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Wednesday, 28 April 2010 12:01

                             RAY ALLEN VIDEO
1. CELTICS 96 HEAT 86--
The Celtics finished off the series, winning 4-1 and move on to play the Cavs in the second round. Boston was led by Ray Allen with 24 points, on 9-15 FG, 5-6(3PT) and by Paul Pierce with 21 points, on 8-13 FG. Rajon Rondo also helped with 16 points, 12 assists and 8 rebounds. Dwayne Wade led Miami with 31 points and 10 assists in 45 minutes, but got little help from the rest of his team. The 2 point guards did a decent job, as Carlos Arroyo went 4-4 on FG, when he was not chasing Ray Allen around off screens and Mario Chalmers had 20 points off the bench. Dorell Wright needed to have a big game for Miami to have a chance, he shot only 1-5 FG, 0-2(3PT), and Quentin Richardson had to have a hot game from 3 point land, to keep the perimeter oriented Heat in the game, he only shot 2-8 FG, 0-3(3PT), on the tough Boston defense. The Heat need a legit post scorer to help Wade and the rest of the perimeter Heat players next year, as Jermaine O'Neal gets the ball on the block, only to settle for face-up jumpers, that did not fall in the series. Michael Beasley has the talent to do it, but needs to get that high school and college mentality back of thinking nobody can stop him.
                        LEBRON JAMES VIDEO
2. CAVS 96 BULLS 94-- The Cavs finish the series 4-1 and will meet the veteran Celtics in round two. The Cavs were led by Antawn Jamison with 25 points, on 8-14 FG, 3-7(3PT) and by their superstar Lebron James, who had another great all around game with 19 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists. The second round against the Celtics will have aliittle bit of a question mark, as Lebron hurt his shooting elbow lete in the game. As his elbow heals, James will need other perimeter guys, like Parker, Williams and Moon to step up against the Celtics, as he will be more of a setup guy early in the series. The Bulls were led by Derrick Rose with 31 points and 6 assists and Luol Deng had a good game he can build on for next season, with 26 points, while playing good defense on Lebron James. The Bulls need a post-up center next year, so they can move Noah over to the power forward. A trade for T-Wolves 2nd round pick and Panathinaikos center Nikola Pekovic would be a good move for the Bulls to get a guy who can do damage down low.
                          CARON BUTLER VIDEO
3. MAVS 103 SPURS 81-- The Mavs keep their chances alive in the series, as they win to push the series to 3-2 and try to bring a game 7 back to Dallas. Caron Butler led the Mavs with 35 points and 11 rebounds, on 12-24 FG. German national team player Dirk Nowitzki helped with 15 points and 9 rebounds of this blowout game. Dirk will have to bring his A game to game 6, along with Butler and the rest of the Mavs, as the Spurs will look at this video and make adjustments to try to finish off the Mavs. French point guard, Tony Parker led the Spurs with 18 points and 6 assists. I know Manu Ginobili will show up in game 6, but it all depends on what Tim Duncan gives the Spurs inside to free up the 3 point game of Hill, Bonner, Jefferson, Ginobili and Parker. The home crowd should also give Dejuan Blair some enery in game 6.
                            PAU GASOL VIDEO
4. LAKERS 111 THUNDER 87-- The veteran Lakers took a 3-2 lead over the young Thunder and were led by Spanish big-man Pau Gasol with 25 points and 11 rebounds in 30 minutes of play, on 10-16 FG. The smaller Jeff Green has little chance of stopping the bigger and longer Gasol, without a double team and the Lakers need to go to that matchup early in game 6 to slow the fast-break Thunder down, into a half-court game using the size of Gasol and Bynum to take the loud crowd out of the game. Andrew Bynum also had a good game using his length over Nenad Krstic to shoot 8-10 FG for 21 points. The Thunder were led by Kevin Durant with 17 points, but again took too many jump shots for me, shooting 5-14 FG. Russell Westbrook was also held down, as Kobe Bryant took the job of guarding the young speedy guard, and held him to 15 points, on 4-13 FG with 8 TO. Westbrook is a killer in a fast-break game, but with Kobe on him, instead of Fisher, the slower inside game of the Lakers hurt what Westbrook can do. The Thunder need longer players, to deal with the Lakers, a guy that could help them next year is FC Barcelona forward, and Orlando Magic 1st round pick Fran Vazquez who has the length to deal with Gasol. The Thunder also need a post-up center to free the jump shooting Durant up for better looks at the 3 point shot.

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Tuesday, 27 April 2010 03:18

                             PIETRUS VIDEO
1. MAGIC 99 BOBCATS 90--
The Magic win game 4 and sweep the series 4-0, as they were led by Jameer Nelson with 18 points and Vince Carter had 21 points. Dwight Howard played big in the middle as he went for 13 rebounds, but again was in foul trouble, fouling out in 23 minutes. Marcin Gortat went for 6 points at center, on 3-5 FG in 24 minutes of play. The Magic bench was also helped by French swing-man Mickael Pietrus with 13 points in 18 minutes on 3-6 from behind the arc. The Magic will need Pietrus in the upcoming Eastern conference series in order for them to advance. When he gives them instant offense they are tough to beat. The Bobcats were led by Tyrus Thomas with 21 points off the bench. The Bobcats shot 5-19(3PT), while the Magic hit on 13-33(3PT). Stephen Jackson gave the Bobcats a lift after the trade, but had a tough series, in shooting and turnovers. The lack of a post-up center hurt the Bobcats, as they went with 2 older guys in Ratliff and Mohammed, and energy guy Tyson Chandler. The Bobcats have good shooters, but would be helped with a post-up center to get better looks at the basket, going inside-out. Two veteran guys from Europe that could help them inside would be Aleks Maric, from Partizan and Lazaros Papadopoulos of PAOK.
                          DELFINO VIDEO
2. BUCKS 111 HAWKS 104-- The Bucks tie the series up at 2-2, as they were led by John Salmons with 22 points in 42 minutes of play, and also got good games from their former European league players. Italian league point guard Brandon Jennings went for 23 points and 6 assists, on 9-16 FG. Former Italian and Russian league player, Carlos Delfino went for 22 points, on 8-14 FG, 6-8(3PT). Young Turkish player, Ersan Ilyasova had 11 points and 5 rebounds in 19 minutes, and seldom used big-man Dan Gadzuric came in to give the Bucks good minutes of energy against the athletic Hawks. The Hawks were led by Joe Johnson with 29 points in 46 minutes. Game 5 will be back in Atlanta.
                     FERNANDEZ VIDEO
3. SUNS 107 BLAZERS 88-- The Suns take a 3-2 lead in the series, as they were led by Channing Frye with 20 points and 8 rebounds, on 7-11 FG in 27 points of play. Jared Dudley also came off the bench for 19 points, on 5-9(3PT), and the 2 main men of the Suns Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire also played well, Nash went for 14 points and 10 assists, while Stoudemire scored 19 points on 7-11 FG. Slovenian guard, Goran Dragic had 7 points and 5 assists in 20 minutes. The Blazers were led by Andre Miller with 21 points, on 6-12 FG. Spanish guard  Rudy Fernandez, once again had a quiet game, going 0-1 for thr game in 15 minutes of play. The Blazers have been a bad fit for Fernandez, who came to the NBA as an aggressive shooting guard that could hit an open 3 pointer, but also had the ability to shake guys from the top of the key for athletic layups and dunks. I believe it has become a mental thing with Rudy, because he is a Jason Kapono or Kyle Korver type of player in the Blazers offense, who stands in the corner waiting for an open 3 point shot, as Brandon Roy does his thing at the top of the key. The same thing happened to Vasillis Spanoulis, when he went to the Houston Rockets. The life in Rudy's game that people saw in his last year of the ACB, playing for DKV Joventut and the assassin at the 2008 Olympics has been taken away in the Blazers system and a trade in the offseason is needed to bring that energetic player back. A good fit would be the  Philadelphia 76ers.

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Sunday, 25 April 2010 11:25

                             DURANT VIDEO
1. THUNDER 110 LAKERS 89--
The young Thunder tied the series up at 2-2 and were led by Kevin Durant with 22 points, on 6-12 FG and 9-11 FT. Russell Westbrook kept his good play up by scoring 18 points, on 6-11 FG. The Thunder got a lift off the bench by James Harden with 15 points and Eric Maynor with 13 points. Kobe Bryant was a set-up guy in the 1st quarter and for most of the game as he only went 5-10 on FG attempts, winding up the game with 12 points. The Lakers need more from Ron Artest in the series, who was 2-9 on FG for 5 points in the game. The long series could be a problem for the Lakers, for later series, if thr older Lakers can knock off this young Thunder team. The Thunder must continue to push the ball.
                            NELSON VIDEO
2. MAGIC 90 BOBCATS 86-- The Magic take a 3-0 lead in the series, as they were led by Jameer Nelson with 32 points in 38 minutes, on 12-21 FG and 5-9(3PT). Dwight Howard had 13 points, 8 rebounds and 7 blocked shots to shut down the paint for the Magic. Stephen Jackson, who came over in a trade that helped with scoring, had a bad shooting day, 6-18 FG and 1-7 from 3 point range. Tha Bobcats needed a big day from him and Gerald Wallace to try to stay in the series. The 4 perimeter guys for the Bobcats, Diaw, Jackson, Felton and Wallace shot 3-17 from 3 point land and need better outside shooting to beat the Magic.
                           ALDRIDGE VIDEO
3. BLAZERS 96 SUNS 87-- The Blazers tied the series at 2-2, as they got a huge lift with the return of their best player Brandon Roy, who played 26 minutes and shot 4-10 on FG for 10 points. The news of the return might have got Lamarkus Aldridge up, as he went for 31 points and 11 rebounds, on 11-14 FG and 9-11 FT. The Suns were led by Amare Stoudemire with 26 points, and the Blazers held Jason Richardson down from 42 points last game, to 15 points on 6-16 FG, 2-8(3PT). With Roy back, this could be a long series that the Suns were not anticipating.
                          SALMONS VIDEO
4. BUCKS 107 HAWKS 89-- The Bucks won the game and now the Hawks have a 2-1 lead , with game 4 being on the road for the Hawks, who looked like a different team, 2 steps behind the Bucks the whole game. John Salmons who has gotten better with age, had another good game with 22 points and 7 assists, on 9-11 FG, and was helped by a total Bucks team effort, that blitzed the Hawks early in the game. The Hawks need to be ready early , in game 4 to avoid a long series from the Bucks.

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Sunday, 25 April 2010 18:00

      GORDON VIDEO                      KECMAN VIDEO
  PARTIZAN 75 CIBONA 74--   Dusan Kecman hit a long 3 point shot to win the game for Partizan. Kecman had 7 points, only on 2-8 FG, 1-6(3PT), but hit the biggest shot of the game to lift Partizan to glory in the Adriatic league once again. Dusan was helped by his frontline players, as Aleks Maric had 14 points and 11 rebounds and Lawrence Roberts had 13 points and 12 rebounds. Cibona had a 2 man show as Marko Tomas had 31 points, on 10-16 FG and Jamont Gordon also went for 31 points, on 8-17 FG and 12-14 FT. Jamont Gordon had a breakout year with Cibona and with his nice 6' 4", 225 pound body, I think NBA teams should take a look at this guy who has the ability to go down the lane and dunk on bigger guys and has gotten much better at the point guard position since college.   TOMAS VIDEO
                 RUBIO AND VAZQUEZ VIDEO                
Fran Vazquez led the way for Barcelona, with 20 points, on 10-12 FG, in 25 minutes of play. Ricky Rubio also had a good game with 15 points in 28 minutes of play, shooting 6-12 FG. FC Barcelona keep 1st place of the ACB league with a 28-3 record, Unicaja falls to 16-15 and werer led by Joel Freeland with 17 points, on 7-12 FG.
                  CHARLES SMITH VIDEO
2. EFES PILSEN 87 ERDIMIR 78-- Charles Smith led Efes with 26 points, on 10-14 FG and 6-8(3PT). he was helped by Marvis Thornton with 13 points, on 6-11 FG. Efes Pilsen stay in 1st place of the Turkish league with a 27-3 record, Erdimir drop to 13-17 and were led by Nathan Funk with 20 points, on 7-12 FG, 6-9(3PT).
                    SERAPHIN VIDEO
3. CHOLET 80 ASVEL 62-- Cholet was led by Antywane Robinson with 13 points, on 6-6 FG and was helped by young player Kevin Seraphin with 12 points. Cholet keep 1st place of the French league with a 21-7 record, while ASVEL drop to 12-16. ASVEL was led by Eric Campbell with 14 points and 8 rebounds, on 6-8 FG.
   BATISTE VIDEO                    PEKOVIC VIDEO
4. PANATHINAIKOS 92 AEK 62-- This game was never close as the big men of Panathinaikos led the way with Nikola Pekovic scoring 16 points in 16 minutes, on 6-8 FG. He was helped by fellow big man Mike Batiste with 13 points in 15 minutes, on 6-8 FG. Panathinaikos stay in 1st place of the Greek A1 league with a 24-1 record, while AEK drop to 8-17, they were led by Nikolaidis Prodromos with 16 points.
                           MOTIEJUNAS VIDEO
5. BENETTON 99 MONTEPASCHI 96-- This was an upset in the Italian league, as Benetton was led by Bobby Dixon with 18 points, on 5-7 FG and was helped by Young Lithuanian player Donatas Motiejunas, who played his biggest and best game thus far in his Italian league career, going for 16 points and 7 rebounds in 20 minutes of play, shooting 6-7 on FG. Benetton go to 11-14 on the season, while Montepaschi drop to 23-2, but still stay in 1st place of the Lega A. They were led in scoring by Ksistof Lavrinovic with 26 points.
                              LAMPE VIDEO
6. UNICS 77 CSKA 75-- The Russian league has a tie at the top between CSKA and Khimki, both at 15-4 after CSKA lost to UNICS. Maciej Lampe led UNICS with 16 points and 13 rebounds, while CSKA was led by Ramunas Siskauskas with 25 points. UNICS made 8-21(3PT), while CSKA only hit 4-17 from long range

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Saturday, 24 April 2010 05:47

  WILLIAMS VIDEO                                 MILLSAP VIDEO
1. JAZZ 105 NUGGETS 93--
The Jazz took a 2-1 lead in the series, as they were led by Deron Williams with 24 points and 10 assists, on 8-14 FG. Paul Millsap had a big game off the bench with 22 points and 19 rebounds, on 11-14 FG. Young Jazz big man, Kyrylo Fesenko had a good game in the paint, scoring 9 points in 22 minutes of play, on 4-6 FG. His large size gave Denver problems, as Nene, Keynon Martin and Chris Anderson only shot 3-15 FG combined. Johan Petro has the size that could help hurt Utah in the paint, but has little in a post game to help Nene. Besides Nene, the 2nd best post option for Denver is Carmelo Anthony, who led them in scoring with 25 points, on 11-21 FG. The Nuggets need more from their frontline for game 4 to tie the series at 2-2.  CARMELO VIDEO                           FESENKO VIDEO
       PARKER VIDEO                             GINOBILI VIDEO
2. SPURS 94 MAVS 90-- The veteran Spurs took a 2-1 lead in the series, as they got another big game from their main 3 men. Tim Duncan kept his fine play in the paint up, as he went for 25 points in 43 minutes of play, on 11-18 FG. Tony Parker had another strong game off the bench, with 23 points, on 10-16 FG and Manu Ginobili, who played through a busted up nose, chipped in 15 points and 7 assists. Dallas star Dirk Nowitzki, had another big game with 35 points, in 42 minutes, on 13-23 FG, to lead the Mavs. Caron Butler and Shawn Marion combined for 9 points, on 4-12 FG. The 2 small forwards need to bring a better effort in game 4 to avoid going down 3-1. The Spurs won the game despite shooting 0-7 from 3 point range.
                                PIERCE VIDEO
3. CELTICS 100 HEAT 98-- The Celtics take a 3-0 lead in the series, as their big 4 all had a good game on the road, being led by Paul Pierce with 32 points in 44 minutes, on 11-23 FG and hitting the game winning jumper at the buzzer over Dorell Wright. Pierce got help from Ray Allen with 25 points, Rajon Rondo had 17 points and Kevin Garnett with 16 points. Boston can end the series in game 4, but must get more scoring off the bench to compete in the later series, as they only got 10 points from the reserves. Dwayne Wade led Miami with 34 points, on 14-26 FG.

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