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Wednesday, 19 January 2011 14:01

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EUROJOHNBBALL- Ersan, you were red hot vs. Greece in the 1st half at the 2010 World championships, but the coaching staff did not start you in the 3rd quarter, what was up with that?
That was a really big game and win for Turkey, It was just a misunderstanding between myself and the coahing staff at halftime.

EUROJOHNBBALL- If Mehmet Okur was available for Turkey, I think he could have helped you with his ability to stroke the deep 3 pointer, opening the lane up for you and Hedo Turkoglu, what is your thought on that?
Yes he would, but the younger guys like Semih Erden, who is playing in Boston and Omer Asik of Chicago, played well for us.
EUROJOHNBBALL- Yes, I like the way Asik can block shots and thought he might get more minutes with the loss of Noah due to injury.
I think he and Erden will both be fine, it is just their 1st year.

EUROJOHNBBALL- I think the time you spent with FC Barcelona helped your game when you came back to the NBA. Some young guys come to the NBA too young and I think time in the better Euro leagues really help. Most NBA teams pay attention to the young European players that are available at draft time, but guys who get better at an older age like Dimitris Diamantidis or Ioannis Bourousis are not looked at with as much vigor, that is why I put up my site, to make NBA teams aware of older guys like Gary Neal who can help NBA teams right away after spending time in Europe. What are your thoughts of that?
Yes the time in Spain helped me and there are many older players that could help NBA teams, but it is a different game, I look at Vassilis Spanoulis and think he could help.

EUROJOHNBBALL- You say it is a different game, I agree in Europe teams feed the post  and play inside-out more. I think a center like Lazaros Papadopoulos or Oguz Savas could help a team with post play for 20 to 25 minutes a game just like Zaza Pachulia does in Atlanta.
Yes they both have very good post-games and Savas is a very good friend of mine and was hoping to get a look from an NBA team when he was draft eligible.

EUROJOHNBBAL- I enjoy when 2 nations play the most and try to make American media outlets aware of the summer events like the World championships and the Fiba Americas and Eurobaskets, but they and the fans would rather talk baseball or football training camp. Are you playing in Lithuania for Turkey this year and who will be the primary point-guard?
We go with Ender Arslan and Kerem Tunceri mostly at the point and yes I will play with Turkey in Lithuania and look forward to it.

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