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Welcome to Euro John Bball
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Welcome to EuroJohnBball.com          

Welcome to EuroJohn Bball, My website will give a daily update, on my home page, of international basketball players in the better leagues all over the world. I will deal mostly with European leagues such as the Spanish ACB league, the Greek A1 league, the Italian Lega A league, The Russian A Superleague, the French league, and the Turkish league. Those are the top 6 European leagues in my eyes. I will have a video section showing players in Europe that have become stars in years past ,or are still playing on Euro-league rosters, that are ready to help an NBA roster right away, and not wait on the progress of the 18 to 21 year old prospects, playing on junior teams that are glorified every June at the NBA draft, but have not accomplished even close to what the five year veteran players of the tough Euro-league have. My other pages will be European players, NBA players, College players, Reebok Eurocamp, Nike Hoop Summit, Euro-league and Eurobasket pages. My European page is a list of European players, playing on European teams, that have the talent to be looked at by NBA teams, when they bacome free-agents. These players I deal with, in most cases have developed their games in their mid 20's and although they might not have been drafted out of the Reebok Eurocamp, they have surpassed many of the young Europeans that were drafted. My NBA page will be a list of NBA players from European nations, breaking down their strengths and weaknesses. My college page will have a list of local Philadelphia college players and a list of national college players playing in Europe, talking about their future opportunities. My Euro-league page will break down the regular season of the best overall league in Europe. My Eurobasket page will summarize the tournament, going on in Poland in September, and give you a team by team preview of the favorites. My Reebok Eurocamp page talks about ,how maybe too much is put into 3 days of pick up ball, as opposed to games in tough leagues, as a measure of where a player is drafted. My Nike Hoop Summit page shows different players that have competed in an international all-star game of select international stars and U.S high school stars. Overall it is ashame that real basketball fans of the NBA did not have the pleasure of seeing the greatness of Dejan Bodiroga or Nick Galis, but with this website I hope to make NBA fans aware of great players in other parts of the world such as Vassilis Spanoulis, Lior Eliyahu, Ioannis Bourousis, Brad Oleson and many more, that when they become free-agents, should be looked at more strongly by NBA teams and not worry that they are in their late 20's.        

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