez could have been a decent point guard in the NBA if it were not for his wheel's, he had flashes of brilliance, but the shorter season in Europe is better for his knees. Played with Khimki Moscow in 2010-11 but moved back to Spain for the 2011-12 season with Bizkaia Bilbao.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 15(GM)19.1(MN) 6.3(PTS)40.8(FG)38.5(3PT) 91.7(FT)3.1(AS)0.8(ST)
Russian L. Av.-31(GM)18.4(MN)5.2(PTS)39.2(FG)40.5(3PT)87.5(FT)3.0(AS)0.7(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 15(G)19.0(M)6.8(PT)51.5(FG)52.0(3PT)87.5(FT)2.6(A)1.4(S)
Russian Av.- 39(G)17.1(M)5.1(PT)45.0(FG)34.6(3PT)88.1(FT)2.1(A)0.8(S)

21.  6'  9"  250  1979  Slovenian   Matjas Smodis--Cedevita--Croatia
Started his pro career in Slovenia from 1994- 2000 with KK Krka, transferred to the Italian league, with Virtus Bologna from 2000-2003, where he won 2 Italian titles and 1 Euroleague crown teaming with Manu Ginobili in 2001. Moved on to Russian power CSKA Moscow in 2005, where he has been ever since, teaming with David Anderson in the front-line, to win 2 Euroleague crowns and 4 Russian titles. Matjas is 1 of the better power forwards of Europe in the last 15 yrs., he can post up his man and hit them with the Olajuwon dream shake, and has the ability to face-up and hit the 20 foot open jumper. A big man who developed late, but is a better player than many NBA forwards on NBA benches, by having multiple big-man skills. Signed a 3 yr. extension with CSKA, so his NBA life is over at 30 yrs. old, but should have been looked at in his late 20's over some NBA players that stay in the league but do not have his skill set.
2009-2010 SEASON
Russian League Av.-8(G)10.8(M)4.8(PT)41.4(FG)25.0(3PT)78.7(FT)1.5(R)
Euroleague Av.- 2(G)8.5(M)0.0(PT)0-1(FG)0-2(3PT)0-0(FT)1,5(R)0.0(B)
2010-2011 SEASON
Russian League Av.- 34(G)16.8(M)7.6(PT)49.0(FG)37.3(3PT)77.8(FT)2.9(R)0.9(A)
Eurol. Av.- 10(G)19.1(M)6.9(PT)33.3(FG)30.4(3PT)70.0(FT)2.7(R)0.4(A)

22.  6' 11"  250  1984  Slovenian   Erazem Lorbek--FC Barcelona--Spain
Played college ball at Michigan State, where he averaged 6.4 pts. per game in 2002 as a freshman. Lorbek left school to return to Europe and sign with Italian league team Climamio Bologna, where he averaged 9.2 pts. per game in the Euroleague, his 2nd season with Bologna. Lorbek also has played with Unicaja in Spain, Benetton and Lottomatica Roma in Italy and his current team CSKA Moscow, where he was named a 2nd team ALL-Euroleague selection in 2009. Was selected in the 2nd round of the 2005 NBA draft by the Pacers. Lorbek can hit the open 20 foot jumper, also can put the ball on the floor and drive hard to the basket and has good post-moves, Europe has done wonders for his once average game. Played at Eurobasket 2009 for Slovenia, where he was 1 of the more dominant players of the tournament, averaging 16.4 pts. per game and 7.4 rebounds. One more good yr. in Europe, and the Pacers could have a very good young power forward for their future. Helped FC Barcelona win the 2010 Euroleague title.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--21(GM)23.8(MN)8.6(PTS)53.4(FG)42.1(3PT)69.0(FT)4.1(RB)1.2(AS)
Spain ACB Avg.--41(GM)22.2(MN)9.8(PTS)55.3(FG)36.4(3PT)74.1(FT)4.0(RB)0.7(B)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 37(G)22.1(M)8.5(PT)49.4(FG)41.8(3PT)70.0(FT)4.5(R)0.2(B)
Eurol. Av.- 20(G)20.7(M)8.5(PT)51.2(FG)37.1(3PT)72.2(FT)3.7(R)0.3(BK)

23.  6'  11"  215  1985  Serbian
Zoran Erceg-- CSKA Moscow-- Russia
Started pro career in Serbia and has put up pretty nice numbers for a young player. At 6' 11" he is an impressive ball-handler for his size. Zoran can stroke it from the outside but must put on muscle if he wants to play in NBA. Signed with Olympiacos and played in many late-game situations because of his smart play in pressure situations but with Kleiza and Von Wafer coming aboard for the 2010 season minutes could be scarce for Zoran. Likes to take big shots and is sound player.
NBA should look at this guy in the future but needs to get extended minutes on a mid-level team in the Greek league.  Joined Olympiacos again for the 2010-2011 season after a good year of extended minutes on loan. Signed with Besiktas in Turkey for the 2011-12 season, where he will team with Deron Williams of the New Jersey Nets, during the NBA lockout.
2009-2010 SEASON
Greek A1 Avg.- 22(GM)26.1(MN)14.7(PTS)49.8(FG)34.9(3PT)81.9(FT)5.6(RB)1.4(AS)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 16(G)17.4(M)5.9(PT)41.3(FG)29.7(3PT)87.5(FT)3.1(R)0.5(A)
Greek A1 Av.- 29(G)16.0(M)7.8(PT)54.1(FG)34.6(3PT)87.5(FT)3.4(R)1.0(A)

24.  6' 10"  260  1984  Greek Loukas Mavrokefalides---Spartak--Russia
Started his pro career with PAOK of the Greek league, and played in the Greek all-star game and also was named most improved player of the Greek league in 2005. Transferred to the Italian league with Roma in 2006 and later that season, was dealt to Valencia of the Spanish ACB league. In 2007 Loukas joined a deep Olympiacos team, where minutes became scarce for the young player. In 2008 he played for Maroussi (the 3rd best team in Greece), and had a very good season playing big minutes showing his all-around big man skills. Olympiacos saw this improvement in his game, so they signed him to a 3 year extension through 2011. The money with Olympiacos is good, but I think Loukas should have stayed with a mid-level team, getting extensive minutes to show NBA teams his skills, instead of fighting for playing time, on a stacked bench. Drafted in the second round of the 2006 NBA draft by the T-Wolves, and with the lack of sufficient big men in the NBA it is puzzling to me, why another NBA team has not aquired his rights, for quality minutes off the bench. Signed with Spartak in Russia for the 2011-12 season.

2009-2010 SEASON
Greek A1 Avg.- 29(GM)12.7(MN) 6.9(PTS)62.2(FG)50.0(3PT)85.7(FT)2.5(RB)0.3(BK)
Euroleague Avg.- 14(GM) 9.6(MN)5.4(PT)61.2(FG)56.0(FT)2.3(RB)0(BK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 18(G)17.2(M)8.4(PT)50.8(FG)16.7(3PT)79.4(FT)4.0(R)0.3(BK)
Greek A1 Av.- 33(G)18.1(M)9.8(PT)54.8(FG)0-2(3PT)80.8(FT)4.0(R)0.4(BK)


25.  6'  5"  200  1984  Israeli
Yotam Halperin- Bayern Muenchen-- Germany
Has played in the Maccabi system for years, starting with the junior programs. Moved on to the senior team, but minutes became difficult to come by, so he moved on to the Slovenian league, with Union Olimpija, where he had a productive season. Yotam returned to Maccabi and led his team to the 2008 Final Four, but wound up losing in the final game to CSKA Moscow, led by Theo Papaloukas and Tradjon Langdon. In the summer of 2008 Yotam, signed with Greek power, Olympiacos, to be a nkock down 3 point shooter. Yotam is a top 3 Israeli player in the world, behind  Lior Elyahu, and Omri Casspi. Halperin was selected in the 2nd round of the 2006 NBA draft by the Sonics. He has decent size and is a solid defender, with the ability to play a combo guard who hits the open 3. Yotam has the ability to make NBA rosters as a backup 3 point specialist and is still relatively young. Had a good 25 point game against Panathinaikos in 2010-11 season, but his minutes were up and down on this deep roster. Signed with Spartak in Russia for the 2011-12 season and should get better minutes to show that good 3 point stroke.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--21(GM)13.3(MN)5.4(PT)60.9(FG)51.8(3PT)95.7(FT)1.1(AS)0.6(ST)
Greek A1 Avg.-- 19(GM)20.0(MN)7.6(PTS)52.7(FG)32.0(3PT)83.8(FT)1.9(AS)0.7(ST)

2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 13(G)13.8(M)4.5(PT)54.8(FG)45.0(3PT)75.0(FT)1.9(R)1.3(A)
Greek Av.- 29(G)20.0(M)8.2(PT)54.5(FG)45.7(3PT)88.9(FT)1.7(R)1.9(A)

26.  7' 1"  280  1981  Greek
Andreas Glyniadakis-- BC Astana -- Kazakhstan
Was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2003 NBA draft by the Pistons. Started pro career in Greece, then moved to the D--League of the NBA, where he played well in big minutes and was picked up by the Sonics of the NBA, for 13 games. Returned to Greece and played  well for Maroussi, so well that he signed a contract with Greek power Olympiacos for the 2010 season. The money at Olympiacos is fine, but Andreas would be better off getting more post touches with Maroussi. The NBA game was too fast for Andrea in the past, and Europe is probably a better fit for his size ,but I think he still could be a bench big man for 8 minutes a game with many teams in the league. Was a member of the Greek national team at the 2008 Olympics, also playing on national team at Eurobasket 2009, giving them size as a 4th center.

2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--4(GM)4.8(MN)1.0(PTS)50.0(FG)0-0(FT)0.5(REB) 0.3(BLK)
Greek A1 Avg.-- 16(GM) 7.8(MN)3.2(PTS) 65.5(FG) 41.9(FT)1.9(RB)0.5(BK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 3(G)5.7(M)2.7(PT)2-8(FG)4-6(FT)0.7(R)0.0(BK)
Greek Av.- 25(G)11.1(M)4.7(PT)54.5(FG)82.5(FT)2.3(R)0.2(BK)

27.  6' 4"  195  1980  Serbian
Milos Vujanic---Panionios-- Greece - Retired
Started  his pro career playing with Red Star. In 2001 he moved to play for Partizan, also has played for Bologna of the Italian league in 2004. He moved on to Spanish power FC Barcelona in 2005 and then on to Greek power Panathinaikos in 2007, where he won a Euroleague championship. Moved on to Dynamo Moscow in 2008 and most recently has signed with Turkish team Efes Pilsen for the 2010 season. Was drafted in the second round of the 2002 NBA draft by New York. He might have been a Steve Nash type of player in the NBA, but a serious leg injury has slowed his career to just being a solid European point guard. In 2002 playing for Partizan, he led the Euroleague with a 26 point per game average. He still is a decent player, playing on high level European programs but the days of stardom in the NBA are just a thought of what might have been. Signed with Panionios in Greece for 2010-2011 season.

2009-2010 SEASON
Spain ACB Avg.--34(GM)28.2(MN)17.7(PTS)47.5(FG)33.8(3PT)78.8(FT)2.4(AS)0.8(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Greek Av.- 11(G)26.8(M)11.7(PT)43.6(FG)30.9(3PT)50.0(FT)2.2(A)0.6(S)

28.  6' 9"  225  1980  Slovenian
Bostjan Nachbar-- Brose Baskets -- Germany
Started his pro career with Olimpija of the Slovenian league. Transferred to Treviso of the Italian league and averaged 13 points as a young player in the Euroleague. Drafted by Houston with the 15th pick of the 2002 NBA draft. Played in NBA from 2002 to 2008 and averaged as many as 10 points a game in solid rotation minutes with New Jersey. Nachbar is a very good outside shooter, who also with a 6' 9" frame ,can once in awhile can take the ball to the hoop and dunk on a shocked defender. Signed a huge contract back in Europe with Dynamo Moscow in 2008 for 3 yrs. He opted out of his deal to join Euroleague team Efes Pilsen to team with Milos Vujanic and Igor Rakocevic for the 2010 season. He is still young enough that an NBA return is not out of his future plans. Left Efes Pilsen and is looking for a club.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--15(GM)15.9(MN)6.7(PTS)47.7(FG)35.7(3PT)84.6(FT)2.0(RB)0.7(AS)
Turkey Seas. Avg.-28(GM)18.8(MN)9.1(PTS)53.0(FG)42.5(3PT)82.1(FT)0.6(ST)3.4(R)
2010-2011 SEASON
Turkish League Av.- 19(G)17.5(M)10.3(PT)48.9(FG)42.9(3PT)84.6(FT)3.6(R)1.1(A)
Eurol. Av.- 15(G)18.6(M)8.3(PT)41.8(FG)37.9(3PT)82.2(FT)2.8(R)0.3(A)

29.  6' 10"  240  1983  Italian Angelo Gigli-- SAIE3 Bologna--Italy
Started his pro career in Italy. He now plays with Lottomatica Roma. Angelo has the ability to get to the rim and dunk in players faces. He gets alot of his points in transition or with cuts to the basket in half court sets. He is an important player on the Italian national team, along with Belinelli and Bargnani. Angelo has the size and length to play in the NBA as a Varejao type of energy guy who gives a coach all he has in practice or in short game minutes to fire up the crowd and the starters ahead of him. Moved to Virtus Bologna for the 2011-12 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--6(GM)22.3(MN)5.2(PTS)63.2(FG)50.0(3PT)100(FT)4.8(RB) 0.2(B)
Italy LEGA 1 -  26(GM)20.8(MN)7.0(PTS)61.7(FG)33.3(3PT)65.7(FT)5.2(RB)0.7(BLK)

2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 2(G)18.5(M)2.0(PT)2-5(FG)0-1(3PT)0-0(FT)0.5(R)0.0(B)
Italian Av.- 14(G)9.2(M)1.6(PT)62.5(FG)33.3(3PT)25.0(FT)2.2(R)0.1(B)

30.  6' 11"  250  1979  Lithuanian Ksistof Lavrinovic-- Zalgiris-- Lithuania
Started his pro career in Lithuania with Alytus. Transferred to the Russian Super-League from 2002 to 2007 playing for Ural Great, Dynamo Moscow and UNICS Kazan. Joined Italian team Siena in for 2007-2008 season and has been with them ever since. Has won 2 Italian league championships with Siena, as he man's the center position as a face-up shooter from deep and a very mobile guy who can run the floor and also do damage down low. In terms of his NBA future, his stock has been hindered by legal issues, so NBA teams do not need the problems that go along with that past history. Has NBA skills and could have been a starting center in league. Won Italian title with Montepaschi in 2010-11.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Av.--12(GM)21.6(MN)13.2(PTS)45.5(FG)37.1(3PT)76.4(FT)4.4RB)0.5(BLK)
Italy LEGA- 31(GM)21.0(MN)14.5(PTS)48.6(FG)42.1(3PT) 76.7(FT)5.1(RB) 0.7(BLK)

2010-2011 SEASON
Italy Avg.- 33(G)23.1(M)14.2(PT)55.6(FG)35.8(3PT)82.1(FT)5.5(R)0.6(BK)
Eurol. Av.- 21(G)24.2(M)11.8(PT)46.1(FG)32.3(3PT)75.3(FT)5.0(R)0.3(BK)

31.  6' 6"  225  1977  Croatian Gordan Giricek--Cibona - Croatia - Retired
Started his pro career with Cibona in Croatia. Has also played for Russian power CSKA Moscow in 2001. Was drafted with the 40th pick in the 1999 NBA draft and scored 29 points on opening night of his 1st NBA game for Memphis. Was traded to Orlando mid-way through his rookie season where he became a second and 3rd option on a playoff roster. Traded to Utah mid-way in the 2003-2004 season and became a 4th quarter go to guy on a 39 win team. He got into an arguement with Jerry Sloan over playing time so he was dealt to the Sixers for Kyle Korver. Gordon never found his niche on a young Sixers squad so he then latched on to Phoenix for the remainder of their playoff run. Returned to Europe in 2008 and signed an high priced contract of 2 yrs. 4 million net income to play for Fenerebache in Turkey. His contract along with  the one Garbajosa just signed are too high for the remaining talent level of the players. Many  European teams see former NBA player and they bump up the salary even though Giricek and Garbajosa are pretty much finished as go to guys. Signed with Cibona in December for 2010-11 year.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--10(GM)21.0(MN)8.2(PTS)50.0(FG)36.4(3PT)83.4(FT)0.8(AS)0.3(ST)
Turkey Seas. Avg.-25(GM)16.6(MN)7.1(PTS)39.4(FG)52.7(3PT)69.2(FT)1.6(AS)0.3(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Adriatic Av.- 14(G)22.5(M)8.4(PT)47.7(FG)38.5(3PT)82.8(FT)3.4(R)2.5(A)

32.  6' 5"  185  1984  Croatian  Roko-Leni Ukic-- Panathinaikos -- Greece
Started pro career in Croatia and played with KK Split from 2000 to 2005. Played in ACB league with TAU and FC Barcelona, but with limited minutes. He was the starting point guard for Lottomatica Roma of the Italian league in 2007-2008. Selected by the Raptors with the 41st pick of the 2005 NBA draft. After the 1 good year with Roma, he signed a 3 year deal with the Toronto Raptors in 2008, the year in Italy gave his good competition, but he needed more play in Europe before he made the jump to the NBA. Traded to the Bucks where he played 13 games but he retuned to Europe to play with Fenerbahce in Turkey and helped them win the Turkish title in 2010. Played for Croatia at the 2010 World Championship and averaged 8.8 points per game. Helped Fenerbahce to the Turkish title in 2010-11.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 1(G)28(M)20(PT)50.0(FG)33.3(3PT)3-3(FT)4(A)0(ST)
Turkey Av.- 15(G)24.8(M)10.9(PT)50.0(FG)39.3(3PT)71.3(FT)4.3(A)1.1(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Turkish Av.- 33(G)27.6(M)11.0(PT)43.4(FG)31.3(3PT)74.4(FT)4.3(A)0.8(S)
Eurol. Av.- 14(G)27.3(M)13.2(PT)48.3(FG)41.9(3PT)81.8(FT)3.5(A)0.9(S)

33.  6' 3"  190  1978  Serbian Igor Rakocevic-- Crvena Zvezda-- Serbia
Started pro career with Red Star Belgrade in 1995. Was drafted by Minnesota in the 2nd round of the 2000 NBA draft. Won Yugoslavian champioship with Buducnost in 2001 and then transferred to Minnesota in 2002. Igor saw limited minutes with Minnesota, so the next year he returned to Europe to play for Valencia of the ACB league. He moved on to TAU in the ACB where he won the scoring title in 2009 and the championship of the league in 2008. Has recently signed a 3 year 5.5 million euro net contract with Turkish team Efes Pilsen. The bottom line on Igor is he can flat out score the ball, from the outside or with drives to the basket. I think he should have played for a European power before entering the NBA in 2002, he was just not ready at the time, but his total game has gotten much better and NBA teams should have looked at him in 2006 when he was a free-agent. A much better scorer than most European 2 guards in the NBA. The ACB league has made his game much better, and now playing with Efes Pilsen he hopes to be in the mix for a Euroleague crown. Efes Pilsen and Rakocevic parted ways and he is looking for a new team.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Avg.--16(GM)20.6(MN)10.0(PTS)35.3(FG)28.6(3PT)83.3(FT)2.3(AS)0.5(ST)
Turkey Av.-32(GM)22.6(MN)14.3(PTS)49.0(FG)38.0(3PT)80.8(FT)2.8(AS)0.8(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Turkish L. Av.- 32(G)21.2(M)12.7(PT)48.6(FG)36.7(3PT)90.0(FT)1.9(A)0.7(S)
Eurol. Av.- 14(G)29.5(M)17.2(PT)45.7(FG)43.5(3PT)87.7(FT)1.7(A)0.7(S)


34.  6' 2"  205  1980  Spanish Carlos Cabezas-- Caja Laboral --Spain
Started his pro career with Unicaja of the ACB league in Spain. Carlos is on the Spanish national senior team and compares to a  a poor man's version of Vasillis Spanoulis, but his minutes are now limited with Ricky Rubio starting and athletic Sergio Lull playing behind Raul Lopez and Rubio. Cabezas is built solid and compact for a point guard. He can hit the open jumper and also shake his man off the dribble like Spanoulis, to get to the rim. Has J.J Barea type of ability in the NBA and could be a viable backup on playoff rosters. Joined CAI Zaragoza for the 2010-2011 season of the ACB.
2009-2010 SEASON

Euroleague Avg.--16(GM)22.5(MN)7.3(PTS)43.4(FG)36.5(3PT)83.9(FT)2.3(AS)0.6(ST)
Russia Seas. Avg.-28(GM)22.0(MN)6.2(PT)39.1(FG)27.3(3PT)68.5(FT)3.1(AS)1.0(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain Av.- 23(G)20.3(M)8.6(PT)39.7(FG)32.8(3PT)88.0(FT)2.6(A)0.7(S)

35.  6' 3"  175  1986  Spanish-- Sergio Rodriguez
---Real Madrid--Spain
Started his pro career in Spain with Estudiates of the ACB league from 2003 to 2006. Won the Rising young star award in 2005 in the ACB. Was selected with the 27th pick of the 2006 NBA draft by the Phoenix Suns, his rights were traded to the Blazers. Playing time was limited in Portland and moved to the Kings ans then with the New York Knicks, where he got more minutes, but his slight frame held him back because of defensive problems. When he 1st came to the NBA he had alot of Jayson Williams in his game, but came over too young and could have gotten quality minutes in ACB and Euroleague play instead of sitting on an NBA bench. His itch to play finally took over and he signed with Real Madrid for the 2010-2011 season.
09-10- NBA- 65(G)15.8(M)6.6(PT)47.7(FG)35.6(3PT)73.1(FT)3.2(A)0.8(S)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 18(G)18.1(M)6.1(PT)41.3(FG)20.0(3PT)93.8(FT)3.1(A)0.5(S)
Spain ACB- 37(G)18.0(M)7.0(PT)42.6(FG)32.4(3PT)87.0(FT)2.5(A)0.9(S)

36.  6' 11"  280  1980  Greek
Lazaros  Papadopoulos-- PAOK -- Greece
Started his pro career in Greece with Iraklis for 5 years. Transferred to Greek power Panathinaikos, where he won a Euroleague title as a 21 year old, being the go to guy down the stretch in the 4th quarter hitting all his various post-up moves. Became an All-Euroleague selection playing for Dynamo Moscow with fellow Greek Antonis Fotsis, as they won the 2006 ULEB cup. Signed a large 3 yr. contract with Real Madrid in 2008, but his post-moves went to waste, because the team went with a more mobile center in Felipe Reyes. Mid-way through his 2nd season in Madrid he was loaned to Fortitudo Bologna where he regained his dominant low-post game. The NBA bottom line on Lazaros, is their is no way this guy should not be in the NBA. In the 2004 Olympics, he dominated the 1st pick in the draft Andrew Bogut, and outplayed Tim Duncan, by fouling him out leaving Carlos Boozer to have no chance with this big guy in the post. He is not a 40 minute center in the NBA, but for 25 to 32 minutes a game he could help any team in the post. He has a top 5 post-up game in all the world, when he gets fed in the paint, A total wonder no NBA team has never thrown decent money at this guy, a throwback center of years gone by. Signed with PAOK. Moved to Khimki in Feb. 2011. Signed with Greek power Olympiacos for 2011-12 season.

2009-2010 SEASON
Greek A1 Avg.--24(GM)24.6(MN)11.0(PTS)60.0(FG)48.5(FT)7.9(RB)0.8(BK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Greek Av.- 16(G)30.3(M)11.5(PT)56.5(FG)59.0(FT)7.5(R)0.6(BK)
Eurocup Av.- 6(G)32.7(M)16.0(PT)61.6(FG)36.4(FT)8.2(R)0.5(BK)
Russian Av.- 21(G)13.7(M)4.0(PT)48.7(FG)20.8(FT)4.4(R)0.3(BK)

37.  6' 5"  200 1981  Slovenian
Sani Becirovic- Petrochimi--  Iran
Started his pro career in 1996 playing for Olimpija in the Slovenian league and winning the championship in 2000 and 2001. Transferred to Italian league, with Bologna and also has  played for Greek power Panathinaikos, winning 2 Greek titles and 1 Euroleague crown in 2007. Signed with Roma of the Italian league in 2009 and was a main go to guy along with Ibrahim Jabeer and David Hawkins. Selected by Denver in the 2nd round of the 2003 NBA draft. It is ashame this guy never came to the NBA, he is the best Slovenian perimeter player in all the world, better than Sasha Vujacic of the Lakers, better than Beno Udrih of the KIngs and better than Bostjan Nachbar of the Nets. He can hit the 3, take a man off the dribble to the basket and also has the ability to pull up for the baby 12 footer on the move. Goes to the line at a great rate for a man of his size. Signed with Turk Telekom for the 2010-2011 season of the TBL in Turkey. Signed with CSKA Moscow in March 2011.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--9(GM)27.8(MN)12.9(PTS)36.5(FG)29.6(3PT)82.9(FT)3.3(AS)1.0(ST)
Adriatic Avg.-13(GM)25.5(MN)12.9(PTS)42.2(FG)33.7(3PT)89.0(FT) 4.0(AS)1.0(ST)
Lega Italy Av.- 21(G)15.5(M)5.5(PT)32.4(FG)20.0(3PT)85.5(FT)2.4(A)0.8(S)
2010-2011 SEASON
Turkey Av.- 20(G)24.2(M)13.9(PT)39.6(FG)31.0(3PT)84.4(FT)2.7(A)1.1(S)
Eurochal. Av.- 6(G)21.7(M)16.7(PT)46.7(FG)47.1(3PT)87.8(FT)2.3(A)1.0(S)


38.  7' 1"  260  1979  Slovenian Primoz  Brezec-- Novgorod --Russia
Started pro career with Olimpija of the Slovenian league. Selected by Indiana with the 27th pick of the 2000 NBA draft. Played very little on the veteran Pacers roster. Joined the Bobcats in the expansion draft as their starting center in 2004 averaging 13 points and 7 rebounds. Traded to Pistons along with Walter Hermann, where minutes became tough on the Pistons deep front line. Also has played for Toronto in the NBA. Returned to Europe in 2008 to play in Italy with Roma and high-school star Brandon Jennings. Primoz is a pick and pop center, who has good size but does not rebound well enough due to his lack of athleticism. Recently signed a 1 year deal with the Sixers. With his size at 7' 1", at the very least Sam Dalembert will have to look over his shoulder, knowing he must bring a better effort to remain on the court. Reggie Evans, who brought effort and heart was undersized, so the new big man with size and competition will be good for the Sixers.  Primoz is playing for a deep an hungry Slovenian team in Eurobasket 2009. Traded to the Bucks. Went back to Europe for the 2010-2011 season to sign with Russian team Krilya K.

2010-2011 SEASON
Russian Av.- 26(G)25.2(M)12.4(PT)65.7(FG)68.3(FT)6.1(RB)0.4(BK)
Eurocup Av.- 6(G)30.5(M)20.8(PT)85.7(FG)75.7(FT)9.7(R)0.5(BK)

39.  6' 9"  245  1977  Spanish Jorge Garbajosa---Unicaja--Spain - Retired
Started his pro career with TAU of the ACB league in 1994. He then spent 4 seasons with Mike D A'ntoni and Benetton of the Italian league, winning 2 Italian titles and being named Eurobasket player of the year in 2003. Transferred to Unicaja of the ACB league for 2 seasons and won the ACB title in the 2005-2006 season while being named MVP of the Finals. In the summer of 2006 the Raptors of the NBA signed Jorge to a 3 yr.-- 12million dollar deal. Jorge was a good glue guy for the Raptors, who probably came to the NBA too late in his career to really appreciate the player he once was. Russian team Khimki threw a 2 year 6 million net euros deal at Garbajosa, obviously they must have not been paying attention to how far his level of play and mobility had regressed over recent yrs. with injuries. Recently signed with Real Madrid on a deep roster that I do not see him getting much playing time with. Won gold as a role player at the 2009 Eurobasket with Spain. Released by Real Madrid and signed with Unicaja in March 2011. Signed with Unicaja for 2011-12 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--20(GM)21.8(MN)8.2(PTS)45.5(FG)37.7(3PT)78.5(FT)4.0(RB)1.2(AS)
Spain ACB Avg.--39(GM)19.4(MN)6.7(PTS)43.7(FG)40.6(3PT)86.7(FT)3.1(RB)1.3(AS)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 16(G)10.9(M)3.9(PT)39.7(FG)27.8(3PT)60.0(FT)1.7(RB)
Eurol. Av.- 11(G)15.7(M)5.4(PT)42.2(FG)34.5(3PT)78.6(FT)2.7(R)
Unicaja Sp. Av.- 11(G)23.0(M)7.2(PT)33.8(FG)31.7(3PT)81.8(FT)4.2(R)0.1(B)

40.  6' 9"  245  1987  Russian Yaroslav Korolev-- Lagun ARO -- Spain
Started his pro career with CSKA juniors but saw limited minutes with the senior team. Was selected with the 12th pick in the 2005 NBA draft by the Clippers. Had a good 3 days at the Reebok Eurocamp and his stock rose to lottery pick level. The good camp pushed him through to a level he was not ready for at the time, and judging by the minutes he is getting back in Europe (playing with Dynamo Moscow), Yaroslav will never be ready for NBA ball.He had a good 1st step against junior players, but never had a jump-shot or any post-moves. He essentially was a point forward ,without Toni Kukoc or Hedo Turkoglu talent. His choice of  a high caliber Dynamo Moscow team ,was the wrong one when he did not prove anything in Europe yet to get demand legitimate minutes on such an established Russian league team. He should have taken less money to play for  mid-level teams Spartak or Rostov  to build his confidence back to a respectable level. Signed with Granada of the ACB Spanish league for the 2010-2011 season. Thought to have a deal with Lagun ARO for 2011-12, but the deal fell through.

09-10 AV.-D-Leag.-47(G)22.5(M)10.4(PT)43.1(FG)36.8(3PT)71.2(FT)5.5(R)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 18(G)19.7(M)8.5(PT)34.8(FG)22.4(3PT)80.7(FT)2.6(R)


41.  6' 9"  220  1983  Russian Sergey Monya---Khimki Moscow--Russia
Started his pro career with Saratov in 1999, also played with Russian powers Khimki and CSKA Moscow. Was selected with the 23rd pick of the 2004 NBA draft by Portland. Averaged 14 minutes, shot 34 percent from the field and 27 percent from 3 pt. range in 1 NBA season with the Blazers. Transferred back to Russia to play for Dynanmo Moscow and has averaged 7 pts. per game, he is having a break-out year in 2009-2010, showing real signs of why he was selected for NBA play in the past. If his improved play continues, he will have higher level European teams, looking to gain his services. Signed with Khimki Moscow for the 2010-2011 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
EuroCup Avg.--6(GM)34.5(MN)12.8(PTS)44.4(FG)33.0(3PT)71.4(FT)8.4(RB)1.6(BK)
Russia seas. Avg.-26(GM)33.0(M)13.8(PTS)44.2(FG)41.5(3PT)76.4(FT)7.9(RB)1.0(BK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 16(G)21.8(M)6.6(PT)42.7(FG)39.1(3PT)72.7(FT)3.1(R)
Russia Av.- 35(G)31.3(M)11.3(PT)44.2(FG)39.2(3PT)77.5(FT)6.1(R)0.9(BK)

42.  6' 2"  200  1979  Argentinian Paolo Quinteros-- Regatas -- Argentina
Started his pro career in Argentina and then transferred to Spain to play in the 2nd division LEB with Zaragoza. Played in the top league in Spain the ACB in 2009 with CAI Zaragoza and put up very good numbers, averaging 18 pts. per game and was the 3rd leading scorer of the ACB. Paolo is a combo-guard who can stroke the outside shot, and has developed late in his career. At 6' 2" the NBA would be a stretch at his age, but the progression he has made is very good. Plays for the Argentinian national team as Ginobili's primary backup, and put up good numbers at the 2007 Fiba Americas tournament, when Ginobili did not attend. Won a bronze medal for Argentina at the 2009 Fiba America's tournament, but struggled to score due to an injury.
2009-2010 SEASON
Spain LEB Avg.--34(GM)29.3(MN)14.8(PTS)46.8(FG)39.3(3PT)86.9(FT)2.8(AS)1.9(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 33(G)26.5(M)12.8(PT)47.2(FG)38.8(3PT)89.7(FT)3.3(A)1.3(S)

43.  7' 2"  250  1985  Serbian Kosta  Perovic-- Unicaja --Spain
Started his pro career with Partizan Belgrade from 2002 to 2007. Was selected with the 38th pick of the 2006 NBA draft by the Warriors. Had problems in NBA, because he was not strong enough at the time. Has a good hook-shot and at 7' 2" it is hard to block, but his athleticism is not great. Recently signed a 3 yr.- 3.3 million euro net income deal with ACB team Valencia for the 2010 season. Played well backing up Nenad Krstic at Eurobasket 2009, as he looks to be more physically stronger in the post. At Kosta's size, he  should be looked at by NBA teams after the good experience in the deep ACB league. Kosta could be a quality 15 minute back-up in the NBA if his progression continues. Signed with Spanish power FC Barcelona in the summer of 2010 to help at center.
2009-2010 SEASON
EuroCup Avg.--16(GM)19.4(MN)10.3(PTS)61.5(FG)80.2(FT)4.1(RB)0.8(BLK)
Spain ACB Avg.- 36(GM)21.3(MN)8.6(PTS)55.3(FG)72.2FT)5.1(RB)0.9(BK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 38(G)11.7(M)4.7(PT)54.7(FG)68.3(FT)2.2(R)0.3(BK)
Eurol. Av.- 17(G)12.0(M)5.7(PT)61.0(FG)69.4(FT)3.0(R)0.5(BK)

44.  6' 10"  270  1983  Uruguayen Esteban Batista--Anadolu Efes--Turkey
Started his pro career in his native Uruguay in 2001. Transferred to the LEB 2nd division league in Spain in 2003. Signed a deal with the Atlanta Hawks for the 2005 season, but only averaged 1.8 pts. and 2.5 rebounds per game in 8.7 minutes. The jump from a 2nd division league in Europe directly to the NBA, is not the path a player should take. Esteban had trouble getting minutes because he went from freshman ball directly to varsity and did not get proper seasoning at the J.V level. Signed with Maccabi in Israel, and played well in their Final Four games. Moved on to Triumph in the Russian league and recently signed a 3 yr. deal with Fuenlabrada of the ACB league. Averaged 21 pts. and 12 rebounds playing for Uruguay at the 2007 Fiba Americas tournament in Las Vegas. Other than the U.S players at the Fiba Americas, Esteban was the best player at the event, showing solid post-moves and rebounding like a deamon on a small Uruguayen team. He is a bull down-low when he gets position, and his name along with Papadopoulos are the ones I would bring up on local radio to split time at the center position and  for a reasonable dollar figure. Is a solid and tough post player that deserves an NBA spot over numerous higher paid post-men already in the league. Signed with Caja laboral to give in Januaray 2011 to give them more size that they lost with Tiago Splitter. Signed with Anadolu Efes in Turkey for the 2011-12 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
Spain ACB Avg.--31GM)28.2(MN)14.1(PTS)53.2(FG)1-2(3PT)69.8(FT)8.4(RB)1.1(BK)

2010-2011 SEASON
Spain Fuenlab.  ACB Av.- 14(G)26.5(M)12.7(PT)54.8(FG)72.4(FT)8.4(R)1.1(B)
Spain C. Laboral Av.- 25(G)19.7(M)7.0(PT)55.4(FG)62.5(FT)4.8(R)0.7(B)
Euroleague Av.- 10(G)19.1(M)8.4(PT)53.3(FG)71.4(FT)6.3(R)0.3(B)


45.  7' 0"  245  1983  Georgian Nikoloz Tskitishvilli-- Foolad Mahan -- Iran
Started his pro career as a 16 yr. old in Slovenia with KK Slovan from 1999 to 2001. Transferred to play for Mike D A'ntoni with Benetton, winning an Italian title averaging 6.6 pts. per game in 2002. Was selected with the 5th pick of the 2002 NBA draft by Denver. Needless to say, things did not work out for Nikoloz in the NBA. The Nuggets looked at a 7' 0" young guy and thought he might be able to be a poor man's Nowitzki, but again I will repeat myself by saying, 6.6 points a game the year before in limited minutes in Italy, that does not mean he is the 5th pick of an NBA draft. So many more players in the Euroleague (24 to 29 yrs. of age) deserved an NBA payday over Tskitishvili, Korolev, and Darko Milicic, who all were too young to help a team. As for Nikoloz's game right now, he has gotten stronger and played well at Fuenlabrada last season in  Spain. Has alittle bit of what Denver wanted in his game, flying on the wings for thunderous dunks and sticks the open 3. Signed with Lagun ARO in the ACB league for the 2010-2011 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
Greek A1 Avg.--2(GM)15.0(MN)6.0(PTS)50.0(FG)40.0(3PT) 0(RB) 0.5(AS)
Spain ACB Avg.- 22(GM)18.5(MN)7.7(PTS)49.6(FG)44.3(3PT)66.7(FT)0.3(AS)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 24(G)14.0(M)5.3(PT)39.6(FG)38.3(3PT)79.2(FT)2.6(RB)

46.  6' 5"  210  1985  Spanish Saul Blanco-- CB Canarias --Spain
Started his pro career in  with Pais Vasco and Baloncesco in his native Spain. Transferred to Fuenlabrada, where he played for 4 seasons averaging a high 13.5 pts. in 29 ACB games in 2009. Saul is one of Spain's finest young wing players, who has improved every ACB season. Has the ability to stroke the deep 3, while also being able to shake his man off the dribble and finish with either hand. A mobile guy who finishes on the break with dunks as well as playing good defense. I thought the last spot on the Spanish national team in 2009 should have gone to him over the shorter Carlos Cabezas, but he is young enough that he will probably get Mumbru's or Garbajosa's spot next year. Signed to play with Euroleague team Unicaja for 2010, a guy the NBA should keep track of.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--9(GM)14.3(MN)4.6(PTS)41.4(FG)50.0(3PT)83.3(FT)0.6(A)0.4(S)
Spain ACB Avg.--23(GM)18.4(MN)6.7(PTS)45.6(FG)46.8(3PT)84.2(FT)0.7(ST)1.2(AS)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 29(G)16.2(M)5.3(PT)40.0(FG)36.1(3PT)81.8(FT)1.0(A)0.8(S)
Euroleague Av.- 13(G)23.0(M)8.4(PT)39.6(FG)36.4(3PT)95.5(FT)0.9(A)0.9(S)

47.  6' 6"  220  1978  Lithuanian Ramunas Siskauskas---CSKA Moscow--Russia - Retired
Started his pro career with Sakalai in 1996. Played 6 seasons with Lietuvos Rytas in Lithuania, winning 2 titles. Transferred to the Italian league for 2 years from 2004 to 2006 winning 1 title and being named Finals MVP. In 2006 Ramunas signed with Greek power Panathinaikos and helped them to a Euroleague crown in 2007. Tranferred to CSKA Moscow in 2008, winning another Euroleague crown, scored 29 pts. in the semi-final against FC Barcelona. In 2009 CSKA lost in the Euroleague final to his former team Panathinaikos as a last second shot by Ramunas, just fell off the rim or he would have won his 3rd straight Euroleague title. Recently signed a 3 yr. extension until 2011 with CSKA. Ramunas can hit the 3 consistently, is a top defender in Europe and is one of the best small forwards that can take a guy off the dribble in Europe in the last 15 years. He got his game going late, and playoff caliber NBA teams should have coughed up some cash for this all-around player that could have helped in their championship dreams. Missed Eurobasket 2009 for Lithuania, and the results showed. Signed with CSKA Moscow for 2011-12 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Av.--21(GM)30.6(MN)13.4(PTS)55.7(FG)55.0(3PT)76.6(FT)2.9(AS)1.3(ST)
Russia Av.-23(GM)26.4(MN)13.2(PTS)51.8(FG)44.1(3PT)83.8(FT)1.8(AS)1.2(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Russia Av.- 25(G)23.1(M)11.1(PT)53.0(FG)44.8(3PT)85.7(FT)3.1(R)2.0(A)
Eurol. Av.- 7(G)24.8(M)7.0(PT)42.2(FG)34.8(3PT)50.0(FT)4.0(R)0.8(A)


48.  6' 7"  215  1982  Croatian Zoran Planinic---Khimki Moscow--Russia
Started pro career in Croatia with Benston Zagreb also played with Cibona Zagreb and was named the Croatian league MVP in 2001. Was selected with the 22nd pick of the 2003 NBA draft by the Nets. Transferred back to Europe in 2006 to play for Spanish power TAU Ceramica and won an ACB title with them in 2007. Moved on to CSKA Moscow in 2008, where he has played since getting to a Final Four. Zoran has good size for a lead guard and had a good early part to his career in Cibona, but as the leagues got better and faster, Zoran just blended in instead of taking charge. Sometimes looks like he is playing in slow motion, even back in Europe he just blends in. Played at Eurobasket 2009 for Croatia. Can post-up, but has no 1 distinctive great skill in his game.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--21(GM)20.9(MN)7.5(PTS)45.5(FG)29.3(3PT)64.6(FT)2.2(AS)1.1(ST)
Russia Seas. Avg.-27(GM)23.4(MN)9.0(PTS)46.0(FG)38.1(3PT)75.0(FT)3.4(AS)1.3(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 15(G)24.8(M)10.4(PT)52.3(FG)28.0(3PT)64.7(FT)3.0(A)0.8(S)
Russia Av.- 38(G)23.7(M)8.8(PT)48.0(FG)27.5(3PT)68.2(FT)3.7(A)1.2(S)


49.  6' 7"  210  1986  Russian Anton Ponkrashov--CSKA Moscow--Russia
Started his pro career in Russia, playing with LenVo and Spartak, where he averaged 9.9 pts. per game in 2005-2006 and shot the ball well. Moved on to Russian power CSKA the next year, where he averaged 6.9 pts. per game, and he played well at times especially in a preseason game against NBA team the Clippers, he shot with confidence stroking deep 3's with no hesitation in the victory over the upgraded competition. But ever since that game his career has slumped downward, in 2007-2008 he transferred to rival team Khimki , and struggled only shooting 19.8 percent from 3 pt. range. His 3 pt. percentage went back up to 35.1 percent last year for Khimki. Anton has good size at 6' 7", and has good combo-guard skills with the ability to set up teammates well. His defense has gotten better and if he keeps the 3 pt. slumps under control, he has just as much chance to be on an  NBA roster as Diawara with  the Heat. Played at Eurobasket 2009 for Russia and had an impressive 4.9 assists per game, but again his 3 pt. stroke, which was so good early in his career was off again at 18.8 percent (3-16). This should be a make or break year on his NBA chances. Moved to Spartak for the 2010-2011 season. Showed good moments with Spartak in 2010-11 season and signed with CSKA Moscow for the 2011-12 season, but minutes might be tough on that deep roster.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 19(GM)8.2(MN)3.0(PTS)38.2(FG)14.7(3PT)52.1(FT)0.7(AS)0.1(ST)
Russia Av.-18(GM)12.5(MN)4.4(PTS)37.5(FG)33.5(3PT)59.3(FT)1.7(AS)0.4(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurocup Av.- 2(G)32.0(M)6.5(PT)40.0(FG)0-1(3PT)50.0(FT)5.5(A)1.0(S)
Russia Av.- 34(G)30.8(M)11.4(PT)40.0(FG)37.4(3PT)81.6(FT)4.4(A)1.3(S)
Eurochal. Av.- 16(G)30.4(M)10.4(PT)39.0(FG)37.3(3PT)84.9(FT)5.1(A)1.2(S)

50.  6' 11"  270  1980  Lithuanian Robertas Javtokas--Zalgiris--Lithuania
Started his pro career in Lithuania with Lietuvos Rytas in 1999. Scored 11,2 pts. per game for Rytas in 2002, using his very good jumping ability to out leap his opponents to many loose rebounds. Robertas had a major motorcycle accident in 2003 and missed the entire season. Joined Greek power Panathinaikos in 2006, but saw limited minutes due to a deep roster and also because of his (Chris Dudley) FT percentage. Moved on to Dynamo Moscow in 2008, and improved his FT percentage from 34% to 55%. Was selected in the 2nd round of the 2001 NBA draft by the Spurs. Recently signed with Russin power Khimki, for the 2010 season. Has a good NBA body and  definite athleticism to play in the league, also a good rebounder who runs the floor well for a big-man, but his chance at an NBA roster is fading away at the age of 29. Signed with Valencia for the 2010-2011 season. Signed with Zalgiris for 2011-12 season.

2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--16(GM)25.4(MN)10.1(PTS)60.0(FG)45.7(FT)6.4(RB)1.2(BLK)
Russia Seas. Avg.-32(GM)19.8(MN)8.7(PTS)67.1(FG)49.4(FT)5.4(RB)0.7(BLK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 36(G)24.0(M)7.8(PT)59.6(FG)53.5(FT)5.8(R)0.5(BK)
Eurol. Av.- 21(G)24.4(M)8.2(PT)57.4(FG)1-2(3PT)41.4(FT)5.3(RB)0.7(BK)

51.  6' 11"  275  1985  Polish
Maciej Lampe--Caja Laboral--Spain
Started his pro career in 2001 playing limited minutes with Spanish power Real Madrid. Was selected with the 30th pick in the 2003 NBA draft by New York. His NBA rights have been traded to Houston, but Maciej spent 3 yrs. on NBA benches, wasting his young talent away in garbage minutes, averaging 3.4 pts. per game. He would have been better served in Greece, Italy or Spain, working on his overall game. Played with Khimki Moscow in 2008-2009, where he was named MVP of the Russian Cup against Euroleague power CSKA Moscow. Recently signed with Israeli power Maccabi for the 2009-2010 season. He is a guy who definately came to the NBA too early, he can run the floor well, is a good rebounder, and can hit the face-up 18 foot jumper. Maciej said in an interview, that when he returns to the NBA, he will play big minutes. Played for Poland at Eurobasket 2009, and is Poland's most versatile player, even more so than Marcin Gortat. Moved to the Russian leaugue to play for Kazan. Had a fine time with UNICS Kazan and signed with ACB squad Caja Laboral for the 2011-12 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--8(GM)16.8(MN)8.0(PTS)44.4(FG)38.9(3PT)90.0(FT)3.8(RB)0.9(AS)
Israel Seas. Avg.-5GM)12.6(MN)6.6(PTS) 56.5(FG)33.3(3PT)100(FT)4.0(REB)0.7(AS)
Russia Av.-19(G)24.5(M)12.0(PT)48.9(FG)38.9(3PT)70.6(FT)5.7(R)
Eu.Cup Rus.-6(G)30.6(M)16.7(PT)48.2(FG)22.2(3PT)87.7(FT)9.5(R)
2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 4(G)31.0(M)19.5(PT)51.7(FG)33.3(3PT)61.9(FT)6.8(R)0.5(B)
Russia Av.- 36(G)28.2(M)18.3(PT)53.0(FG)39.5(3PT)75.7(FT)7.4(R)0.8(B)
Eurocup Av.- 16(G)26.4(M)15.6(PT)56.9(FG)28.6(3PT)87.2(FT)8.1(RB)0.6(BK)

52.  6' 11"  260  1985  Russian Sasha Kaun---CSKA Moscow--Russia
Played college ball at Kansas U., where he was a force defensively in their tournament run. Was selected with the 56th overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft by the Sonics. Signed a 3 yr.contract to play for Russian power, CSKA Moscow at 900,000 euros net income per season. Has good size and mobility to maybe sneak on an NBA roster, but must work on his post-moves. Had a very good 2009-2010 season for CSKA and will keep working on his game in the new 2010-2011 season.
2009-2010 SEASON     
Euroleague Avg.--21(GM)21.9(MN)9.1(PTS)71.3(FG)56.9(FT)4.6(RB)1.0(BLK)
Russia Seas. Avg.-23(GM)24.1(MN)11.2(PTS)71.0(FG)72.2(FT)5.9(RB)0.9(BLK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Russian Av.- 25(G)19.4(M)9.4(PT)76.0(FG)0-1(3PT)57.3(FT)3.6(R)1.2(B)

53.  6' 9"  235  1982  Russian Viktor Khryapa---CSKA Moscow--Russia
Started his pro career with Khimik Engels in 1999, moved on to Avtodor Sartov in 2000 and then transferred to CSKA Moscow from 2002-2004 where he averaged 7 pts. per game and won 2 Russian titles. Was selected with the 22nd pick of the 2004 NBA draft by the Nets, with his rights being dealt to the Bulls. Frustrated by a lack of playing time, Chicago bought out his contract, and Viktor returned to play for CSKA. His is a case of a 6' 9" guy who can do alittle bit of everything and is a glue-guy type of player with CSKA Moscow when he stays healthy.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Av.-22(GM)30.8(M)10.1(PT)53.2(FG)41.8(3PT)68.6(FT)6.4(RB)4.2(AS)
Russia. Av.-27(GM)29.0(M)8.4(PT)43.2(FG)26.9(3PT)66.3(FT)8.5(RB)3.9(AS)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 3(G)18.3(M)3.0(PT)27.3(FG)33.3(3PT)100(FT)5.0(R)2.3(AS)    
Russian Av.- 21(G)25.1(M)8.5(PT)46.0(FG)35.8(3PT)66.7(FT)6.7(R)3.1(A)

54.  6' 1"  185  1978  Slovenian Jaka Lakovic---Galatasaray--Turkey
Started his pro career in Slovenia from 1996 to 2001 with Geoplin Slovan, transferred to Krka Mesto for the 2001-2002 season and then on to Greek power Panathinaikos from 2002 to 2006. Won 4 Greek league titles with Panathinaikos and was named Greek league MVP in 2003 and 2005. Moved to Spanish power FC Barcelona in 2006, and has run the point ever since. I love when people say, he must not be good if he is not in the NBA, Lakovic is a heady tough point guard who deserved an NBA contract over guys like Chris quinn, Travis Diener, Jason Hart and Earl Watson. None of those NBA players could come even close to what Jaka accomplished in Europe. Plays point guard with Ricky Rubio on FC Barcelona, and I think he deserves to be out on the floor in crunch time for his clutch 3's over the 18 yr. old. Helped FC Barcelona take the ACB league title in 2010-11, but signed with Galatasaray in Turkey for the 2011-12 season, where he should get more minutes to show his deep stroke.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--18(GM)12.8(MN)6.1(PTS)41.4(FG)44.2(3PT)88.0(FT)1.1(AS)0.5(ST)
Spain ACB Avg.--33(GM)13.1(MN) 5.3(PTS)39.3(FG)41.6(3PT)76.8(FT)1.5(AS)0.3(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 39(G)13.3(M)5.1(PT)35.0(FG)28.8(3PT)94.5(FT)1.3(A)0.3(S)
Eurol. Av.- 19(G)14.9(M)6.4(PT)42.6(FG)36.5(3PT)64.3(FT)1.9(A)0.2(S)

55.  6' 2"  175  1981  Latvian Kristaps Valters-- Artland Dragons -- Germany
Started his pro career in Latvia, in 1998 and also played in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Germany and Spain playing with Fuenlabrada , teaming up in the backcourt with American Brad Oleson, and having a fine season. Fuenlabrada offered him a 3 yr. contract worth 2 million dollars, but he instead decided to sign with DKV Joventut to take over the point guard duties from Ricky Rubio. Played for Latvia at Eurobasket 2009 and did his best for an undermaned team. He is quick with the ball and has a good pull up 20 ft. jumper, has definite back-up point guard ability for the NBA, but after signing with DKV Joventut it might be too late in his career to give it a try. Moved back to Fuenlabrada for the 2010-2011 season. Signed with Unicaja for the 2011-12 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
EuroCup Avg.--12(GM)18.0(MN)6.8(PTS)42.5(FG)40.5(3PT)87.9(FT)4.7(AS)0.6(ST)
Spain ACB Avg.-33 (GM)19.3(MN)7.5(PTS)40.4(FG)38.3(3PT)85.1(FT)4.3(AS)0.8(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 34(G)21.9(M)10.4(PT)43.0(FG)37.8(3PT)87.0(FT)4.5(A)0.9(S)

56.  6' 10"  225  1991  Montenegro   Nikola Mirotic
--Real Madrid--Spain- Chicago Bulls
Started his pro career in 2006 with Real Madrid junior team and then moved on to the LEB Gold league in Spain to play with Faymasa Palencia. Played at the Nike Hoop Summit and was considered the 2nd best international player at the event behind center Enes Kanter. The time at the LEB Gold level got Nikola ready for the jump to the tough Spanish ACB level with Real Madrid, where he has come off the bench to give good 3 point shooting and instant offense to a deep squad. A face-up power forward in the NBA would be his best position, but at 6'10", he can also score in the paint at times. Taken by the Chicago Bulls in the 2011 NBA draft, but will stay in Europe with Real Madrid until the 2015 season with an extension. Was MVP of the U-20 Euro championships in 2011.
2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.-20(GM)14.5(MN)6.6(PT)50.0(FG)38.7(3PT)85.7(FT)3.3(RB)0.5(BK)
Spain ACB Av.-35(GM)15.9(MN)7.5(PT)50.0(FG)38.6(3PT)87.7(FT)3.5(RB)0.4(BK)

57.  6' 5"  190  1987  French
Nando DeColo---Pamesa Valencia--Spain - SA Spurs
Was the French league MVP for Cholet where he played 3 yrs. Recently signed with Pamesa of the ACB league for the 2010 season. Was selected with in the 2nd round of the 2009 NBA draft by the Spurs. This guy have flair to his game on his nice look away passes, and can get his own shot off the dribble. Could play in NBA right now, but 1 or 2 yrs. with Pamesa should have him more mature and ready to maybe jump in the lineup for an older Ginobili. Played well for France at Eurobasket 2009, hitting a fall away jumper at the buzzer to beat Greece. A nice combo guard who can take his man off the dribble, which is what the Spurs like in both their guards on the court. 
2009-2010 SEASON
EuroCup Avg.--16(GM)29.6(MN)14.1(PTS)45.0(FG)44.1(3PT)80.9(FT)2.4(AS)1.3(ST)
Spain ACB Avg.-33(GM)25.5(MN)13.2(PTS)43.2(FG)38.7(3PT)91.5(FT)2.3(AS)1.2(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 32(G)19.7(M)10.7(PT)48.0(FG)27.0(3PT)92.6(FT)2.1(A)1.0(S)
Eurol. Av.- 19(G)21.0(M)10.1(PT)33.5(FG)27.6(3PT)95.7(FT)1.6(A)1.3(S)

58.  6' 10"  240  1988  Spanish
Victor Claver--- Valencia--Spain - Blazers NBA
Started his ACB career with Valencia in 2006-2007. Was selected with the 22nd pick of the 2009 NBA draft by Portland. He will stay with Pamesa for the upcoming season to make his overall game better for the NBA. He has good ball handling skills for a big man and has a nice 3 pt. shot. He reminds me of a much more athletic Jorge Garbajosa. Was the 12th man at Eurobasket 2009 for Spain where he won gold. Victor has had good moments in the ACB, but he has never competed in the Euroleague,the transition of Jonas Jerebko to the NBA, makes me think, Victor could do fine in the NBA. Is more of a wing player, so on a deep Portland team, with such depth at the wings, does not look good for future  minutes in the NBA. Needs to go to a different NBA roster or else I would stay in Spain and join one of the Spanish powers.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurocup Avg.--18(GM)26.4(MN)8.6(PTS)43.2(FG)31.6(3PT)67.7(FT)5.3(RB)1.7(AS)
Spain ACB Avg.-36(GM)24.8(MN)8.2(PTS)44.9(FG)32.0(3PT)68.8(FT)4.7(RB)1.5(AS)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 26(G)28.2(M)11.0(PT)45.2(FG)39.4(3PT)67.5(FT)4.5(R)1.3(S)
Eurol. Av.- 14 (G)27.4(M)10.9(PT)46.8(FG)35.9(3PT)84.1(FT)4.8(R)1.3(S)

59.  6' 5"  205   Canadian Carl English-- Estudiantes --Spain
Played at Hawaii University and led them to 2 NCAA appearances. Started his pro career in 2000, but went undrafted due to a bad Chicago pre-draft camp. He bounced around the NBA D-League and then moved on to Europe to play with Virtus Bologna, averaging 7.6 pts. per game in the Lega A Italian league. He moved on to play with KK Zadar of Croatia in 2006, where he helped them win the Croatian cup averaging 20 pts. per game. Moved on to the ACB league to play with Gran Canaria and put up big time scoring totals in the ACB, and averaged 15.6 pts. per game in Eurocup play. Carl is a good international player with Canada, who went right at Kobe Bryant in a game as they went back and forth matching each others baskets. English is a fringe NBA player, but with the right team could stick in the league. I am sure he enjoys being one of the main scorers on his team, so it is better to stay in Europe at this stage of his career. Signed with Caja Laboral in the ACB for the 2010 season to team with Brad Oleson. Minutes on a deep Caja Laboral squad were tough so he signed with DKV Joventut for the 2010-2011 season. Had some huge scoring games with DKV Joventut before he got hurt in 2010-11. Signed with Cajasol in Spain for the 2011-12 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--20(GM)22.2(MN)8.2(PTS)38.4(FG)40.2(3PT)68.8(FT)2.6(RB)1.1(AS)
Spain ACB Avg.-38(GM)19.7(MN)9.3(PTS)47.0(FG)41.9(3PT)76.6(FT)2.8(RB)1.0(AS)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 17(G)29.1(M)15.1(PT)44.2(FG)48.3(3PT)75.4(FT)3.9(R)1.9(A)

60.  6' 9"  225  1985  Greek
Giorgios Printezis---Olympiacos --Greece
Started his pro career with Larissa in the Greek A1 league and has played with Greek power Olympiacos. Was selected with the 58th pick of the 2007 NBA draft by the Spurs, with his rights being traded to Toronto. Recently signed a 3 yr. contract with Unicaja in Spain, with an escape clause after the 2nd yr. for the NBA, worth a 3.6 million euros net deal. Giorgios has definite NBA athleticism, that recently did a good job shutting down  Hedo Turkoglu at Eurobasket 2009. He is wirery strong, who can hit the open 3 and loves using his lefthand, much like Carlos Boozer does in the NBA driving to his left. Unicaja should give him more minutes than Greek power Olympiacos, and after 2 good seasons there, he should opt out to join international NBA team Toronto to start his NBA career. Did not get the minutes he thought at Unicaja, resigned with Olympiacos for 2011-12. His NBA rights were traded to the Dallas Mavs.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Av.--12(GM)23.7(MN)11.7(PTS)51.7(FG)42.2(3PT)75.0(FT)4.4(RB)0.8(AS)
Spain Av.-33(GM)20.6(MN)9.8(PTS)49.7(FG)26.7(3PT)81.3(FT)3.2(RB)1.0(AS)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB- 19(G)12.6(M)6.2(PT)44.7(FG)23.3(3PT)82.6(FT)2.1(R)0.1(BK)
Eurol. Av.- 14(G)15.1(M)5.6(PT)38.6(FG)18.2(3PT)68.8(FT)2.7(R)0.1(BK)


61.  6' 7"  210  1980   Czech
Jiri Welsch-- CEZ Nymburk -- Czech Republic
Started his pro career in the Czech Republic in 1998 playing with Sparta Prague, then moved on to the Slovenian league playing with Olimpija and won the MVP of the league for the 2001-2002 season. Was selected with the 16th pick of the 2002 NBA draft by the 76ers, with his rights being traded to the Warriors. He was later traded to Boston where he played 136 games averaging 8.5 pts. per game. In 2006 Welsch returned to Europe to play with Unicaja of the Euroleague. where he averaged 8.5 pts. per game in 21 minutes per game. Jiri's career has been average at best, the only good year ,was the MVP year in Slovenia. He should have went to a better European league, before entering the NBA. Moved to Estudiantes for the 2010-2011 year. Signed with Spirou for 2011-12.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--16(GM)22.9(MN)6.9(PTS)37.4(FG)42.7(3PT)62.5(FT)1.9(AS)1.0(ST)
Spain ACB Avg.-39(GM)19.8(MN)5.9(PTS)43.3(FG)27.4(3PT)65.0(FT)1.7(AS)1.2(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 34(G)18.6(M)5.5(PT)43.9(FG)36.4(3PT)52.9(FT)0.8(A)0.8(S)
Eurocup Av.- 14(G)19.4(M)5.2(PT)42.0(FG)9.1(3PT)45.2(FT)2.4(A)1.5(S)


62.  6' 8"  245  1985   Bosnian Mirza Teletovic---Caja Laboral--Spain - NBA Nets
Started his pro career in Bosnia, with KK Sloboda, where he won a championship, moved on to the Belgian league and won a championship there also. Moved on to the ACB league and signed with Spanish power TAU Ceramica, where his play has progressed ,to become one of the better big man, 3 pt. shooters in Europe averaging 13.6 pts. per game in the Euroleague last season. Has definite 3 pt. shooting ability for the NBA, and could be picked up for an NBA roster spot in future years. Has a Brian Scalabrine type of an NBA game, with much more athleticism, being able to dunk over defenders. Played for Bosnia at Eurobasket 2011.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Av.--20(GM)29.6(MN)14.8(PTS)44.7(FG)43.6(3PT)74.6(FT)4.5(RB)1.2(AS)
Spain Av.-43(GM)29.0(MN)13.3(PTS)45.6(FG)37.7(3PT)80.3(FT)4.0(RB)1.0(AS)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 38(G)31.2(M)14.6(PT)42.8(FG)36.5(3PT)78.1(FT)5.0(R)1.0(A)
Eurol. Av.- 20(G)33.7(M)15.5(PT)41.2(FG)36.0(3PT)67.9(FT)5.5(R)0.8(A)

63.  6' 9"  260  1989   Serbian   Milan Macvan-- Galatasaray-- Turkey
Started his pro career playing with FMP Zelenik in 2007 and moved on to Hemofarm. He also won the U-19 World championship with Sebia, beating a team led by Kevin Durant. He has a nice all-around game with good post moves, he can hit the face-up jumper and also hit some 3 pointers. Made a big name for himself at the 2009 Nike Hoop Summitt, where he led an internatinal squad to a victory and was named the MVP with 23 points, 14 RB. After good time with Hemofarm he recently signed with Maccabi T-A in December to a 5 year deal. Minutes could be split, but the move to the Euroleague will get NBA teams looking much harder. Played with Serbia at Eurobasket 2011.

2010-2011 SEASON
Adriatic L. Av.- 12(G)33.8(M)19.2(PT)55.7(FG)41.4(3PT)77.5(FT)6.8(R)2.8(A)
Hem. Euroleague- 4(G)31.5(M)20.8(PT)62.0(FG)20.0(3PT)76.0(FT)4.5(R)3.0(A)
Eurocup Av.- 5(G)36.8(M)17.0(PT)52.5(FG)25.0(3PT)80.0(FT)8.0(R)3.8(A)
Macc. Euroleague- 12(G)8.4(M)3.5(PT)43.8(FG)20.0(3PT)81.3(FT)1.7(R)0.4(A)
Israeli Av.- 21(G)10.5(M)6.7(PT)58.2(FG)47.1(3PT)88.9(FT)3.0(R)1.1(A)

64.  6' 10"  235  1987   Russian     Andrey Vorontsevich-CSKA Moscow- Russia

Started his pro career in the Russian league with Lokomotiv and after time there he moved on to Russian and Euroleague power CSKA Moscow. Had a tough time getting minutes early in his career with such a deep and veteran team, but with all the skills he brings he has gotten good minutes in 2010-11. He has good size at 6' 10" and can put in on the floor to get to the hoop while also being able to hit the open 3 point shot. Not the defender that Andrei Kirilenko is but the rest of his game reminds me of the Utah player. Has the athleticism to play in the NBA and could get some looks after a good 2010 World championship with Russia. Helped CSKA Moscow to the 2011 PBL Russian title ans signed an extension to stay with them.
2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.-10(G)23,4(M)10.5(PT)52.1(FG)57.1(3PT)69.2(FT)4.3(R)0.3(B)
Russian Av.- 36(G)19.5(M)8.1(PT)49.1(FG)35.6(3PT)62.2(FT)4.4(R)0.5(B)


65.  6' 3"  200  1977   Argentinian Pablo Prigioni---Caja Laboral--Spain -- NBA Knicks
Started his pro career in 1997 in Argentinia with San Nicolas and moved on to Obras Sanitarias where he stayed until 1999. For the 1999-2000 season he moved to the ACB league in Spain to play for Fuenlabrada, where he stayed until 2001. For the 2001-2002 season he joined Alicante until 2003. He then moved on to Spanish power TAU Ceramica where he ran the team as their point guard until 2009, winning an ACB title in 2008. Recently traded to Real Madrid for Brad Oleson, when knew coach Messina arrived. Has been a solid player for the Argentinian national team, who is very good in passing lanes, getting steals, and hits timely 3's off of an old time setshot. Definitely had the ability to play in the NBA, as long as he had scorers around him. Is a coach on the floor, like an Avery Johnson. Left for Caja Laboral in 2011-12, to take the place of Marcelo Huertas.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--20(GM)27.2(MN)7.0(PTS)42.2(FG)32.8(3PT)86.1(FT)4.5(AS)1.5(ST)
Spain ACB Avg.-41(GM)25.2(MN)7.0(PTS)42.0(FG)32.9(3PT)92.9(FT)4.0(AS)2.2(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 18(G)25.1(M)5.4(PT)37.0(FG)34.4(3PT)76.2(FT)3.4(A)1.4(S)
Spain Av.- 31(G)23.3(M)5.8(PT)42.2(FG)37.3(3PT)85.3(FT)3.7(AS)1.1(S)


66.  6' 9"  265  1980   Spanish
Felipe Reyes---Real Madrid--Spain 
Started his pro career with MM Estudiantes in 1998, and played with the ACB team until the 2003-2004 season averaging a high of 15.6 pts. per game and won an ACB title. Felipe moved on to Spanish power Real Madrid for the 2004-2005 season and has been with them ever since. Felipe has an Elton Brand type of game with the 76ers, Felipe can post up smaller forwards with hook shots and can take larger centers off the dribble or hit the face up 16 ft. jumper. He has the offensive ability and does all the dirty work for Real Madrid, which made him ACB league MVP in 2009 and won him the 2007 Spanish playoffs MVP. He is on an NBA caliber team in Real Madrid for the 2009-2010 season, and will be a free-agent at the end of the year. He could give NBA playoff caliber teams a quality 25 minutes per game and should be looked at. Played at Eurobasket 2009, winning a gold medal, and also won a gold at the 2006 world champioships, beating Greece.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.-- 14(GM) 17.3(MN)7.3(PTS)43.2(FG) 78.1(FT) 3.9(RB) 0.1(B)
Spain ACB Avg.- 28(GM)19.8(MN)9.7(PTS)52.2(FG)73.7(FT)5.4(RB)0.2(BLK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 21(G)18.6(M)8.7(PT)42.2(FG)20.0(3PT)83.8(FT)5.5(R)0.2(B)
Spain ACB Av.- 39(G)19.3(M)8.8(PT)42.8(FG)18.2(3PT)76.4(FT)5.1(R)0.3(B)

67.  6' 9"  240  1983  Belgian Axel Hervelle-----Spain-- Biz. Bilbao--
Started his pro career in Belgium with Pepinster for 4 yrs. and won a Belgian title in 2003-2004. Moved on to ACB power Real Madrid where he has played ever since. Was selected with the 52nd pick in the 2005 NBA draft by the Nuggets, his rights were recently traded to the Rockets during the 2009 draft. Axel is an enery guy with length, who looks skinny, but can do damage down low on put backs and lob passes. He can also hit the 3, and played well for Belgium , almost knocking off a deeper French team to qualify for Eurobasket 2009. He is still young enough to make an NBA appearance, but being on a deep Real Madrid team, cuts into his minutes. He might want to be on a mid-level  ACB team to show some of the game he has on the Belgian national team
2009-2010 SEASON
Real Madrid ACB Avg.--7(GM)11.8(MN)1.9(PTS)27.8(FG)23.3(3PT)2-2(FT)2.5(R)
Biz. Bilbao ACB Avg.- 18(GM)23.2(MN)7.8(PTS)44.9(FG)19.1(3PT)80.6(FT)5.1(R)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain Avg.- 39(G)21.1(M)6.7(PT)48.2(FG)23.3(3PT)63.6(FT)5.3(R)

68.  6' 9"  245  1986  Serbian Novica Velickovic---Real Madrid--Spain--
Started his pro career with Partizan and was a big part of the team, as a young member that knocked off , then Euroleague champions Panathinaikos infront of a crazed crowd in Belgrade. In terms of his NBA ability, he does alot of the same things that Andrei Kirilenko does, but with less athleticism. He is a good open 3 pt. shooter, is a good passer, and a hard nosed rebounder and defender. Had a very good Eurobasket 2009, playing with a young Serbian team that took the silver medal. I did not like the fact that he signed with a deep Real Madrid squad, his limited minutes will not be good for his future, a Spanish mid-level team would be better for this all-around talented big man. Did not get great minutes with Real Madrid, but decided to stay with the team in the future anyway resigning with them for 2011-12.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--16(GM)22.0(MN)7.9(PTS)49.6(FG)41.5(3PT)57.3(FT)4.1(RB)1.8(AS)
Spain ACB Avg.-42(GM)22.3(MN)9.9(PTS)55.7(FG)32.2(3PT)70.0(FT)4.8(RB)1.1(AS)
2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 19(G)11.8(M)3.4(PT)41.7(FG)33.3(3PT)46.2(FT)2.8(R)0.5(A)
Spain ACB Av.- 30(G)9.9(M)3.0(PT)41.3(FG)6.3(3PT)74.2(FT)2.6(R)0.6(A)

69.  7' 0"  255  1979  Lithuanian Darjus Lavrinovic-- Zalgiris -- Lithuania
Has played pro ball for Zalgiris in Lithuania, also with UNICS Kazan and Dynamo Moscow of the Russian league. Recently signed a 2 yr. deal with Real Madrid in the ACB league, but the deep roster could limit his minutes. In terms of his NBA ability, his legal troubles have squashed any thought by NBA GM's to bring him over, but he has a face-up jumper, blocks shots and athletically gets up and down the court. He probably would get more minutes on an NBA bench as a big man, rather than what he will receive playing on the deep frontline with Real Madrid. Moved to Turkey to play with Fenerbahce for the 2010-2011 season. Helped Fenerbahce to the Turkish TBL league title in 2011, but signed with CSKA Moscow for 2011-12.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Av.--20(GM)19.4(MN)11.1(PTS)57.7(FG)41.2(3PT)74.7(FT)4.5(RB)0.9(BLK)
Spain Av.-42(GM)17.5(MN)9.5(PTS)54.0(FG)38.0(3PT)71.6(FT)4.2(RB)1.2(BLK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Turkish Av.- 36(G)19.1(M)9.5(PT)47.2(FG)28.2(3PT)75.0(FT)5.5(R)0.7(BK)
Eurol. Av.- 16(G)21.1(M)8.0(PT)42.6(FG)22.6(3PT)77.9(FT)4.4(R)0.9(B)


70.  6' 8"  250  1983  Greek  Kostas Kaimakoglou
-- UNICS -- Russia
Has played pro ball in Greece since 2002, where he started with Near East and moved on to Maroussi from 2004 to 2010. Put together good seasons with Maroussi and was part of the team last year that beat Greek powers Panathinaikos and Olympiacos in the same week. Signed with Panathinaikos in 2010-11, where he can help them with his all out hustle and energy off the bench. He can take the ball to the hoop and dunk on players and is a good spot-up 3 point shooter and a solid rebounder, but he his intangibles is what can help Panathinaikos best. Has been a member of the Greek national team and hopes the move to Panathinaikos will get him a Greek title and a chance at a Euroleague crown. Won his Euroleague title and Greek title with Panathinaikos in 2010-11 and played for the greek national team at Eurobasket 2011.
2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 16(GM)11.2(MN)3.6(PT)37.1(FG)35.3(3PT)89.3(FT)2.7(R)0.6(S)
Greek Av.- 31(GM)16.0(MN)7.0(PT)54.4(FG)36.8(3PT)87.0(FT)4.0(R)1.5(A)


71.  6' 11"  255 1979  Greek
Costas Tsartsaris---Panathinaikos--Greece
Started his pro career in Iceland, where he averaged 20.7 pts. per game, moved back to his native Greece to play for Peristeri for 3 yrs.,averaging 11 pts. in the Euroleague and  11pts. per game in the Greek league, winning a Greek league title in the 2001-2002 season. Moved on to Panathinaikos and has won 5 Greek titles with them and 2 Euroleague crowns where he averaged 8 pts. per game on a deep frontline. Has been a glue guy in the paint, doing alot of the dirty work, who hits big 3 pt. shots and has good post moves, when he is occasionally called upon to show them. Does alot of the things Oberto did on the Spurs, with a deeper jumpshot. A solid pro, who will probably see limited minutes on a deep 2010 Panathinaikos team. Resigned with Panathinaikos for 2011-12 season.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.- 6(GM)12.5(MN)2.8(PTS)35.7(FG)33.3(3PT)100(FT)2.6(RB)0.0(BK)
Greek A1 Avg.- 25(GM)16.1(MN)5.4(PTS)48.9(FG)30.8(3PT)53.4(FT)4.5(RB)0.5(BK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 22(G)15.2(M)5.5(PT)56.0(FG)29.4(3PT)76.7(FT)3.0(R)0.2(BK)
Greek A1 Av.- 33(G)15.1(M)6.1(PT)60.0(FG)35.5(3PT)63.4(FT)3.7(R)0.4(BK)


72.  6' 7"  200  1987  Serbian
Milenko Tepic---Cajasol--Spain
Started his pro career in 2002 with Novi Sad, where he played until 2006. Joined Partizan from 2006 to 2009 and was a big part of the young team that knocked off Panathinaikos in the Euroleague playoffs. Played well at Eurobasket 2009, to win a silver medal, and he is Serbia's best breakdown player off the dribble along with Milos Teodosic. Has a good pull up 12 footer off the baseline as he shakes his man on the dribble. Signed with Greek power Panathinaikos for the 2010 season, but with Spanoulis, Diamantidis and Jasikevicius already on the perimeter, his minutes could be limited, and should have chosen an ACB team instead, to keep his progress moving forward. Got decent minutes in Greek league games, but the move to Spain with Cajasol should bring more of his total offensive game out.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--15(GM)15.3(MN)3.5(PTS)36.5(FG)21.7(3PT)77.8(FT)1.0(AS)0.5(ST)
Greek A1 Avg.- 34(GM)17.2(MN)5.8(PTS)48.6(FG)37.0(3PT)67.3(FT)1.0(AS)0.4(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 17(G)10.2(M)2.8(PT)32.1(FG)14.3(3PT)70.6(FT)0.8(A)0.3(S)
Greek A1 Av.- 34(G)18.8(M)7.4(PT)48.5(FG)40.0(3PT)72.7(FT)2.8(A)0.5(S)


73.  6' 8"  220  1984  Greek
Stratos Perperoglou-- Olimpiacos--Greece
Started his pro career with Ilisiakos in Greece, then moved on to Panionios, where he averaged 11.9 pts. per game shooting 42% from 3 pt. range. Moved on to Panathinaikos and played lesser minutes, at 18 per game, but shot well from 3 pt. range at 45%. He has an ability to post-up smaller 2 guards like Tradjon Langdon, and also has the ability to put it on the floor and get to the rim. He would increase his NBA radar by playing for a lesser Greek team, like Maroussi or Aris. Has good height and length on the perimeter on defense and played well for Greece at Eurobasket 2009 winning a bronze medal. Helped Panathinaikos win the Euroleague and Greek title in 2011-12.
2009-2010 SEASON
Euroleague Avg.--14(GM)20.0(MN)6.4(PTS)52.5(FG)51.8(3PT)84.6(FT)1.8(RB)1.8(ST)
Greek A1 Avg.- 34 (GM)19.2(MN)6.4(PTS)47.6(FG) 35.8(3PT) 72.5(FT)2.1(RB)1.0(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol.Av.- 22(G)17.7(M)7.1(PT)42.4(FG)40.4(3PT)68.5(FT)0.7(A)0.5(S)
Greek A1 Av.- 31(G)19.4(M)9.8(PT)55.2(FG)36.6(3PT)90.2(FT)1.7(A)1.1(S)

74.  7' 0"  255  1976   Slovenian-  Rasho Nesterovic- Olympiacos - RETIRED

Started his pro career playing in Greece playing with PAOK. Moved back to Slovenia to play with Olimpija from 1995 to 1997 and got to the Euroleague Final Four averaging 14.8 points and 8 rebounds. Moved to Italy and won a Euroleague tile playing with teammate Predrag Danilovic. Was selected with the 17th pick of the 1998 NBA draft by the TWolves and played 4 years with them averagind 11 points and 7 rebounds in 2002. Signed a 6 year deal with the Spurs and helped them to their championship run doing much of the dirty work of setting good screens and rebounding. Also played with the Pacers and the Raptors of the NBA before signing with Olympiacos for the 2010-2011 season. Had a tough injury filled year in Greece and decided it was time to retire in 2011.
2009-2010 SEASON
Raptors-09-10-Stats- 41(G)3.9(PT)9.9(M)54.4(FG)20.0(FT)2.1(R)0.4(BK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 20(G)20.3(M)10.9(PT)66.7(FG)65.2(FT)5.4(R)1.0(BK)
Greek Av.- 19(G)17.7(M)9.6(PT)60.2(FG)77.8(FT)4.6(R)0.9(BK)


75.  6' 5"  195  1989  Ukrainian Sergiy Gladyr-- Fuenlabrada --Spain
Started his pro career in the Ukrainian league, averaging 15 pts. per game against older players in the 1st division. Was selected with the 49th pick of the 2009 NBA draft by the Hawks. He is an extreme athlete, who has a fluid shooting motion in his jumpshot. A true 2 guard, that dominated the Ukrainian All-star game, with 24 pts. and 9 assists. Signed with Manresa of the ACB league, in Spain for the upcoming 2010 season, teaming up with Ahmad Nivens of St. Joseph's University. Manresa is a good test, for this young player because it is a high level league, but on his team he should get rotation minutes and in acouple of good years , we should see if he is ready for the Hawks. 
2009-2010 SEASON
Spain ACB Avg.--29(GM)19.3(MN)10.0(PTS)39.3(FG)33.5(3PT)86.7(FT)1.0(AS)0.7(ST)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 31(G)20.2(M)8.3(PT)32.9(FG)34.7(3PT)81.4(FT)1.1(A)0.5(S)

76.  6' 11"  235  1987  Netherlands Dutch
Henk Norel-- CAI Zaragoza --Spain
Started his pro career in Spain, with CB Pratt (The 2nd division team of DKV Joventut), also played with Alicante in 2007-2008 and averaged decent numbers, with this mid-level ACB team at 9.9 pts. per game. Returned to DKV Joventut last yr., but only averaged 3.1 pts. per game in Euroleague competition, and only scored 6.6 pts. per game in ACB play. Was selected with the 47th pick of the 2009 NBA draft by the T-Wolves, he needs a good 2 years of quality ACB minutes,to even consider coming over to the NBA. The T-Wolves might see a Jeff Foster type of player, but I think he needs to get stronger, hoping he regains the form he had at Alicante. Nikola Pekovic should be on the T-Wolves radar and Norel could be, with acouple of quality ACB seasons. 
2009-2010 SEASON
EuroCup Avg.--10(GM)9.9(MN)4.2(PT)54.5(FG)1-1(3PT)55.4(FT)2.4(RB)0.2(BLK)
Spain ACB Avg.-32(GM)12.4(MN) 6.4(PT)63.0(FG)25.6(3PT)63.8(FT)2.2(RB)0.3(BLK)
2010-2011 SEASON
Spain ACB Av.- 16(G)17.8(M)6.4(PT)53.8(FG)20.0(3PT)60.0(FT)4.8(R)0.5(B)

77.  6' 11"  250  1992  Lithuanian  Jonas Valanciunas- Liet. Rytas- Lithuania - NBA Toronto
Started his pro career with Perlas in Lithuania from 2008 to 2010 and moved up to Lietuvos Rytas in 2010. Has been dominating his age group in Europe and the world for years, as he won the U-16 Euro MVP award, the U-18 Euro championship MVP award and this past summer, the U-19 World championship MVP award, as he scored 36 points in the title game for Lithuania over Serbia. At only 19 years of age, Jonas competed in the Euroleague last year against older centers and held his own. Played for Lithuanian senior national team at Eurobasket 2011 and showed some of his promise going for 18 points in a game. Was taken with the 5th pick in the 2011 NBA draft by the Toronto Raptors, as somehow the Cavs did not take him with the 4th pick. Jonas will stay in Europe one more season to play with Lietuvos Rytas and that might be the reason the Cavs let him slide, but with the resume Jonas has put in so far, that pick could come back to haunt the Cavs, who already lost Lebron James. Jonas should get stronger and be more ready for NBA play in 2012-13.
2010-11 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 15(G)14.9(M)7.7(PT)70.8(FG)88.5(FT)5.8(R)0.7(BK)
Lithuania Av.-    33(G)20.6(M)11.5(PT)67.0(FG)78.1(FT)7.3(R)1.8(BK)

78.  6' 9"  220  1987  Slovenian
Emir Preldzic--Fenerbache Ulker--Turkey
Started his pro career in Slovenia, with Kranj, and moved on to Slovan, where he averaged 11.8 pts. per game. Moved on to the Turkish league to play for Fenerbache Ulker and won the championship that same year. Averaged 4.8 pts. per game in Euroleague play that same year. His 2nd year of Euroleague play, he averaged 7.3 pts. per game. Was selected with the 57th pick in the 2009 NBA draft by the Suns, his rights were traded to the Cavs. Has some of the same game, as Turkoglu with good ball handling skills and has nice hesitation dribbles. Has to work on his jumpshot, he has all the point-forward skills to make alot of money, playing for high-level teams in Europe. Played for Turkey at Eurobasket 2011, after helping Fenerbahce to a Turkish title in 2010-11.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Av.--10(GM)24.1(MN)6.8(PTS)36.2(FG)18.9(3PT)67.3(FT)4.3(RB)2.3(AS)
Turkey Av.-41(GM)22.9(MN)10.5(PTS)51.4(FG)44.7(3PT)75.9(FT)4.8(RB)3.3(AS)
2010-2011 SEASON
Turkish Av.- 40(G)24.1(M)10.0(PT)48.1(FG)34.8(3PT)67.8(FT)4.5(R)3.3(A)
Eurol. Av.- 16(G)15.9(M)7.3(PT)49.4(FG)43.8(3PT)67.9(FT)2.4(R)2.3(A)

79.  6' 11"  240  1990   Czechoslavakia- Jan Vesely- Partizan-- Wash. Wizards
Started his pro career in the Czech Republic with Geoplin Slovan and moved on to Adriatic and Serbian power Patizan, where he has become one of the most exciting young players on the break with tremendous dunks. Reminds me alot of Kirilenko of the Jazz with his length and versatilityand his ability to hit the deep 3 pointer. Decided not to go for the 2010 NBA draft, but with another good Euroleague tear he should be a top 10 NBA pick at the 2011 NBA draft. Had a very good year for Partizan in 2010-11 and was the 6th pick in the 2011 NBA draft by the Washington Wizards. Should be a good fit with John Wall, as he can get up and down the court and slam over defenders in Blake Griffin type of fashion. Also could be compared to Tom Chambers with his highlight dunks.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 22(G)8.4(PT)24.0(M)55.0(FG)40.0(3PT)62.5(FT)4.9(R)1.4(A)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 15(G)26.5(M)10.1(PT)53.6(FG)35.7(3PT)44.4(FT)3.6(R)1.1(A)
Adriatic Av.- 26(G)23.1(M)10.3(PT)61.1(FG)28.2(3PT)54.2(FT)4.4(R)1.3(A)
Serbian Av.- 19(G)21.7(M)11.8(PT)57.9(FG)33.3(3PT)40.0(FT)5.3(R)1.5(A)

80.  6' 7"  215  1989   Croatian-- Bojan Bogdanovic--Fenerbahce-Turkey--
He is a young small forward who had a good year last season for Cibona playing in Adriatic and Euroleague play. He has a fluid jump-shot and his body type and shooting ability remind me of a younger Peja Stojakovic in some way. He can also put the ball on the floor and get his own shot and is a good passer. He had decent defensive ability and showed well at the 2010 World championship playing for Croatia averaging 11.7 points per game against more older players. In 2010-2011 he will be a bigger scorer for Cibona with the loss of Jamont Gordon and Marko Tomas and has gotten off to a hot start in early games. Had a great scoring year in 2010-11 season and was taken by the Nets in the 2011 NBA draft with the 1st pick of the 2nd round, but will stay in Europe to play with his new club in 2011-12 Fenerbace. Played with Croatia at Eurobasket 2011.
2009-2010 SEASON
Eurol. Av,- 15(G)8.1(PT)23(M)43.6(FG)38.7(3PT)43.5(FT)2.9(R)0.5(A)
Adriatic Av.- 25(G)8.1(PT)23.6(M)42.8(FG)34.0(3PT)66.5(FT)2.3(R)0.9(A)
2010-2011 SEASON
Eurol. Av.- 10(G)35.0(M)18.0(PT)41.1(FG)30.9(3PT)76.5(FT)3.5(R)1.8(A)
Adriatic Av.- 24(G)35.0(M)18.9(PT)45.2(FG)34.1(3PT)74.5(FT)3.9(R)2.5(A)
Croatian Av.- 17(G)33.0(M)20.1(PT)46.2(FG)36.0(3PT)85.8(FT)4.6(R)2.6(A)

81.  6' 11"  280  1985   Greek-- Ian Vougioukas-- UNICS -- Russia
Started playing his college ball at St. Louis University, where he played in the Atlantic 10 and became a 1st team conference selection averaging 13.9 points and 7.4 points. Put up a 28 point game against Dayton University. Was born in London England and has been a member of the Greek national junior teams and has also made the senior national team. Has played in Greece with Rethymno, Olympiacos and Panelinios, where he put up good numbers with 13.5 points and 5.9 rebounds last season, so Greek power Panathinaikos gave him a big 2 year contract. Has good size and beef to set good picks for the Panathinaikos guards and can help with rebounding and can do a good job inside. The time in the United States with St. Louis helped his game progress and is still young enough to get even better.

2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 21(G)8.0(M)4.3(PT)55.0(FG)64.9(FT)1.2(R)0.4(B)
Greek Av.- 35(G)14.2(M)8.1(PT)65.6(FG)0-5(3PT)82.5(FT)2.8(R)0.5(B)

82.  6' 7"   225   1984   Greek- Kostas Vasiliadis-- Bizkaia Bilbao- Spain
Started his pro career with PAOK in 2000 and played with the Greek club until 2006. Moved on to Unicaja in Spain in 2006-07 and then went to Greek power olympiacos in 2007-08. Rejoined PAOK for 2008-09 and then went to the Italian league and Spanish league for 2009-10. Signed with ACB Spanish club Bizkaia Bilboa for the 2010-11 season and is giving them good scoring punch, with his good 3 point stroke. Kostas is still young enough to give the Greek national team some of that good 3 point shooting and should be looked at to loosen up the zone defenses that teams have thrown at them in recent events. Kostas did make the 2011 Greek national team and had some good 3 point shooting games at Eurobasket 2011.

2010-2011 SEASON
Spain Avg.- 42(G)16.3(M)8.9(PT)36.3(FG)34.0(3PT)89.5(FT)2.2(R)1.4(A)

83.  6' 3"   185  1983  Brazilian- Marcelihno Huertas- FC Barcelona- Spain
Started his pro career in Brazil in 2002 with Paulistano, moved to the Spanish ACB league with DKV Joventut from 2004 to 2007. Also played with Bizkaia Bilbao in Spain, then went to the Italian league with Bologna in 2008-09. Rejoined the ACB league with Caja Laboral in 2009 where he has stayed as the main point-guard and helped Caja Laboral upset Spanish power FC Barcelona for the ACB title in 2009-10. He is a crafty point-guard that has gotten better in his older 20's and could be a nice pickup for some NBA teams. Played for Brazil in the 2010 World championship and played well in their close loss to team U.S.A controlling the tempo and playing nice defense on Derrick Rose, also had a big 32 point game against Argentina. A leader on the court and does not mind taking late game shots. Moved from Caja Laboral to FC barcelona for the 2011-12 season to take over for the NBA loss of Ricky Rubio. Helped Brazil gain an Olympic berth at the 2012 London games with their 2nd place finish at FIBA Americas this summer in Argentina.

2010-2011 SEASON
Spain Av.- 39(G)28.4(M)9.9(PT)49.8(FG)43.2(3PT)87.3(FT)5.9(A)0.7(S)
Euroleague Av.- 20(G)28.2(M)10.3(PT)46.0(FG)44.2(3PT)86.5(FT)5.6(A)0.8(S)

84.  6' 8"  225  1990   Greek- Kostas Papanikolaou- Olympiacos- Greece
Started his pro career in Greece with Aris in 2008-09, then joined Greek power Olympiacos in 2009-10 and still plays for them. Papanikolaou won a Gold medal with Greece in the 2009 European U-20 championship and was named MVP of the event. He is a left handed player that can put the ball on the floor and get to the basket and also hit the Euroleague 3 pointer. Got the starting assignment of guarding Lebron James in Cleveland during a preseason game with Olympiacos and did a decent job and did not look overwhelmed. Had a 17 point game this season in the Euroleague, but minutes on this deep roster are tough to come by for a young player. Wil continue to work in the summer to get more consistent minutes with Olympiacos and could be on NBA teams radar. Played with the Greek national team at Eurobasket 2011 and had some fine moments.

2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 16(G)13.1(M)3.9(PT)44.8(FG)43.5(3PT)64.7(FT)3.1(R)0.3(A)
Greek Av.- 30(G)16.4(M)5.7(PT)50.0(FG)20.9(3PT)63.4(FT)3.6(R)0.9(A)

85. 6' 3"   185  1982  Spanish- Rafael Martinez- Valencia- Spain
Started his pro career in 1999 with Manresa and also played with Club Basket Vic and CB Valls and returned to Manresa. Joined Valencia in 2008 and was part of the Eurocup title team. Has become a big-time 3 point shooter in the Spanish ACB league and was invited to the 24 man tryout roster for the 2010 Spanish national team. Is putting up good numbers with Valencia in Euroleague and ACB play in 2010-11 and sort of has a J.C Navarro type of game, with the same body type and good 3 point shot, but without the floaters that only Navarro has mastered.
2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 21(G)28.5(M)10.7(PT)41.8(FG)38.3(3PT)76.9(FT)2.1(R)1.6(A)
Spain Av.-      36(G)27.4(M)14.0(PT)52.7(FG)50.3(3PT)83.2(FT)2.3(R)1.8(A)

86.  6' 9"   230  1983  Serbian- Dusko Savanovic- Anadolu Efes- Turkey
Started his pro career in Serbia with FMP in 2003-04 and moved to Borac in 2004-05 and then moved back to FMP in 2005-06. Played in Russia with UNICS Kazan from 2006-08 and then moved to the Spanish ACB league from 2008-10 with Cajasol. Moved to Valencia in 2010-11 and has hit some big shots at the buzzer for Valencia in their Euroleague push and in ACB play. Has the ability to hit the deep 3 point shot and can also put it on the floor to get to the rim on the right defender. Was part of Serbia's national team that beat Spain in Turkey, and in an interview he said Serbia had the ability to beat team U.S.A. Part of the young Serbian squad that could meet up with team U.S.A at the 2012 Olympics in England. Had a good year with Valencia in 2010-11, leading them to the Euroleague playoffs, but signed with Efes Pilsen in Turkey for the 2011-12.

2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 21(G)24.7(M)11.9(PT)45.3(FG)36.5(3PT)85.1(FT)4.5(R)1.0(A)
Spain Av.-     36(G)24.0(M)11.4(PT)43.5(FG)38.5(3PT)84.2(FT)5.3(R)1.2(A)

87.  7' 2"   260   1987   Croatian-  Ante Tomic- Real Madrid- Spain
Started his pro career in 2004 with KK Zagreb in Croatia and played with them until 2009. Was the 44th pick in the 2008 NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz, and he has put some weight on in recent years and is called the Croatian Pau Gasol, because of the similar long body type, with similar good post moves in the paint. Signed a 3 year deal with Real Madrid of the Spanish ACB league in 2010, so his NBA path may have to wait, but at 27 years old when the deal is up, his body could be more ready for NBA play. Did a good job for Croatia at the 2010 World championship in Turkey and continues to draw double teams in the paint of ACB and Euroleague games.

2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 23(G)20.6(M)9.9(PT)50.3(FG)66.7(FT)5.3(R)0.6(B)
Spain Av.-      38(G)19.3(M)10.1(PT)56.4(FG)65.3(FT)4.3(R)0.6(B)

88.  7' 1"   245   1986   Croatian- Stanko Barac- Anadolu Efes- Turkey
Started his pro career in Bosnia with Siroki Prima in 2005-07 and moved to the Spanish ACB League with Valencia and Tau Ceramica in 2007. He rejoined TAU, Caja Laboral and signed a contract extension until 2015. Was drafted by the Miami Heat in the 2007 NBA draft but his rights were traded to the Pacers. Has improved rapidly with Caja Laboral, can stick the open 15 foot shot and also post-up well with his 7' 1" frame. Played well in 2 preseason games against the Grizzlies and the Spurs and could help the Pacers or other NBA squads with center minutes. After a good year in Spain, Barac signed in Turkey for the 2011-12 season with the deep roster of Anadolu Efes.

2010-2011 SEASON
Euroleague Av.- 20(G)21.9(M)11.4(PT)58.0(FG)5-8(3PT)72.7(FT)5.3(R)1.0(BK)
Spain Av.-     36(G)23.6(M)11.9(PT)54.0(FG)44.4(3PT)73.1(FT)7.0(R)1.1(BK)

89.  6' 6"  230   1992   Italian- Alessandro Gentile- Benetton- Italy

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