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NOV 12 - Dario Saric Trade to Twolves Will let NBA Fans See More Skills Dario Could not Show Playing with Ben Simmons PDF Print E-mail
Written by EJ   
Tuesday, 13 November 2018 00:44




Many fans in Philly loved the hustle and hard work that Dario Saric showed while being a

member of the Philadelphia 76ers and Dario became a very good 3 point shooter in his

second season .393 from deep and .385 in the ten NBA playoff games, but being used

mostly as a stretch PF in Philly was not the best NBA fit for Dario, who at 6 foot 9 inches

tall has some off the dribble game that he showed in Europe playing with Cibona and

Anadolu Efes and the Croatian national squad and even in his rookie season with Philly, Dario

showed skills at the top of the key bringing the ball up the court as a Point forward, because

he was not plying with a BALL DOMINANT type of PG in  Ben Simmons, who was injured in

the Saric Rookie season.

Do not get me wrong Ben Simmons is great at grabbing rebounds for Philly and pushing the

ball up the court and a big part of Dario shooting .393 from deep in his second NBA season

was because of Ben Simmons getting Dario open looks off drives to the hoop, but Dario showed

more skills off the dribble playing with less dominant ball handling PG's like Sergio Rodriguez

and TJ McConnell in his rookie year, as Dario showed some off the off the dribble skills at the

top of the key, that he could not with Ben Simmons, who has to have the ball at the top, because

Ben does not want to take an open outside shot, so if Dario did make a dribble move at the top

and kicked it to a wide open Ben Simmons for an open 18 foot jumper, Ben will not take that shot,

so Dario had to be used as a Kyle Korver type waiting for a kick out 3 point shot.


Being traded to the Twolves will let Dario do his thing more which is Shake bigger guys off the

dribble at the top of the key and kick it to Derrick Rose who will take an open jumpshot,

unlike Ben Simmons who will not and Dario has skills inside to post up smaller players, but

Philly rarely called Post up plays for Dario because they had Joel Embiid on the block most

games. Dario will also have Karl Anthony Towns to dish the ball to and Andrew Wiggins, many

Philly fans are upset for losing the HOMIE as he was called in Philly, but European BBALL

fans that have watched Saric since the age of 17 know that Dario has much more to show

in the NBA with skill level, than just being used as a Kyle Korver type banging an open 3

point shot. The trade to Minnesota is the best thing for Dario Saric, who will play a BIGGER

ROLE than he did in Philly and Dario will show more glimpses of his Rookie NBA season,

Shakin and Baking off the Dribble and having fun playing the game the way he always did

as a VERSATILE PF that can help teams win.

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