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You can contact John through email:

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  • Tyreek42
    Wanting to know if you players get jobs.
  • Tyreek42  - re:
    Wanting to know if you help players get jobs.
  • JOSIAH  - appeal
    hello coach, its my pleasure meeting u. it will really be my pleasure to be part of ur basketball team. i love basketball with a strong passion and it has always being my dream to take this beautiful game of my life to places. basketball is my life and not my job, in my life i live for only two tins and its God and basketball.am 6"4 feet tall, weigh 175 pounds and my wing span is 6"5. my vertical leap is 23", APG 22, Rebounding 8, Assist 9, blocks 4 and steals 2. am a team player and a well discipline and tactical player who plays his heart out when on court and fellows the instructions of his coach. i believe in team work and defense cos my coach has always told me that defense is the game in basketball. am very aggressive on both my defense and offense. this is not to say i don't have some shot coming in the game. i do have but i don't let my short coming control me but i rather control it. Am part of our countries under 17 national team, and am the captain of my commu...
  • DMarques94
    Hello my name is Davion i was wondering how dose this work
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