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Sunday, 06 March 2011 12:27

                         PEKOVIC VIDEO                        PEKOVIC VIDEO
When you played with Panathinaikos in Greece, you played with Greek guard Dimitris Diamantidis, I wanted to get your opinion of him as a player and how you think he would have done if he decided to come to the NBA.
NIKOLA PEKOVIC- Yeah he just never had a wish to come over to play here. He is a smart player, probably he would make it good because he is a smart player, he is good at defense, he can score the open shot, and he got a low-post game and for a guy, he is tall I think he is 6 something, I think he would succeed to play here.
Another guy you played with on Panathinaikos was Mike Batiste, he left the NBA and you and Mike would split the minutes at center and you and him would have the advantage on most teams in Europe at the center spot, with you being a bull in the paint and him with his ability to jump over defenders.
NIKOLA PEKOVIC- Yes it was nice, it was really nice. Mike was a great guy, it was really nice, you know playing with him because, we got an answer for everything. If somebody was strong then I was down there, if somebody was jumping then Mike was jumping higher. He was a really playing great especially the first year when we won 3 titles, the Greek cup and the championship and the Euroleague, he was a great teammate also.
               VELICKOVIC VIDEO                                VELICKOVIC VIDEO
How about when you played with Partizan and you helped knock Panathinaikos out of the playoffs, you played with Novica Velickovic, who was really coming on, but he went to Real Madrid and his minutes are not good there right now.
NIKOLA PEKOVIC- Yes Velickovic, he is my really good friend and we speak a lot and he said to me, the 1st year they really want me to come to Real Madrid and the first year he play sometimes, you know, but for now they mostly try to play him at position 3, but it is not really his best position, he is mostly a 4 position guy and now he is not even playing, maybe some games he is playing acouple minutes.
              RUBIO VS. USA VIDEO                            RUBIO VIDEO
What do you think of a guy like Ricky Rubio, maybe coming over and playing for the Twolves next year. Do you think he will come over, did you ever talk about it with him when you were playing with Panathinaikos?
NIKOLA PEKOVIC- No, I never talked to him about the NBA, about coming over to the NBA. I do not know what is going to happen, they say he is coming, but still you know, until we don't see him, you know we do not know. Still he is a good player, we will see, 1st of all he is great on defense, you know quick hands and everything on steals, pick and roll, he can do many good things.
                                  PEKOVIC VS. ITALY VIDEO
I know you play with Montenegro on your national team are you going to play with them in Lithuania this summer at Eurobasket and I wanted to ask you of your game last summer against Italy, where you had a big game.
NIKOLA PEKOVIC- Yes, I will play at Eurobasket and that was nice it was in my hometown, so it was nice, it was crowded,  they have really good players.
                                     TSARTSARIS VIDEO
When you played with Panathinaikos, you played with who I call, a glue-guy in Kostas Tsartsaris, what was your opinion on his game?
NIKOLA PEKOVIC- Yes, he is the perfect 4 guy, he is long and he does alot of the work nobody wants to do and he is long and a 4 guy and he has quick feet and he can post-up and hit the deep shot, still he is really good.

                                   NBA RESULTS SATURDAY MARCH 5
             LOPEZ VIDEO            BARGNANI VIDEO       VUJACIC VIDEO
1. Nets 137 Raptors 136-
The NBA played their 1st regular season games in Europe with the Nets taking both from the Raptors in London, England. The 2nd game was a triple overtime game with the Nets winning by 1 point. The Nets were led in scoring by center Brook Lopez with 34 points and was helped by Slovenian guard Sasha Vujacic with 25 points. The Raptors were led by Italian big-man Andrea Bargnani with 35 points.

2. Wizards 103 Twolves 96                 3. Rockets 112 Pacers 95
4. Jazz 109 Kings 102                           5. Blazers 93 Bobcats 69
6. Clippers 100 Nuggets 94

1. Andrea Bargnani- Italian L.-  35(PT)
2. Sasha Vujacic- Italian L-        25(PT)47(M)7-16(FG)6-9(3PT)5-6(FT)5(R)3(A)
3. Luis Scola- Sp. ACB L.-           16(PT)27(M)7-15(FG)0-0(3PT)2-4(FT)7(R)2(BK)
4. Andrei Kirilenko- Russian L.- 16(PT)33(M)6-10(FG)0-1(3PT)4-5(FT)5(R)2(BK)
5. Beno Udrih- Slovenian L.-       16(PT)43(M)8-16(FG)0-2(3PT)0-0(FT)6(A)1(S)
6. Nikola Pekovic- Greek L.-        13(PT)26(M)6-7(FG)0-0(3PT)1-2(FT)8(R)1(A)
7. Goran Dragic- Slovenian L.-    12(PT)19(M)5-11(FG)1-3(3PT)1-1(FT)5(A)2(S)

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