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Tuesday, 01 February 2011 15:28

When you played in Europe, what crowd or nation was the loudest to play infront of as a visiting player?
MEHMET OKUR- Yeah, I have been all over, but I would say Fenerbahce, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos. There are also some Greek teams with smaller gyms with 5 to 6 thousand people, even though it is small, but the noise bounce off the walls better in those smaller places. I am also going to have to say Partizan and Red Star, you know in those basketball countries like Serbia, they know about basketball and even sometimes the referees might make a bad call and they get loud because they know their basketball.
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With Allen Iveson going to Turkey this season, do you think he would have gotten more publicity if he went to a nation that is more into basketball because Turkey has such a passion for soccer first ?
MEHMET OKUR- Yes it is more of a soccer country, no doubt about it,  Soccer is all the way up here and Basketball is way, way, way down there. First it is the club teams, they pay you much more for Soccer than for Basketball, but I think it is a good thing that Allen Iverson went to Turkey to play because you bring such a big-time star player to Turkey, then you make the other teams in Turkey have to step-up and bring more players. Like Flip Murray with Efes Pilsen and Fenerbahce picked up Sean May, there are many examples where other teams have to step-up and pay more money to compete.

EUROJOHNBBALL- I was wondering if there is an NBA lockout, would you think of going to Turkey to play next season?
MEHMET OKUR- I am under contract for one more year, so I do not know exactly all the rules, but the thing I heard, if you go there and no one is going to sign you for like one month or two months, why would they pay you, what about if lockout is over right away and you could get hurt over there and so if you look at it overall I think it is kind of risky, and if you are under contract like I am, I will wait here and wait until the lockout is over.
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EUROJOHNBBALL- Before you were injured last year, you were planning to play with the Turkish national team and I think your deep 3 point stroke would have helped. I want to ask you about Omer Asik from the national team and if you think Omer Onan could play at the NBA level ?
MEHMET OKUR- I mean, I think Onan could but I know him well and I do not think he wants to come play in the NBA. Asik he is a humble guy, I thought he would get more minutes with the Bulls, especially when Boozer was out in the beginning of the season, I thought he was going to play more minutes and I think he is only playing 10 or 15 minutes per game. I think Asik is continuing to learn, you give it him undernath and he can dunk over people, and he hustles on defense, good shot-blocker, good rebounder, he is more hustle guy. I think he needs more time to get used to the system, NBA life on and off the court, and I think he should be all right.

                                         NBA RESULTS MONDAY JAN. 31
1. Clippers 105 Bucks 98    2. Pacers 104 Raptors 93        3. Nets 115 Nuggets 99
4. Heat 117 Cavs 90              5. Grizzlies 100 Magic 97          6. Mavs 102 Wizards 92
7. Jazz 83 Bobcats 78

1. Dirk Nowitzki- German L.-   24(PT)
2. Marc Gasol- Sp. ACB L.-      19(PT)32(M)9-11(FG)0-0(3PT)1-3(FT)8(R)2(A)
3. Ersan Ilyasova- Sp. ACB L.- 15(PT)26(M)7-8(FG)1-1(3PT)0-0(FT)6(R)2(ST)

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