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Friday, 28 January 2011 01:38

When you first came to the NBA you were skinnier and some All-Star players with great offensive skills would try to take you down low and post you up and you would make them take you outside instead. Guys like an older Michael Jordan with the Wizards, Grant Hill and Kobe Bryant, you really did a great job in the post on them, was in because of your length, jumping ability, footwork, or did you study film on them.
KIRILENKO- Well you know every team in the NBA has somebody that is a star on their team that are playing well and I always say it is a different ballgame, you can guard him good one game but the 2nd game he can score 30, 40 points. It is just a matter of percentage, all you can do with those players is try to bring their percentage down AND PLUS KOBE BRYANT IS 6'6" AND I AM 6'9", IT IS PRETTY TOUGH FOR HIM TO POST ME UP. But give those guys credit, they are such great players, it is not just the post-up, they can score from any other position on the court. 
I wanted to ask you if you saw a player named Nick Galis play in Europe, Nick is in the FIBA Hall of Fame and would put up big scoring numbers when he would go up against guys like Drazen Petrovic and the Russian team with Arvydas Sabonis, he would score 40 to 45 points. Why is it that a guy with such legend in Europe can not get in the Naismith Hall of Fame?
KIRILENKO- I agree alot of players let's say from last generation European players, they deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, it is just a matter of American recognition rather than European recognition. We all know about those players they deserve to be in, guys like NICK GALIS, ARVYDAS SABONIS, OSCAR SCHMIDT, EVEN DEJAN BODIROGA THEY BROUGHT SO MUCH ATTENTION TO BASKETBALL.  They were a great example for me and my game.  I THOUGHT DEJAN BODIROGA WAS NOT FAST OR A SHARPSHOOTER BUT HE WAS PROBABLY THE SMARTEST PLAYER I EVER SAW PLAY THE GAME.
                      JEFFERSON VIDEO                  BOOZER VIDEO
The Jazz picked up Al Jefferson in the off-season and though he plays the same power forward spot as Carlos Boozer, do you think Al can help you guys more because of his size, if the Jazz come up against a long team like the Lakers in the playoffs with Gasol, Bynum and Odom?
KIRILENKO- Well you know, I think they are 2 different players, even though they play the same position, each guy has their own pluses and minuses to their games, but we are playing well right now, so we will see.
                      HOLDEN VIDEO
EUROJOHNBBALL- When you were MVP at the 2007 Eurobasket in Spain with Russia, a player that ran your team from the point-guard spot was J.R Holden, what was that like having Holden on the team?
KIRILENKO- Well the national team is alittle different system than CSKA Moscow, but he is such a great player, he was a big addition to us.
                     PAPALOUKAS VIDEO                  
When you and Russia played Greece at the 2007 Eurobasket, a guy you went up against was Theo Papaloukas. I thought if he came to the NBA, a good team would have been Dallas the year after their NBA Finals loss. What do you think his impact would have been in the NBA?
KIRILENKO- I think in his prime-time he would be a great addition to almost any NBA team and when he was playing really well, he was one of the smartest point-guards that I know. Definately I think alot of European players who play at the highest European level could have key roles on NBA teams. You see alot of examples, like Manu Ginobili who played with Kinder Bologna, he is now in the starting lineup and he is an All-star. There are alot of players who could shine in NBA, but they prefer to stay in Europe in their own countries, I understand that they are comfortable there, with the culture.

                                      NBA RESULTS THURSDAY Jan. 27
1. Knicks 93 Heat 88         2. Mavs 111 Rockets 106       3. Celtics 88 Blazers 78

1. Luis Scola- Sp. ACB L.-         30(PT)
2. Danilo Gallinari- Italian L.-     20(PT)31(M)5-15(FG)3-7(3PT)7-10(FT)4(R)2(A)
3. Dirk Nowtzki- German L.-      18(PT)34(M)7-16(FG)1-2(3PT)3-4(FT)2(R)2(BK)
4. Rudy Fernandez- Sp. ACB L.- 11(PT)34(M)4-11(FG)2-3(3PT)1-1(FT)5(A)3(S)

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