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Thursday, 03 March 2011 12:17

                          NOWITZKI VS. SPAIN 2005                 
At the 2005 Eurobasket, when you and Germany played Greece in the Final after you had your huge scoring game against Spain to knock them out, what was your memories of that and how hot you were with your shooting stroke against Spain?
DIRK NOWITZKI- Well you know the whole tournament was unbelievable, you know we won Silver, which was an amazing accomplishment for us. Yeah that is basically it, the fun we had, the tournament, it did not look good for us early, we lost our first game to Italy, we thought , we might lose, so just an amazing time. I will always remember when I got subbed out in the Final, I got a standing ovation from Greek fans and Yugoslavian fans, that was probably one of the proudest  moments of my career.
                      PAPALOUKAS VS. GERMANY 2005
I wanted to get your thoughts of a guy you faced in the 2005 Eurobasket Final from Greece Theo Papaloukas, there was talk of him maybe coming to join the Mavs the year after the Mavs lost in the NBA Finals. I want to get your opinion of his game, if he came over to the NBA, could he have started on teams, what is your opinion on him?
DIRK NOWIZKI- Well yeah, he is tall he can make plays off the dribble for other guys, but you know he never tried to come over. Some guys are comfortable over there, they make alot of money over there, so he was doing just fine.
                   NOWITZKI NIKE HOOP SUMMIT
After your big game at the 1998 Nike Hoops Summit against American high school stars, was there any thought of maybe staying in Europe and going to the Spanish ACB league before the NBA or did that big game pretty much make the decision for you?
DIRK NOWITZKI- Well I had alot of options, college offers left and right. I visited some schools and I think it would have had fun. I had offers from Spain and Italy, so that was an option, but after the Hoop Summitt, the hype was so big, I visited Dallas, they drafted me and I was thinking on maybe staying in Europe for a year or two to develop my skills, but I came to Dallas and they treated me so great, the coach and some of the players and they said come on over and try it. We are not a playoff team anyway, to develop slowly and it is going to be good for you, so that was what I decided to do and it ended up perfect.
                      GALLINARI VIDEO              BARGNANI VIDEO
I wanted to get your thoughts of a young Euro player that can do more than what he was asked in New York, in Danilo Gallinari and his trade to Denver?
DIRK NOWITZKI- I like him, I like him, he can make plays off the dribble. You know he has really gotten better of getting to the foul line and showing and going, he is not just a straight 3 point shooter anymore. He has been fun to watch, same with Andrea Bargnani, he has gotten better from year to year, shooting the 3 ball, showing and going, getting to the basket, so both are having tremendous years and yeah it has been fun to watch.

1. Hawks 83 Bulls 80                         2. Celtics 115 Suns 103
3. Warriors 106 Wizards 102          4. Spurs 109 Cavs 99
5. Twolves 116 Pistons 105             6. Knicks 107 Hornets 88
7. Thunder 113 Pacers 89                8. Nuggets 120 Bobcats 80
9. Blazers 107 Kings 102                 10. Clippers 106 Rockets 103

1. Nicolas Batum- French L.-  17(PT)
2. Luol Deng- Gr. Britain Nat.- 15(PT)44(M)6-14(FG)3-7(3PT)0-0(FT)5(R)3(A)
3. Gary Neal- Italian L.-             14(PT)30(M)6-13(FG)0-3(3PT)2-2(FT)4(R)1(A)
4. Nenad Krstic- Sebian L.-      13(PT)21(M)4-10(FG)5-8(FT)4(R)
5. Manu Ginobili- Italian L.-       13(PT)27(M)5-10(FG)1-3(3PT)2-2(FT)9(R)6(A)
6. Marcin Gortat- German L.-  13(PT)32(M)4-8(FG)5-6(FT)13(R)3(BK)
7. Beno Udrih- Slovenian L.-    13(PT)40(M)5-13(FG)0-1(3PT)3-3(FT)8(A)1(S)

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